Can You Trim Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a popular beauty treatment that many people love. However, some salons only offer limited eyelash options which means you could end up with extremely long lashes.

At first, you may be into them but after you’ve worn them for the first week or so, your eyes may become irritated. One way that you may think could correct this is to trim your eyelash extensions. Under no circumstances should you ever get out your scissors and start trimming away at your extensions whilst they are already applied to your lash line.

You should never do this. Trimming your eyelash extensions whilst they are applied is very dangerous. If you are however looking to trim your eyebrows check out our best eyebrow trimmer article. . Not only could you cut something you’re not supposed to, but you may also cut your own eyelashes. This could result in you not being able to grow these lashes back in the future.

The best way to sort this problem out is to speak with your beauty technician. Before getting your lashes applied, it is important to discuss your options. If the salon you go to has a small selection, it doesn’t matter. They will have something more suitable for your needs.

If you have had eyelash extensions before, you will know that it does take a long time to complete the process. That being said, if you have eyelash extensions applied and you are not happy with them, you can ask your beauty technician to fix them.

This may mean that you will need to come in for another appointment but it is better than the annoyance the long lashes could cause in the coming weeks ahead. Communication is key when it comes to investing in semi-permanent lashes.


Can you feel eyelash extensions?

The beauty of eyelash extensions is the added volume and length without the hassle or heaviness of falsies. A good beauty therapist will be able to select lashes that are of high quality and won’t feel like they’re weighing you down.

However, if you do start to feel a heaviness on your eyelids or swelling whilst wearing eyelash extensions, it could mean that they were applied incorrectly. This could be because your beauty therapist used an outdated technique or chose lashes that were too large for your eye shape.

Our top piece of advice to anyone considering eyelash extensions is to make sure you get them from a reputable beauty salon. The eye area is an extremely sensitive area for treatments to be done so you want to ensure that the beauty therapist is highly skilled in the lash department.

Once your eyelash extensions are applied, they should feel weightless on your lash line. Good eyelash extensions could be a little more pricey but they are so worth the money. They will feel a lot lighter and also will be hard to tell that they are not your real eyelashes.

If you are unhappy with the weight of your eyelash extensions, then you should always communicate this with your beauty therapist. If you are too shy to tell them during your lash appointment, inform them when you come in for your next appointment.

All you need to mention is that you would like to try out smaller or more natural lash extensions. It won’t be a problem.


Can you taper eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions usually come in the form of individual lashes. Due to this, you and your beauty therapist can design the perfect eyelash extensions for you. If you are a fan of tapered false eyelashes, you may want to get the same effect with your extensions.

To get tapered eyelash extensions, you won’t need to cut them. The individual eyelash extensions will come in many different lengths and thicknesses. To get a tapered lash look, you will want to place the shorter and thinner lashes towards the inner corner of your eye.

Then, place fuller and longer lashes towards the outer corner of your eyes. To get the best-tapered lash extension look, your beauty therapist will need to create a seamless gradient. This can be achieved by adding lashes from the shortest to the longest from the inner to the outer edge of your eye.

Two types of eyelash extensions can be used to create a beautiful tapered eyelash look. We recommend looking for a beauty salon that can offer either silk or faux mink eyelashes. These are high-quality lashes that can provide a soft and fluffy eyelash look.


Can eyelash extensions be too heavy?

Some eyelash extensions can indeed be too heavy. When you get your eyelash extensions put on, your beauty therapist should take into consideration your eye size and shape. If they do this, then your eyelashes will feel weightless.

However, some people can be unfortunate enough to have eyelashes that are too heavy for their eye shape applied. If this is the case, then you feel your natural and false eyelashes tangling together. This means that you will need to groom them more regularly.What can go wrong with eyelash extensions?.

If you feel as if your eyelashes are too heavy, then you should consider having them removed. Always go to a beauty professional to get eyelash extensions removed as you could risk pulling out your natural eyelashes.

Keeping eyelash extensions that are too heavy applied to your lashes, could damage your natural lash. This is due to the excess weight that the extensions apply to your lash line. Your natural lashes could begin to shed due to this so be extremely careful.

To keep your eyelashes in the best possible condition, you will need to keep them groomed. Regularly brush through your eyelash extensions with an eyelash brush. How Often Should You Brush Your Lash Extensions?. This will keep the eyelashes from getting tangled.

You should also avoid getting your eyelash extensions wet. It could be a good idea to take baths instead of showers as you have less of a risk of damaging your eyelash extensions.

If you do get your extensions wet, it could disturb the bond between the lash extensions and your natural eyelashes. This could result in some of your extensions falling out and your overall lash look appearing patchy.

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