Bottom Lash Extensions – How To Guide For 2024

Bottom Lash Extensions - How To Tutorial

Most people are aware of lash extensions for the tops of your eyes – the hot fashion accessory that turns heads, making you the center of attention in any room.

However, not everyone knows that you can also get bottom lash extensions, which are specifically designed for your lower lashes and complement the top lashes.

What Are Bottom Eyelash Extensions?

If you want a really dramatic, show-stopping look, be sure to concentrate on the whole eye and not just one part of it; a great set of bottom lash extensions is just the thing you need.

The only problem is, bottom eyelash extensions are more difficult to apply than upper lashes, so they are not always available as an option in salons.

They require a specific application process, which is seen as an advanced skill for lash technicians to master.

What you don’t want to do is apply them incorrectly and leave paying customers unsatisfied, so a lot of salons just don’t take the risk in the first place.

Applying bottom extensions is a great way to bring more customers into your salon and offer a service that goes above and beyond what is normally expected.

So, why not provide this as a great add-on service to ensure your clients return time after time?

There are usually a large number of places that do eyelash extensions in any given town, so this helps your business to stand out from the crowd.

It also doesn’t take much longer to apply both sets than it does to apply just upper lash extensions, so clients would only need a slightly longer appointment if they wanted bottom lashes done too.

Our useful bottom lash extension guide below shows you everything you need to be able to apply bottom lashes, as well as giving you handy tips on pricing and timings.

Read it carefully before diving into the practical side, as it is best to consider your clientele and whether this is a viable service to include in your business.

If it is, you should then embark on a trusted training course to ensure you are fully qualified to offer bottom lash extensions to clients.


Who Should Not Get Bottom Lash Extensions?


Not everyone who wears top eyelash extensions would want to get bottom lashes as well, so don’t assume that you will automatically get the same amount of interest in them.

They can be worn by most people, but the enthusiasm for bottom extensions can vary depending on what the individual client is looking for.

There are certain factors that can occasionally make someone a bad fit for bottom lashes, which you need to be aware of. A brief outline of these is as follows:

  • Particularly short lashes – some natural lower lashes are too short or sparse for extensions to be added, because there is not enough hair for the material to grab hold of. Attempting to apply lash extensions to these clients will just highlight the fact that they don’t have much there in the first place. Clients with unusually long lashes can also run into problems, as added extensions could rub against the skin on their cheekbone.


  • Lashes that point upwards depending on the shape of your eyes, your lashes may grow in the opposite direction to other people’s, so your bottom lashes face up instead of down. If you try to put lash extensions on, they will get in the way of your sight and feel very uncomfortable to wear. A better option for people in this situation would be a lash lift, which will give the lashes a pleasing curve and maximize the length.

Now that we’ve discussed who shouldn’t get bottom lash extensions, it’s time to focus on who would benefit from them the most. It really depends on the client’s personal circumstances as to whether they would be an excellent fit for this service.


Who Can Benefit From Bottom Lash Extensions?


Those Looking To Balancing Lash Volume

Upper lash extensions are popular for providing extra volume, but can make your eyes look top-heavy and overwhelm the face. Adding lower lash extensions too will balance out the top and bottom of your eye for a full all-round look. This may be preferable to having only thick top lashes, which can seem slightly too dramatic.


Those Seeking A Mascara Alternative

If your client is addicted to mascara, they will probably want to apply a thick coat to their lower lashes to complement their upper lash extensions. However, mascara doesn’t always mix well with extensions, because it can clump and cause lashes to tangle together. Choosing lower lash extensions too eliminates the need for mascara, keeping the extensions in excellent condition throughout their life.


Those Needing To Look Amazing For A Special Event

Every bride wants to feel a million dollars on her wedding day, so bottom lash extensions can create a stunning look that she can remember for years to come. The added length provided by bottom lash extensions makes the face look slimmer – perfect for capturing gorgeous photos. They are also waterproof, which is necessary for those tender moments when she can’t help but shed a tear. Substituting your mascara entirely for extensions means that it can’t run down your face and ruin the beautiful canvas you’ve created.


Applying Bottom Lash Extensions

Bottom Lash Extensions - How To Tutorial

So, you’ve learnt what bottom lash extensions are used for and thought about whether or not they would be championed by your clientele. The thing is, as a lash artist, you know that some services are not for everyone, and this is not your usual lash appointment.

But, you can make your clients aware that you offer this service if needed. If you want to go ahead and offer the service, you need to know what you’re letting yourself in for regarding the application process.

Here, we break down all the steps into an easy-to-follow guide so you can better understand what’s involved.


Tape The Upper Lashes

First, you need to make sure the upper lashes are taped down so they don’t get in the way of where you’re working. You also need to be careful that you don’t accidentally pull the upper lash extensions out when doing this, so it is best to use a micropore tape.

Layer it in strips so that only a small part of the adhesive actually touches the skin, making it easier to remove once you’ve finished.


Protect The Eye Bag Area

You must place an eye pad just underneath the bottom lashes before you start the application.

This is because you will be working with your tweezers facing downwards from the eye, so the metal is likely to come into contact with the area and cause irritation if it is not protected.

