Are Russian And Volume Lashes The Same?

Are Russian And Volume Lashes The Same?

Russian lashes are a type of volume lashes. So, all Russian lashes are considered volume lashes, but all volume lashes are not Russian lashes. 

Volume lashes is a technique used by lash technicians that adds multiple lash extensions onto your natural lash line so that you can enjoy a fuller and fluffier set of lashes.

The lashes are fanned out and give you the opportunity to add as many or as few extensions as you want, allowing you to customize how dramatic your lashes look. 

Russian lashes are ultrafine and made from synthetic materials, the same that classic lashes are made from. However, their ultrafine nature allows the lash technician to apply more than one Russian lash to your natural lashes.

This adds even more volume than normal volume lashes. Plus, Russian lashes are much lighter than classic lashes and therefore can last for up to twice as long as the latter lash extensions. 

Russian lashes are considered the original volume lashes. They usually use three or more lashes 1 to 2 mm longer than the natural lash. However, another volume lash is the American volume lash.

This is where the lashes are more staggered and wispy than Russian lashes. 

Another type of volume lashes is called Mega volume, referring to using six or more lashes with a 0.03 to 0.06 diameter for each lash. These look similar to Russian lashes but tend to be longer and much more dramatic. 

Are Russian lashes better than classic?

Russian lashes are added to your natural lashes to make a fan shape, using 4 to 5 fine synthetic lashes to each of your natural lashes. They are designed to give you a fuller, fluffier set of lashes that look much more impressive than your natural lashes. 

Russian lashes are much curlier and longer than your natural lashes and fulfill all of your wishes for your lash line. Imagine everything you want your perfect mascara to do – this is what your Russian lash set will do to your appearance.

Plus you won’t have to apply them every day! On the other hand, classic lashes are more natural-looking than Russian eyelash extensions..

Classic lashes are where the lash technician will apply a single false lash onto each of your lashes, giving them the same amount of curl, length, and thickness as a Russian lash.

However, as only one is applied to each natural lash rather than multiple lashes, is it much more natural and less dramatic. You can choose whether your classic lashes match the length of your natural lashes so that they just look thicker.

This is the most natural-looking option. 

You can customize both your Russian and classic lashes to exactly how you want them. So, which is the better option out of the two? Well, this depends on what you want out of your false lashes.

If you want a more natural look that accentuates your lashes subtly, giving you a ‘your lashes but better’ look, classic lashes might be best for you.

However, if you want a dramatic and bold statement with your lashes, Russian lashes could be the best option for you. 

Russian lashes are more difficult to touch up when they start falling out as there are so many lashes on your natural lashes.

Classic lashes are a little easier to touch up because there is only one fake lash on each natural lash, making it easier for your technician to see which lashes need topping up. 

Due to the extra traffic on your lash line, some Russian lashes can stunt the growth of your natural lashes and damage their integrity.

Classic lashes allow more airflow to the lash line and therefore are considered better for your natural lashes by some people. 

Classic lashes also take less time to apply than Russian lashes and require less maintenance. It is also less obvious when they start falling out. However, the answer to which is better all depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. 

Are Russian lashes individual?

Yes, Russian lashes are technically individual. However, as they are applied to the host lash in groups of two to six, they do not look like individual lashes. 

The main difference between Russian lashes and individual lashes is that the former are ultra-fine lashes. This makes them the same weight, or even lighter, than individual classic lashes. 

Classic lashes will be between 0.10 to 0.18 in diameter, while volume lashes are only between 0.05 and 0.07 in diameter.

Anything thicker than 0.18 should not be used on eyes as they’re too heavy, giving you an idea of the weight difference between Russian and classic lashes.

Individual lashes are another way to describe classic lashes, which look more natural and wispy than Russian lashes.

Despite being individual lashes, Russian lashes cannot be topped up easily as the lash technician won’t easily be able to see which host lashes are missing some of their synthetic lashes. 

What are Russian volume lash extensions?

Russian volume lashes use an advanced fanning technique to bond more than one synthetic lash to your natural lashes, giving you a 2D to 8D fan.

Depending on what look you’re going for, you can increase or decrease the dramatic look of your lashes by applying 2 to 8 synthetic lashes to each of your natural lashes. 

This technique adds volume and drama to your lash line, removing the need for strip lashes or eyeliner. Can I wear eyeliner with lash extensions?. These eyelashes are lightweight yet volumizing, wispy, and fluffy.

They are quickly becoming the most popular type of lash extensions out there. 

Russian volume lash fans are made at the point of application so that they bond better with the natural lash.

Applying a classic individual lash is easier, as all the lash technician needs to do is place the individual lash on the natural host lash and release it. 

However, applying Russian lashes is slightly trickier as the technician will first have to create the fan out of how many lashes you want, between 2 and 8.

They will then apply the fan on top of the host lash and apply enough pressure to get the fan to wrap around the natural lash. 

Wrapping the fan around the natural lash allows the Russian lashes to bond and remain in place for longer. Wrapping also allows the weight of the false lashes to be distributed evenly around the lash, putting less pressure on the host lash. 

Some lash technicians make their fans before application, making this wrapping technique impossible, and more glue would be needed to bond them to your natural lashes.

For this reason, you should always look for a technician that creates the fans right before application. 

What is the best thickness for Russian lashes?

Russian lashes are ultrafine and therefore don’t need to be thick to achieve great results. These lashes will be thicker than Mega volume lashes but thinner than classic lashes. 

Mega volume lashes are used to create large fans for each of your host lashes. They use a minimum of six lashes for each fan and therefore need to be super thin with a diameter of no more than 0.04. 

Russian lashes tend to use between two and eight lashes to create their fans, allowing them to be slightly thicker at 0.05 to 0.07 in diameter. Classic lashes only use one lash per host lash and therefore can be thicker still at 0.10 to 0.18 in diameter. 

What is the difference between Russian and volume lashes?

There are three main types of volume lashes: Russian volume lashes, Mega volume lashes, and American volume lashes. Let’s take a quick look at these to see the main differences. 

Russian volume lashes

Otherwise known as 3D volume lashes, these are handmade by the technician during your appointment. They will make a fan of between two and eight individual lashes before wrapping the fan around one of your natural lashes. 

This gives a very full and defined lash line, even for people who have naturally sparse lashes. Russian volume lashes are fluffy, soft, lightweight, and tend to last longer than other lashes. Do Russian lashes last longer?

Mega volume lashes

Mega volume lashes are quite similar to Russian volume lashes in the application, although they use more lash extensions for each fan. They use thinner lashes in each fan, which is often made up of up to 16 lashes. 

This gives a much more dramatic effect and leaves the client looking glamorous and ready to take on the ready carpet. 

American volume lashes

American volume lashes are more natural-looking while remaining full and defined. This technique uses a mix of three or more lengths to create a more textured look that is more natural with a less thick lash line. 

American volume lashes tend to stagger the lengths so that the lashes get shorter as they near the inner corner of the eye. Again, this adds to the natural lash look

Why is it called Russian volume?

The Russian volume technique was created by Olga Dobronravova and Irina Levchuck, two lash pioneers originally from Russia.

They wanted to create a technique that gave their clients much more volume rather than just length, which is how they came up with the technique of creating fans of multiple individual lashes before applying them to the host lash. 

Once their technique has been applied correctly, the lashes are much more voluminous and desirable, which is where the ‘volume’ part of the name came from.

Once the technique spread around the world, it was defined as the Russian volume technique due to its origin and effect.