Best Eyebrow Brush 2024 for Perfectly Combed Brows

In order to create your desired eyebrow look, it’s not just about the type of product you buy. Whether you prefer to work with eyebrow pomade, eyebrow powders or brow gel isn’t the point – it’s how you apply it that matters most. That is where a good eyebrow brush can help you out. We’ve all tried those tiny brushes included in brow kits that are too thick to draw brow hairs, resulting in messy and unruly brows. 

The whole point of putting makeup on your eyebrows is to provide more definition, a clearer shape, a different or more pronounced color, and to better shape your face. None of these things can be achieved without the proper applicators. 

What you need is the best brow brush to sculpt your brows to perfection. We have found the best eyebrow brush products on the market to suit every makeup product, from pomades to powders. Look no further for a good brow brush that will give you great results.

Best Eyebrow Brush

Anastasia Beverly Hills 7B Brush

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It would be impossible to create a list of best eyebrow brushes without mentioning one of the leading makeup (particularly eyebrow makeup) brands, Anastasia Beverly Hills. Their 7B eyebrow brush is one of the best in the game – it’s still, it’s slim, and it’s double-ended. 

This dual ended eyebrow brush is a great all-in-one product – one end features a brush made of synthetic bristles, and the other features a spoolie brush to come through your brow hairs. it is an angled brow brush with a tapered finish, which is ideal for drawing individual fine brow hair strokes to create a natural eyebrow look. The spoolie brush can be used before and after applying the eyebrow product, because brushing it through your brows afterward helps to soften the appearance of harsh lines. 

Some cheap brow brushes can be flimsy, which usually results in messy and uneven brows. The texture of this angled brow brush, however, is soft but firm, which means users have full control over where they put their product. 

This is a multitasking eyebrow brush that can also be used to create a sharp line of eyeliner, so it’s a must-have in your makeup bag! Plus, Anastasia Beverly Hills is a certified cruelty-free brand, meaning no animals were harmed in the process of manufacturing these products. 


  • High-quality – Made by a reputable makeup brand to last a lifetime 
  • Dual ended – A good brow brush and spoolie in one product for extra convenience 
  • Great for detail – Firm, angled, and tapered brush allows you to make defined brow hair strokes 


  • Price – With high-quality comes high prices


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Not everyone can afford to spend lots of money on a best brow brush. Drugstore makeup brands work to create affordable makeup products and accessories without compromising the quality, and NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP is one of the leading drugstore brands when it comes to cheap yet great quality products. 

The NYX Pro Dual Brow Brush is probably the best dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills 7B Brush. This brush is dual ended, featuring a brush (complete with vegan synthetic bristles) on one end and a spoolie brush on the other. The spoolie isn’t as densely packed as other spoolies, which is great for achieving the feathered-yet-defined brow look. 

The brow brush itself is angled with a pointed tip to provide the most natural illusion of extra brow hairs – not to mention the thin yet firm texture of the brush. It’s not the largest brow brush, so while this means it might take extra time to fill in bushy brows, it also means that users have more control over where they place the new hair strokes. Plus, it can also be used to draw a straight line of eyeliner easily. 

What’s more, NYX is a passionate certified cruelty-free makeup brand, and this product is 100% vegan as the hairs are synthetic. This means no animals were harmed in the process and the brush hairs will last forever! 


  • Affordable – Ideal for makeup lovers on a budget 
  • Versatile – Spoolie and brush included in the same product, and the brow brush can be used for eyeliner 
  • Great quality – Firm and thin synthetic hairs provides a precise finish 


  • Small brush – Small width of the brush can lead to longer time spent on eyebrows 

Docolor Duo Eyebrow Brush

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If you’d rather support a smaller makeup business, make sure to check out Docolor. Docolor is committed to making cruelty-free and vegan makeup products, from brushes to lipsticks, to suit everybody regardless of their skin tone or texture. Plus, their products are fairly priced, so you don’t even have to break the bank to treat yourself. 

Docolor’s eyebrow brush is dual-ended, featuring an angled brush on one side and a spoolie wand on the other for convenience. The brush itself is made of vegan synthetic hairs and comes in a tapered and firm form that allows the user to create defined brows. This is ideal for those who enjoy the creative liberty of makeup, because it allows you the option to create either a natural and fluffy brow or a defined, harsh one. 

