Best Eyebrow Trimmers For Women in 2024

The eyes are the window to the soul- but the eyebrows? They are the window to your eyes!

It’s no secret that brows can define your look in an instant, and having misshapen or ‘eye catching’ eyebrows can give off an impression that you don’t necessarily want.

Some people are blessed with thick lustrous eyebrows, others have to work to get theirs looking fuller and thicker. 

But regardless of where you fall in that scale, we all want beautifully shaped and sculpted eyebrows to show off our eyes and frame our faces and it can take a little help to get there.

If you have thick or fast-growing brows, and you love the lustrous look of mighty brows from the likes of Zendaya or Lily Collins, some at-home grooming can take you from crazy-eyed Jack Nicholson to shapely and sophisticated Zoe Kravitz.

You might be lucky enough to have the most perfectly arched and shapely eyebrows in the world, even then you’re going to need to tame those brows at some point.

Your eyebrow hairs do grow after all! You could of course always go to your local salon but it seems pretty impractical, not to mention expensive, to pop in every time you need a quick trim. 

There’s nothing worse than taking that once-in-a-lifetime photo before realizing a few unruly hairs are ruining your gorgeous selfie!

Especially when there is such a quick and easy solution at hand. But, please, don’t go hacking wildly away at your precious peepers.

Enter the eyebrow trimmer; what should be every brow-goal chaser’s best friend.

There are many different types of trimming solutions available from electric to manual to razors and with so much choice it can be a minefield to choose a solution that’s right for you.

Luckily for you, we’ve narrowed it down to our top picks to help you achieve your glow goals and get your brows on fleek in no time. 

Best Picks

These electric razors take all the hassle out of trimming your eyebrows, offering quick, painless results in seconds. 

Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer for Women

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Delicate enough for peach fuzz, the Panasonic facial hair trimmer comes in a sleek pink design, offering an ergonomic shape to fit in the hand and is easy to operate.

This device comes with two interchangeable razor heads, each with a different sized eyebrow comb, depending on the style you want for your brows.

Easy to fit in your handbag for on-the-go use, it looks like a stylish pen and is incredibly discreet.

The flexible head means you can maneuver the device everywhere, following the contours of your face to get exactly where you need.

This device is battery powered so there’s no need to lug around any bulky cords or charge up before use.

You can even use this on top of your full face of make-up for a quick top-up on the road for those unruly, fuzzy hairs that creep up out of nowhere!


  • Stylish, discreet design
  • Detachable heads to change styles
  • Super thin, hypoallergenic blade
  • Pivoting flexible head 
  • Cordless


  • Takes a few tries to get thicker hair

Leuxe Eyebrow Trimmer Cordless Hair Remover

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Stunning, shiny, and looking straight out of a Hollywood dressing room, this Leuxe Eyebrow Trimmer is suitable for the whole body and designed for even the most sensitive of skin.

It comes with a very handy LED light if you don’t have a well-lit bathroom, or if you’re giving your mare hard-to-reach areas a quick go-over.

Most excitingly it is fully cordless and rechargeable without the need to have to hunt for an elusive battery before use!

There are two different brow shaping attachments and a plastic comb to help smooth and tame those brows.

It is also marketed as a full-body trimmer for armpits, bikini line, and facial hair as well as eyebrows for great all-in-one use. 


  • LED built-in light
  • Different sized blades
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Full body use
  • Comes in 5 different colors


  • Not as powerful as some others on the market

Reazeal Rechargeable Eyebrow Hair Trimmer

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Another stunning-looking trimmer, this Reazeal brand eyebrow tool is fully rechargeable and looks like a discreet lipstick, and fits perfectly with your make-up brushes or accessories.

Stainless steel precision blades work to help you glide over your face. With a light-up feature for ease of use and a handy rounded head, you can get even the smallest and fairest of hairs with this one.

Did we mention how pretty this one looks?