Once you have completed this step, make sure the client can still close their eyes properly, which will be necessary to prevent anything getting in them during application.

It may be easier to work on open eyes, but you don’t want them being exposed to harmful fumes.


Prime The Client’s Lashes

Use the same lash primer and process as you would for upper lashes to prepare them and get rid of any residue.

This is even more important for bottom lashes, as these make direct contact with the face and pick up its natural oils more readily.


Pick Up The Extensions

Remember that you need to place bottom lash extensions the opposite way to upper lash extensions so they are essentially upside down compared to what you’re used to.

Pick up the lash extensions with the bottom end facing downwards so it is ready to place.


Isolate Each Lash

You must separate the lash you are working on at any point from the others, so they don’t all get stuck together.

You may think that you can skip this step because bottom lashes aren’t as dense as top lashes, but you would likely end up making a mess of things – best not to risk it.


Place The Lashes

Starting at the outer corner of the eye, dip the longest lashes you will use in your adhesive and carefully place it on the skin at the base of the natural lashes.

Work inwards as you would for the top lashes, gradually varying the length of the extensions until you have completed both eyes. You can either do this subtly for an everyday look that resembles eyeliner, or as a more dramatic look.


Adjust The Lashes

As you will be aware, it can sometimes take a few attempts at placing each lash extension before the whole thing looks right.

This is more likely to be the case with bottom lash extensions, as it is harder to position the lashes to fit the curvature of the face.

The process of bottom lash removal is the same as it is for upper lash removal, and you may even find it somewhat easier because there are fewer lashes in the first place to get in the way.


Frequently Asked Questions About Bottom Eyelash Extensions


What Lashes Are Best To Use For Bottom Lash Extensions?


Generally speaking, lash thickness for bottom eyelash extensions should be between 0.1mm and 0.15mm, with an ideal length of 5-7mm.

You want to keep them looking natural, and anything longer might be too extravagant. Having said that, some clients may need lashes longer than 7mm according to their facial structure, so in these instances you should use mink lash extensions.

Also, thicker bottom lash extensions (e.g. 0.2mm) are available to buy if a client wishes to have them, so you should discuss their expectations with them to see if this would be a viable option.

Bottom lash extensions should have less of a curl than top lash extensions, as you will observe when looking at someone’s natural lashes. Luckily, most lash extensions come with a variety of different curls to help you find the right one.

Use a fuller curve for the top, then tone it down with a gentler curve on the bottom. You may need to experiment with a few options to see what looks best, or use a combination to achieve a natural look.


What Tweezers Are Best To Use For Bottom Eyelash Extensions?


Because applying bottom lash extensions is fiddly work, it is easier to use different types of tweezers depending on which stage of the process you’re on.

We recommend tweezers with a curved tip for isolating bottom lashes, rather than the straight-tip ones that are often used for the same purpose on upper lashes.

For picking up the lashes and placing them on the person’s eyes, you can use either curved or straight-tip tweezers, but the straight tweezers can help you maneuver the lashes more easily. They provide a lot of control when you’re carrying out delicate work.

Since there are various types of tweezers available, you might find it easier working with an alternative pair, such as L-shaped tweezers.

You should have a good range in the salon to help with everyday services, so you may want to take some time for a bit of trial and error to decide which ones are best for you. Below is a great option to try.

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What Glue is Best To Use With Bottom Lash Extensions?


Bottom lash extensions require an eyelash glue that is less viscous than that used for upper lash extensions.

This is because you can see the roots of the extensions more easily from where they are placed, so blobs of thicker glues will cause them to look messy and unprofessional.

You should also try to use the glue as sparingly as possible, applying only enough to secure the lashes in place.


How Much Should I Charge For Bottom Lash Extensions?


Prices are generally worked out per lash extension or per set, with the latter being proportional to the cost of an upper lash extension set.

If you decide to charge by the lash, a guide price would be around $2-$3 each. This way, a client can choose to have only a few extra lashes fitted, depending on the current state of their own bottom lashes.


How Long Do Bottom Lash Extensions Last?


In general, with proper care, bottom lash extensions should last around 2 weeks before needing to be replaced.

However, bottom lash extensions are more at risk of being rubbed away or displaced when you touch your eyes, potentially reducing their useful lifespan to more like a week.

Most clients will find that these types of extensions will have a relatively short lifespan, and you may need to perform fills more often.

This is in contrast to upper lash extensions, which can stay put for as long as 6 weeks, which is the time it takes for your own lashes to complete their growth cycle.

You should encourage your clients to adopt a proper aftercare routine, to increase their chances of keeping their bottom lash extensions for longer.


Bottom Eyelash Extensions Summary


To summarize, bottom lashes are a type of extension that is applied to the bottom lashes instead of the upper eyelash. This is a relatively new service and lash look that works to enhance the lower lashes, so that the eye appears more defined and glamorous.

This service is particularly aimed toward those clients with sparse areas in the lashes, or those who have thinner eyelashes.

When it comes to bottom lashes, you don’t have to apply a full set, but you can simply add a special extra oomph to the eyes by applying fewer lashes to the top and bottom ones just to accentuate the features, and really shorten the makeup routine.

If you want to offer new, interesting and unique services to your clients, then this could be just what you’ve been looking for.