C Curl Vs D Curl Eyelash Extensions

Different Eyelash Extension Sizes Being Picked From a Tool

When it comes to enhancing your natural lashes with eyelash extensions, you may find yourself faced with a variety of choices.

Among these options are the popular C Curl and D Curl extensions.

Understanding the differences between these two types of lash extensions can help clients make an informed decision and ultimately achieve their desired look.

As you consider whether C Curl or D Curl eyelash extensions are best for you, keep your style and desired outcome in mind.

♥ Key Takeaways ♥

  • C Curl has a 60-degree curl and provides a subtle, natural look that blends seamlessly with natural lashes.
  • D Curl has a 70-degree curl and offers a more dramatic, voluminous look that is perfect for making a statement.
  • C Curl is versatile and suits various eye shapes and sizes, while D Curl may suit specific eye shapes better, such as almond or downturned eyes.
  • The choice between C Curl and D Curl ultimately depends on personal preference and desired look, as well as eye shape and natural lash angle.


How To Choose The Right Curl - Chart

What’s the Difference Between C and D Curl Lashes?


Both C and D curl lashes can help you achieve stunning looks, but choosing the right one is essential based on your individual requirements.

Experiment with different styles and enjoy the transformation these popular eyelash curls can bring to your clients natural lashes.


What Are C and D Curl Eyelashes?


C Curl Has a Curl Of 60 Degrees


C curl eyelashes are perfect for those who prefer a natural look with natural curls.

With a 60-degree curl, these extensions add subtle definition and length to your lashes without appearing too dramatic or artificial.

The soft, natural curve of C curl lashes blends seamlessly with your regular lashes, making your eyes appear larger and more attractive.

When you choose C curl extensions, you’ll achieve an effortlessly beautiful effect that enhances your overall appearance.


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D Curl Is Curvier Than C Curl, With a 70-degree Angle


D curl eyelashes are ideal for those seeking a more captivating and glamorous look.

Boasting a 70-degree angle, the dramatic curl of these extensions is much more than the C curl.

The result is added volume, more dramatic curl length, and definition, contributing to a bold, confident appearance.

Since D curl lashes create a more noticeable curve, they’re perfect for individuals with large or hooded eyes and straight lashes, giving the impression of more open and awake eyes.


C Vs D Curl Lashes: A Short Comparison


When choosing between C and D curl lashes, it’s essential to understand their differences to make an informed decision.

Here’s a short comparison to help you decide which suits your desired look.

C Curl Lashes:

  • Natural look: C curl lashes have a subtle curl that resembles your natural eyelashes, making them an ideal option if you want a more natural appearance.
  • Versatility: These lashes suit various eye shapes and sizes, making them popular among lash enthusiasts.
  • Soft boost: C curl lashes offer a soft lift to your eyes and straight upward lashes without creating an overly dramatic effect.

D Curl Lashes:

  • Dramatic effect: With a more dramatic curl, D curl lashes enhance your eyes for a bolder look. These lashes are the perfect choice if you want to make a statement.
  • Open-eye appearance: Because of the pronounced curl, D curl lashes can give the illusion of a more open and awake eye.
  • Best for certain eye shapes: D curl lashes may suit specific eye shapes better, such as almond or downturned eyes, accentuating their unique features.

Lash Chart Showing the Different Types Of Eyelash Extension Curls

How To Choose the Right Curl: C Vs D Curl?


When deciding between C curl and D curl eyelash extensions, it’s essential to consider the look you want to achieve.

Each curl type provides a different appearance, so knowing your desired outcome will help guide your decision.

C curls are ideal for those who prefer a more natural look, as they are more gentle eyelash extensions. These lashes create a balanced, medium-opening effect suitable for everyday wear.

They’re a great choice to enhance your lashes without paying too much attention to your eyes.

D curls provide a more dramatic and bold appearance for fuller and attractive eyelashes.

With a curvier shape and a 70-degree angle, these lashes help create a doll-eye effect that adds volume and shape to your eyes.

D curl lashes might be the better choice if you want to make a statement or transform your look for a special occasion.

As you consider your options, keep your eye shape and natural eyelashes in mind.

Some individuals might find that one type of curl fits more harmoniously with their features, while others might enjoy experimenting with C and D curl extensions.

Don’t be afraid to speak with a professional lash technician for advice tailored to your unique eyes and preferences.


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Choosing between trendy eyelash extensions such as C Curl and D Curl eyelash extensions ultimately comes down to your preference and desired look.

When you opt for C Curl lashes, you can expect a more natural and subtle lift to your eyes. They’re generally lighter and softer, making them perfect for everyday wear.

D Curl lashes are designed to create a more dramatic and eye-opening effect. They offer greater curl and lift, giving the impression of bigger eyes.

Remember that this more impressive look might not last as long on straighter natural lashes.

To make an informed decision, consider factors such as your eye shape, natural lash angle, and the overall look you want to achieve.

Remember that you can consult a professional lash technician to help you pick the best option to suit your style and needs.


Frequently Asked Questions About C Curl Vs D Curl Eyelash Extensions


Is C Curl Or D Curl More Popular?


C Curl lashes are often considered more popular, as they provide a natural and subtle look that suits a wider variety of eye shapes.

On the other hand, D Curl lashes are known for offering a more dramatic appearance, making them appealing to those seeking a bold, eye-catching style.

It depends on your personal preference and desired lash style.


Is a C or D Curl Better For Hooded Eyes?


If you have hooded eyes, D Curl lashes might be a better choice.

The curvature of D Curl lashes helps create the appearance of more open and awake eyes, which is particularly beneficial for those with large or hooded eyes.

If you have small or close-set eyes, C Curl lashes can make your eyes look bigger.

If you’re unsure which is best for your eye shape, consult your lash technician for professional advice tailored to your needs.


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