The brush handle itself is probably the most attractive one on our list. Made of white wood with a protective coating and gold metal brush ends, this is an aesthetically pleasing brush to add to your makeup bag. Plus, the white makes it easier to find amongst other black brushes!


  • Small business – Buyers are supporting a smaller, vegan, and cruelty-free business 
  • Great quality – Firm angled brush head will remain in its form for years 
  • White handle – Easy to find and nice to look at 


  • Thickness – Brow brush isn’t as thin as other brow brushes, so it’s not as good for drawing individual hairs

Vertex Beauty Eyebrow Brush Kit 

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What’s better than one eyebrow brush? Why, 4, of course! Not all singular eyebrow brushes provide enough versatility to complete every eyebrow look, which is where this brow kit comes in. 

This Vertex product features 4 brushes – a duo spoolie and brush combo, a longer angled eyebrow brush, a concealer brush, and a tiny angled brush. The range of brush sizes allows for various uses, such as carving the brow with concealer and highlighter or creating defined hair-like strokes. Each brush has its own purpose, but you can use whatever works best for you. The angled brush is particularly good for making even and straight brows.

Another standout feature of this kit is the quality of the brushes. The hairs are synthetic, meaning they will retain their structure and quality (with proper cleaning, of course) for years. The handles are bright pink, which not only looks great and cohesive, but makes it easier to find the brushes in your makeup bag. Plus, Vertex is a vegan and cruelty-free brand which makes its products in the USA – it’s always good to support a national and ethical business!


  • Complete set – Four brushes (including spoolie) allows for versatility and brow-carving purposes 
  • Pink handles – Pretty and easy to find 
  • Affordable – Full set for a cheap price without compromising quality 


  • Extra brushes – Not everyone will need all four brushes, so some could go to waste 

FRIDASS Duo Eyebrow Brush 


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FRIDASS is a relatively new and largely unknown cosmetics brand that specializes in lashes and brows. The brand’s inspiration is the colorful life of Frida Kahlo, which explains why they put so much emphasis on the eyes and brows

This FRIDASS eyebrow brush is double-ended with a brush on one end and a spoolie on the other for convenience. The brush itself is only slightly angled (compared to the other brushes on our list), so if you find yourself working best with a brush that doesn’t have a pointed tip, this product will be great for you. These bristles are made of synthetic materials for a long-lasting brush structure, and the spoolie is ideal for keeping your brows fluffy and feathered. 

This brow brush is probably the best for traveling. It comes with two caps to protect either end of the brush, which contributes to the brush’s long lifespan. It’s also one of the prettiest brushes, as the handle and caps are made of rose gold stainless steel. 


  • Most protected product – Comes with caps to protect the quality of the brush and spoolie 
  • Aesthetically pleasing – Rose gold finish makes the brush easy to find in a makeup bag 
  • Small business – Purchase will support a small and creative makeup business 


  • Lack of angle – This isn’t a highly angled brush, so it might be harder to use than an angled brush head

Eyebrow Brush Buyer’s Guide 

What to look for in an eyebrow brush? 

You could so easily buy the cheapest eyebrow brushes you can find to fill in your brows, but these brushes are cheaply made and don’t produce the best results. The quality of your brow brush (as well as the brow powders, pomades, and gels) will determine the quality of your new brows. Here is what to look for in a brow brush, regardless of the brow product you use. 


There’s no point buying a separate spoolie and a separate eyebrow brush when you could just get both items in the same product. A dual ended eyebrow brush is ideal for convenience because they don’t add unnecessary mess to your makeup bag, and it means you can simply flip the handle to use the other end.  

The firmness of the bristles 

The key is to find a brush with firm and compact bristles. Flimsy bristles mean that you have less control over the precision of your brows, which usually results in a blurry mess rather than the illusion of thicker or more defined brows. Some people can work with flimsy bristles if they carve out their brows with concealer, but firm bristles are the way to go. 

The thinness of the brush 

The thinner the brush, the more precise your brows will be. The thicker the brush, the messier your brows will be. It’s best to look for angled and tapered brushes, because these will be the easiest to use.

An angled brow brush also provides the best finish. Flat brushes are fine, but they mean you have to angle your wrist in a different direction. An angled brow brush with a sharp edge will also help to imitate eyebrow hairs.

