Can You Get Permanent Eyelashes?

When you’re getting beauty treatments done, it can be expensive to get your eyelashes done every couple of weeks. With that in mind, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to get permanent eyelash extensions.

As it turns out, it is indeed possible to get permanent eyelash extensions. These are essentially eyelash implants, so you will need to be put under a local anesthetic.

It doesn’t hurt to get them done either. The whole procedure takes around 3 to 4 hours to do, which is a small price to pay in time for lashes that will last a lifetime!

It only needs to be done once. They do require some upkeep however, since you will need to maintain the length and the curl of the new permanent eyelight extensions.

The second question, then, is whether it’s actually worth investing in permanent eyelashes, especially since you need to go under a surgical procedure to get them. The answer to that will depend on a few different factors.

The first benefit of having permanent eyelash extensions done is that you only need to get them done once. It’s a few thousand dollars for some spectacular looking lashes that will last you a lifetime.

This means that you’ll save some money on getting semi permanent lashes done or from buying false eyelashes. This is pretty handy, and you don’t even need to apply them.

The whole treatment also only takes a couple of hours too, which is ideal and saves you a lot of time in the long run.

So, why shouldn’t you get permanent eyelashes? The main disadvantage of permanent eyelashes is that it can cost a lot of money to get them done.

You could find yourself spending as much as $3000 per eye – that’s a lot of money! You also can’t do them at home, since you need a doctor to do the procedure.

You may also feel some soreness after the procedure. You will also need to perform regular maintenance on the eyelashes, since the new hairs grow just as fast as the lashes that you already have.

Permanent eyelashes are a great choice for many people, especially those who have the money to spare and want to have spectacular looking lashes for a long time to come.

It’s naive to say, however, that they’re a good choice for everyone. If you don’t want to have permanent eyelashes implanted, then there are alternatives.

Semi permanent eyelashes are a great choice for people that want the benefits of having great lashes but don’t have the money to get them done.

If you don’t wear lashes very often then you can also have false eyelashes, which will look just as great! It’s ultimately down to the wearer to choose what they want to do.


How long do semi perm lashes last?

Semi permanent lashes are a great choice for many people, since they can last a long time but you don’t need to get them permanently implanted into your skin.

They are also relatively affordable for most people. They aren’t going to last as long as permanent eyelashes, however. How long do they last, exactly?

The answer to this question can depend on a few different things, including how well they are maintained, the type of lashes and the beautician that’s putting the lashes on you.

In general though, semi permanent lashes will last for anywhere from six to eight weeks. If you are a bit anxious, it is possible to get infills from some beauticians, which is ideal since you can ensure that your lashes always look great.

There are some circumstances where semi permanent eyelash extensions will only last for around two to three weeks, so having a touch up in between can be beneficial.

There are some caveats, however. After you get your semi permanent lashes done, you should stay away from any water for around 12 to 24 hours. This is because water can make the glue disintegrate, meaning that the lashes will fall out much quicker. This is not ideal!

When wearing the lashes, you should also stay away from waterproof eyeliner and mascara. You may need to work harder to get rid of these products from your eyes, and this could cause you to rip out the lashes prematurely.

Make sure that you’re careful when you’re putting on makeup too, and brush through the lashes once you’ve put makeup on to ensure that any excessive product comes out of your eyelashes.

You should ensure that you’re following the right care regime for your lashes too. Use a cleanser recommended by your technician or use some warm water and a couple of drops of baby shampoo.

Then, use a lash brush to wipe the lashes, since this will clean the lashes. You should do this a minimum of two to three times a week, but more often is better.

While you will need to get your eyelashes done every few weeks, there are a number of benefits to getting semi permanent eyelashes. First of all, when you have them applied, you won’t need to worry about using mascara or false lashes again.

This can save you a lot of time in your makeup routine. You can also get a few different kinds of lashes done, depending on your tastes.

They can be a little expensive though, and can sometimes cost up to $400. You will also need to get them done specifically by a technician. You can’t do them yourself at home, unfortunately! Keeping them well maintained and cleaned every day or so is vital, too.

In general though, they’re a great alternative to false eyelashes if you want your lashes to look great with minimal effort.