  • Light-up feature
  • Discreet lipstick-style design
  • Cordless and rechargeable


  • Have to press harder than others to get to fine hairs
  • Small size is slightly harder to hold

Wahl Micro Groomsman Personal Pen Trimmer

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Prefer a more unisex-looking device? This might be just the ticket. Suitable for gnarly stubble as well as fine facial hair, the Wahl Groomsman comes in a classy steel grey and looks like a sophisticated pen.

Best if you’re not a fan of the more feminine designs or just want something that looks professional and does the job.

It is cordless and battery-powered, with precision detailing, and is suitable to use in both wet and dry conditions- perfect if you need to shape or trim after a shower!


  • Sleek metallic color
  • Suitable for beards and nose hair as well as eyebrows
  • Battery-powered


  • Quite noisy

Electric Precision Kit for Women 10 in 1 Trimmer

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Do you want everything ready and set up for you? This 10-in-1 kit comes with a whole arsenal to help you create your perfect brows.

With your trimmer, heads, tweezers, scissors, brush, brow pencil, and comb (phew), you’ll be a pro in no time.

It even comes with a handy carry-case for all your goodies as well as brow stencils and a fresh battery. So you can get going immediately in creating those dream brows. 


  • Cordless and battery operated
  • Lots of extra products
  • Easy to clean and change the blade
  • Handy carry case for all your extras


  • Not as long-lasting as some of the others

NOVOME 2in1 Facial Hair Remover

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Another stylish and classy-looking wand with easy-to-change blades, fast speeds, and multi-sized razors. Looking like a stylish mascara wand, the Novome is classy, fun-looking and its slightly larger shape means you have a good grip when tackling hair.

This kit comes with both a precision eyebrow trimmer and a face trimmer for that pesky face fur. Suitable for both brows, lips, bikini, and pits, this all-in-one can help keep you feeling silky and smooth all day long. 


  • Swish pink and gold design
  • Changeable heads
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Rechargeable and cordless


  • Lots of parts and no travel case
  • Needs recharging more often than the others

Buyer’s Guide

If you’re unsure of what you want to look for in an Eyebrow Trimmer, keep on reading our handy Buyers Guide to answer all your brow-related queries and guidance on your quest for perfect brows!

What to consider when looking for an eyebrow trimmer?

Before making that all-important purchase, there are lots of different factors you can take into consideration.

The best trimmer is going to be the one that fits most comfortably in your hand and is easy for you to maneuver.

You also have the choice between a rechargeable one or a battery-operated trimmer (there are a few corded ones available but they aren’t exactly the most practical for getting to those hard-to-reach angles). 

If switching up your style is important to you and you love playing around with different shapes, make sure you get one that comes with multiple attachments for you to play around with before you find the style that works for you.

Some trimmers are splashproof or fully waterproof(very handy if you like doing your grooming in the bathroom or after a shower) or come with a handy built-in torch to help light your way which is especially useful if you have incredibly fine or light hairs that often escape your notice. 

Chances are, if you are deeply invested in having well-shaped brows, you’d probably like to get rid of any pesky nose hairs, peach fuzz, and even tackle some of those larger areas like your bikini line or arms.

If that’s the case it seems silly to buy multiple products when there is a wide range of trimmers available with a vast array of different heads and attachments to suit a whole host of full-body needs.

So bear this in mind if you want to invest in a do-it-all product. 

If you’re not a fan of an electric trimmer and would rather take things at your own speed, we recommend the Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors and Brush whose sharp and straight blades make shaping a breeze.

If you are thinking of using scissors to cut your brows, don’t use curved ones as it’ll be so much harder to get the precision you want and chances are you’ll just nick yourself rather than cutting any hair with them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some handy questions you might be asking yourself about eyebrow trimmers and other related brow-chat. 

How Do I Trim My Eyebrows At Home?

