Are Eyelash Perms Safe?

Having naturally straight and stubborn eyelashes is a problem many people face, and curling your lashes every day can become tiresome and time-consuming.

Having a lash lift or perm is a convenient solution for many. But people new to this beauty treatment might be wondering: are eyelash perms safe?

In this article, I cover some key information on eyelash perms and lash lifts, from whether eyelash perms are bad for your eyelashes to whether you can do a lash lift on short lashes. What is a lash lift?.

So, let’s get started.

Are eyelash perms bad for your eyelashes?

A lash perm will curl and lift the base of your natural lashes using a chemical-based process and is a common choice for people with naturally straighter lashes. However, although lash perms may save you time when you’re doing your every day makeup routine, there are some downsides that you should be aware of before booking the procedure.

Firstly, when you’re getting an eyelash perm, there is a danger that if the solution is left on for too long, it can damage the lashes.

Typically speaking, using chemicals on the eyelashes themselves can cause the lashes to change in texture and even fall out. Bearing this in mind, when it comes to getting a lash perm, you will need to do your research and only allow the perm to be done by someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in the process.

However, it is worth mentioning that your lashes naturally fall out on their own. So, when you do get it done professionally, it’s normal for them to shed and grow back, as the procedure will last the growth cycle of each of the natural lashes you had when getting the lash perm.

That being said, you should never attempt to do a lash perm at home as the dangers significantly outweigh the benefits. Lash perms and lifts involve using chemicals that you should only use if you’re trained to do so.

In the best-case scenario, you might manage to curl your lashes slightly, in the worst-case scenario, you could end up compromising your eyesight and end up in hospital.

A technician that you visit to perform this service is skilled and will have undergone several months of training before they are certified to be able to perm your lashes in the most sanitized and safe way possible. Trust me, it’s much better to leave it up to the professionals when it comes to perming your lashes.

Can you do lash lift on short lashes?

Yes, in most circumstances you can do a lash lift on short lashes. If you don’t like the idea of high-maintenance synthetic lash extensions being attached to your own lashes, a lash lift is a great procedure that shapes your natural lashes into an effortless curl.


So, what is the procedure of a lash lift?

When you book yourself in with a lash artist, they use an adhesive similar to lash glue to attach two silicone shields to your eyelids. Next, your lashes are combed up and glued to the pad to hold their shape, and the perming solution is applied. The perming solution softens the hair so the lashes can hold their shape and is left on your lashes from anywhere between 6 to 12 minutes, depending on how well your lashes hold a curl.

Following this, a setting lotion is applied to your lashes, hardening your lashes so that the shape will last. At this point, your lash artist will add additions, from eyelash tint to glazes, followed by an oil to nourish the lashes after the procedure.


How do you get the longest wear out of your lash lift?

It is important to remember that in the first 24 hours after your treatment, it’s crucial to keep your lashes away from any water, steam, or sweat. Bearing this in mind, avoid swimming, heavy exercise, and take caution when in the shower. Also avoid wearing mascara in this 24 hour window, too. Mascara contains water, so applying in this window can ruin the entire process and cause the curl to collapse – so save your money, and resist your makeup!

You will also need to regularly brush through your lashes with a spoolie, especially leading up to your next appointment, to ensure that they don’t get tangled and look as fluttery as possible!


How many times can you perm your lashes?

Generally speaking, lash perms should not be done more than once every 4 weeks. However, provided the lashes don’t get wet in the first 24 hours, the curl from the lash perm should hold for at least 6-8 weeks if you take good care of them. That being said, if you have a good lash artist and you look after them, you shouldn’t need to get them done again before then, anyway!

The reason this procedure shouldn’t be done more than every 4 weeks is because the process breaks down the structure of the hair through the various chemicals applied to the lashes. As a result, then, it can be quite drying for some people and can make your lashes feel more brittle than they typically would.

It is also worth noting that you will still need to wait this long even if you accidentally get your lashes wet in the first 24 hours, so it is crucial that you are careful on the first day after the procedure that you take care of your lash perm. Putting chemicals on your lashes can be hard on your lashes, and they need this break in order to recover from the process before you head back to the salon.

That being said, you want to ensure that it lasts by taking good care of them the first time around. It might be frustrating and inconvenient, but trust me, you’ll be much more annoyed if the curl doesn’t hold and you need to wait another month for the next procedure because you were careless when washing your face. Can You Use Eyelash Curlers With Lash Extensions?!