Thick brushes can also lead to thick eyebrows – unless you want to rock the caterpillar brows, avoid these like the plague. 

Our top tip is to use water or setting spray on an eyebrow brush to provide more pigment to the product. If you squeeze the brush together between your fingers, this will also make it even thinner, which is great for brushes that are getting a bit old. 

The type of product you use 

It’s important to consider the type of eyebrow product you want to use your brush for. Virtually every eyebrow brush and spoolie is designed to work with gels, pomades, and powders, but it’ll be a matter of trial and error in most cases. Some brushes will be better suited for eyebrow pomade than powders, and vice versa. 

If you’re a makeup fanatic who likes to use various eyebrow products, it might be worth buying multiple eyebrow brushes to prevent the risk of mixing up products.

Sure, you can just clean the brushes between uses, but if you’re lazy like us, it might be a good idea to have one designated brush for pomades and one for powders. This is so you can achieve the effect of each product in the way you want without accidentally putting the remains of pomade on your powder brows. 

Highlighting and concealing

Not all eyebrow brushes are just for the hairs! If you want to really have your eyebrows on fleek, make sure to consider highlighting and concealer brushes. These brushes should be small and rounded to fit just underneath the brow.

This will help to clean up any messiness and will create a contour that will make your brows stand out for all the right reasons. 

Also, using concealer can help to cover up any stray eyebrow hairs that you might have missed during your wax session. 

Laminated look 

Unfortunately, a spoolie might be great for tidying up your hairs into a natural formation, but they’re not great for creating a laminated look.

If you want to hop onto the trend of feathered laminated brows, you might need to find a wire eyebrow brush to separate the hairs and lift them up into a vertical line. However, you will also need a brow soap or waxy pomade to keep them in place. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad to brush eyebrows?

It’s not bad at all to brush your eyebrows! Eyebrows can be brushed into shape just like the hair on your head. If anything, brushing your eyebrows is brilliant for the health of the hair follicles and looks great. 

Not only will brushing your brows provide a neater and thicker appearance, but the brush can also exfoliate the skin underneath the hair to remove any dead skin cells.

The build-up of dead skin cells can lead to infections such as dermatitis. So, to put it simply, it’s a very good idea to brush your eyebrows regularly – even if you don’t want to put makeup on them!

Does brushing your eyebrows make them grow?

In the same way that brushing the hair on your head promotes hair growth, brushing your eyebrows can make your eyebrows grow! This is because spoolies and other good eyebrow brushes (even toothbrushes if you’re desperate) work to exfoliate the skin under the brows.

This can remove dead skin cells, which helps to prevent skin infections. It also helps to provide air circulation to the follicles, which encourages them to open up and lengthen the lovely brow hairs. 

Should you brush your eyebrows up or down?

Technically speaking, you can brush your eyebrow hairs in whatever direction you like. The general rule is to only brush your eyebrows up rather than down to provide a thicker, fluffy look to your brows. Brushing them upwards can also cover up any sparse patches at the top of your brows. 

However, brushing them down can be good for those with thin brows and sparse areas at the bottom of the brow. The main reason why people don’t recommend brushing your eyebrows down is that it can make you look like you have a permanent frown.

Brushing the hairs upwards provides a slightly happier expression and allows more space for creativity on the eyelids. 

How do beginners fill in eyebrows?

Here is the best way to fill in your eyebrows if you’re a beginner:

  • Brush your brows with a spoolie. Don’t worry too much about the position of the brow hairs, because they will move about in the next steps. 
  • Using an angled eyebrow brush, tap it into your chosen brow product (powder is best for beginners) and angle the brush in the direction of the hairs. 
  • Start gently swiping the product at the end of your brow, as this is meant to be the darkest part. Only use a little amount of pigment at a time. 
  • For beginners, stick to following your natural brow shape until you get a better idea of what works best for your brows. 
  • Using whatever product is left, brush small hair strokes towards the front of your brows. The pigment should be lighter here than the end of your brows to create a natural ombre effect. 
  • Finally, take your spoolie and brush the hairs into your desired position. It’s best to brush them slightly upwards to make them look thicker!

Thanks for looking at our best brow brush guide. We hope you found the  best eyebrow brush for your needs.