Can Eyelash Extensions Be Too Heavy?

Can Eyelash Extensions Be Too Heavy?

Yes, eyelash extensions can definitely be too heavy for your natural lashes. The process of adding false eyelash extensions onto your eye requires your lash technician to apply at least one synthetic lash onto each of your natural lashes with bonding glue.

Take a moment to think about how fragile your eyelashes are – they fall out all of the time (often unprovoked) and are only a fraction of a millimeter in width.

Now imagine that this strand of hair has to take the weight of another synthetic lash as well as all of the glue needed to hold it in place. No wonder there’s a weight limit!

Depending on the type of eyelash extension you’re opting for, your natural lashes are about to go under some intense pressure of holding up all of the fake extensions. Do Eyelash Extensions Look Fake?.

There are a few types of lash extensions that you can choose from, which we’ll look at now, and the right lashes that need to be used with them.

Classic lashes

Classic lash extensions are the most natural-looking lashes that you can choose. A single synthetic lash is bonded to each of your natural lashes, giving them a boost in length and/or volume. 

Think of everything you want your perfect mascara to do – that’s what classic lashes aim for. Your lashes should look natural but just a little more accentuated and desirable. 

As only one lash is being used on each of your natural lashes, they will need to be slightly thicker so that you can see the effects. These can be between 0.10 and 0.18 in diameter. 

Russian volume lashes

Russian volume lashes are where a lash technician will create a fan of individual lashes before applying them to your natural lashes. These fans can be made up of between 2 and 8 individual lashes. 

The fans are made up of glue beforehand, then applied to the host lash with more glue. As you’re using more lash extensions on each of your single lashes, these will need to be thinner and lighter so that they don’t weigh down your natural lashes too much. 

Lash extensions used for the Russian volume technique should be between 0.05 and 0.07 in diameter. This allows them to remain thick and dramatic on your eyes, without putting too much pressure on your natural lashes. 

If you’re using fans of fewer synthetic lashes, you will be able to use extensions that are slightly thicker. However, if you’re going for the bold look with fans of eight false lashes, you will want to use the thinner lashes. 

Mega volume lashes

Mega volume lashes are even more dramatic than Russian volume lashes, and they are made up of fans of up to 16 lash extensions. As you can imagine, this is incredibly heavy to put all on just one natural lash! Can you make Russia lashes last longer?

Using lashes that are too heavy for this technique will make them droop and look less appealing. If you’re opting for mega volume lashes, you should not be using extensions thicker than 0.03 to 0.04 in diameter. 

Again, mega volume lashes will need to use more glue than both classic lashes and Russian volume lashes, both to make the fans and to bond them with the natural lash.

This also adds more weight to your natural lash line, and that is why it is so important to use ultrafine extensions for mega volume lashes. 

Why are my eyelash extensions drooping?

There are a few reasons why your eyelash extensions are drooping. Do Eyelash Extensions Hurt?.  The first reason, and perhaps the most likely, is that your extensions are too thick and therefore too heavy.

If your lash technician has used a lash that is too heavy for the type of lash extensions you’re going for, your natural lashes are going to have a difficult time holding them up. 

Most lash technicians will have a great variety of lash extensions, all of which will have different thicknesses. When you go to your appointment, it’s important to never opt for a lash larger than 0.20 in diameter.

Even for a classic extension, in which only one lash is applied to the host lash, this will be too heavy and will cause drooping. 

Another reason why your lashes are drooping is that too much glue has been used. Using too much glue on your natural lash will weigh it down and cause the extensions to droop unnaturally down. 

Too much glue used is more common when opting for Russian or Mega volume lash extensions due to the fans that need to be made. The third reason why your extensions could be drooping is that they haven’t been installed properly.

If the extensions are not applied close enough to the lash line, they will be relying on the thinner part of the natural lash and therefore the weaker section of the hair. 

Understandably, this won’t be able to hold the lash up as effectively as the thicker part of your natural lashes. So, if this is the section trying to hold your lash up, you shouldn’t be surprised to see the lash begin to droop, spin, twist, or turn. 

Finally, your lash extensions might be too long for your natural lashes. Again, this comes down to putting too much pressure on your natural lash. Synthetic lashes tend to weigh the same from their base to their tip.

The longer the lash, the more your natural lash needs to work to hold the synthetic lash extension up. 

If you’re about to get eyelash extensions for the first time, the best thing to do is shop around and look at some reviews of each technician. Is Eyelash Extension Safe?.

Opting for a qualified and experienced lash technician will be much better, as they should be knowledgeable enough to prevent your lashes from drooping.

Alternatively, go into your appointment with a clear vision in mind of what you want. Ask what lashes the technician is using to make sure that they are not too heavy or long and that they are using lightweight glue. If your lash technician

does a great job you should make sure to leave them a tip. Check out our article on how much to tip your eyelash lady