Best Candidates for Eyelash Extensions

beautiful woman with long eyelashes

It's early morning and every minute counts. You imagine rolling out of bed looking beautifully fresh without the hassle of using makeup.

Say good-bye to your eyelash curlers and mascara for good! A stand-alone beauty trick, eyelash extensions will include lushness and definition to your natural eyelashes. You will not need to put on mascara in the early morning for that wide-eyed look.

So you may be wondering what exactly are eyelash extensions and are they worth it?? Eyelash extensions are single hairs of synthetic eyelashes that are curved to duplicate a natural eyelash and are applied to each individual eyelash giving you a natural, perfect, stunning look. Because of this thorough application, your lashes will look entirely genuine. Everyone will presume you were born with beautiful, magnificent lashes. They are perfect for special celebrations as well as for daily wear.

Almost everyone is a good prospect for lash extensions. A specially trained professional will apply the lash extensions utilizing surgical-grade glue straight to your eyelashes. There is no direct contact with your skin or eyes, and the extensions can be quickly eliminated in the salon, if required.

Not everyone is blessed with naturally long lashes, so we have to turn to other techniques. Here's a short list of the top candidates who benefit greatly from eyelash extensions:
looking down at model with lash extensions

1. Professional Working Women Of All Ages

Many professional women would love to have a guaranteed method to shave valuable time off getting themselves ready for work. Eyelash extensions give the look of curled lashes and mascara. The result opens up your eyes and lifts your physical characteristics, giving you a beautiful and healthy appearance. One of the prime benefits to lash extensions is that you wake up and roll out of bed looking beautiful, without the hassle of using makeup! When effectively used by an eyelash extension specialist, your eyelash extensions will remain in place until the natural eyelash it rests on falls out. The appearance can last indefinitely with 60-75 minute eyelash extensions refills every 2-3 weeks.

2. Anybody wanting longer, fuller lashes

Everybody feels a boost in confidence from feeling pretty. Eyelash extensions will provide you a natural, elegant appearance while adding length and fullness to your own natural lashes. Find out 5 places anyone would be glad to have lash extensions. The general appearance of the lashes is very natural and stunning and no one will know you have extensions, unless you tell them! Eyelash extensions are light-weight and feathery with a natural look and feel. Having long, stunning lashes completes a lady's makeup and gives the eyes a more significant look.

3. A desire to glam it up for Special Events

Now there's a method to magnify the power of attractive eyes with long, thick attractive lashes! In some cases mascara or false lashes don't quite accomplish the flirty, seductive look that many individuals desire for that wedding or night out. If you're out for drama, embellish your lashes with a "Glamour Set". Ask your eyelash expert for details. You can tailor your glam look based upon your individual taste and requirements. The lengths readily available range from reserved and natural to long, feather-duster-style lashes. Eyelash extension application is an exacting procedure that takes ability and time. Take time to pick a trained Eyelash Extension Specialist for stunning, natural eyelashes.

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