  1. Before getting started, have a think about the kinds of brows you want before you go crazy plucking and trimming! It’s easy to get carried away so have a hunt for some inspiration photos. 
  2. Give your face a good clean and make sure to remove any make-up build-up on the face that could get in the way of knowing what your true brow shape is (no eyebrow gels, brow pens, or eyebrow shadows left in).
  3. It’s a good idea to use some eyebrow stencils or guides if you’re new to shaping your brows as they give you a good base to work from. There are tonnes of options available from stickers to stencils. 
  4. Trimming is great for getting those unruly hairs in place but the first step can be creating that perfect arch with tweezers (if you’re not too averse to a tiny bit of pain!) tweeze outside of your stencil or guide and be sparing- remember you can always take more away but you can’t put it back!
  5. Once you’ve created your dream shape, it’s time to come in with your trimmers. Get those pesky fluffy bits outside your brow line to sharpen up your shape, trim the hairs that you don’t want to out-right puck, and gently enhance your brow arch.
  6. Wait! Unless you are blessed with thick brows, you’re not necessarily going to get your dream brows immediately. It takes a while for eyebrow hair to grow back from overplucking so be patient- your brows will fill in your shape soon!

Is It OK To Trim My Eyebrows With Scissors?

Absolutely, but as with everything in life, make sure you’re using the right tool for the job. Avoid any big or unwieldy scissors (this should be obvious) as you’re likely to take your eye out.

Use sharp, clean scissors with small straight blades to get the job done right without any accidents, please! 

Can I Use A Nose Trimmer For Eyebrows?

Nose trimmers have a wider surface area so are not recommended for use on brows as you want a fine angled blade to trim your brows.

You could use one in a pinch but beware- you might end up inadvertently blowing a hole in your meticulously sculpted canvasses! 

Can I Use an Electric Trimmer for Eyebrows?

Absolutely. But it’s best to go for one specifically designed with eyebrows in mind as these will often have built-in features specifically for shaping and taming your brows without causing you to grab any hairs you don’t want to trim.

Something designed for faces is fine as long as it has more precise attachments so you can actually use it to style your brows and not just shave them off (unless that’s the look you’re going for!).

What Are Some Eyebrow Trimmer Side Effects?

As you are not plucking as you would with an eyebrow tweezer or epilator, you won’t get any ingrown hairs which makes eyebrow trimmers a great solution for those with sensitive skin and a low pain threshold.

However, like with all razors on the skin, you can give yourself skin irritation or a rash if you press too hard or go over the same area multiple times. 

Can you trim your eyebrows too much?

Definitely. Remember you can’t put back what you trim away so go with caution! Take it slow, use a guide and there’s no need to rush.

If you do over-trim or pluck, brow gel, pencils and the best eyebrow tints are your new best friends whilst you wait for them to grow back in.

We recommend Maybelline Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil as it comes in different shades and has a handy spool to create natural-looking brows. 

How Do I Maintain My Eyebrows?

There are a lot of other things you can incorporate into your brow routine along with an eyebrow trimmer for that perfect brow look every day.

  • Tweeze or shape your brows after you shower when the hair is at its softest
  • Highlight your brow bone with light-colored shadow to enhance the shape of your brows
  • Use peel-on or plastic brow shaping guides to get the shape you want

Is An Eyebrow Trimmer Painful?

A trimmer should be merely cutting the hair so there is no reason for it to cause you any discomfort. For some, you may need to press slightly harder to get to the superfine baby hairs on your face, but as you are trimming the hairs, not plucking them out there should be no pain.

If you do experience any discomfort, chances are you have gone over the area too many times and there’s a chance of giving yourself a razor burn.

Discontinue use and let your skin cool off before reusing. 

Does Trimming Eyebrows Make Them Thicker?

No. You aren’t plucking or removing the hair follicle like you would with a tweezer or epilator. Just trimming or shaving the hair is not going to make your hair come back faster or thicker!  

Do Bushy Eyebrows Look Bad?

Having bushy eyebrows isn’t always a bad thing! Styles for brows have often changed over the years, from the sleek thin 90’s brow to full, thick lustrous ones.

As long as you’re keeping your brows even and trying to maintain a good shape, there’s quite a lot to explore with your brows, you never know what might suit you!

Remember to just do what you are comfortable with and as long as they aren’t completely unruly you’re good to go!