Best Eyebrow Brush 2021 for Perfectly Combed Brows

In order to create your desired eyebrow look, it’s not just about the type of product you buy. Whether you prefer to work with eyebrow pomade, eyebrow powders or brow gel isn’t the point – it’s how you apply it that matters most. That is where a good eyebrow brush can help you out. We’ve […]

Do Eyebrows Grow Back?

When it comes to maintaining your eyebrows, not everyone has the time to go to a professional every time. Most of us have likely taken our overplucked eyebrows too far in the past, but if you’re new to plucking your eyebrows you might be wondering do eyebrows grow back and can I encourage hair growth […]

How Long After Microblading Can I Shower?

How Long After Microblading Can I Shower?

If you’ve booked your first microblading session, you may be wondering how long after microblading can I shower and is it safe? Technicians just can’t agree, everyone has different opinions on the matter! The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think. As it turns out, you can shower after microblading, but you can’t just […]

Best Eyebrow Trimmers For Women in 2021

The eyes are the window to the soul- but the eyebrows? They are the window to your eyes! It’s no secret that brows can define your look in an instant, and having misshapen or ‘eye catching’ eyebrows can give off an impression that you don’t necessarily want. Some people are blessed with thick lustrous eyebrows, […]

Best Clear Eyebrow Gel

Best Clear Eyebrow Gels in 2021 For A Full Brow Look

Even well-groomed eyebrows need a little help now and then. It doesn’t matter if you sculpt your brows into thin arches or if you grow them into full and bushy ones. Stray or longer hairs can cross out of the shape you wanted, ruining how your brows look. To counter this, you may have tried […]

2021 Best Eyebrow Powder – Natural, Gorgeous, Quick Thick Brows

Eyebrows are sisters and not twins, but sometimes it’s hard to make them look even vaguely related. Everyone who has ever worn makeup knows the struggles of trying to stick to eyebrow trends whilst sticking to your own eyebrow shape. We’ve all been there – the caterpillar block brows, the thin and over-plucked brows, bushy […]

10 Best Eyebrow Pomades to up your Brow Game in 2021

Fluffy, thick, and healthy brows are all on the range right now. There’s nothing that defines your facial features and makes your eyes pop more than great brows. With the standard of eyebrow appearance becoming increasingly popular it’s no wonder that more people are turning towards eyebrow makeup to help switch up and define their […]

Best Eyebrow Tweezers for Thick Hair 2021 (Top 10)

Whether you prefer thinner, neater eyebrows or thick and fluffy ones, it’s hard to find a pair of brows that don’t need regular maintenance. Nice eyebrows have always been a sign of beauty, but especially in today’s world, having a good set of arches has become a necessity. You can groom your brows in several […]

How long after microblading can I get pregnant

How Long After Microblading Can I Get Pregnant?

With striking, bushy eyebrows being fashionable and more popular than ever, it’s hard to think back to the days when super-thin eyebrows plucked to within an inch of their life was the hottest trend in the beauty industry. Eyebrow pencils and Eyebrow gels rather than tweezers are the must have make-up tool for your eyebrows, […]

Best Eyebrow Gel

Best Eyebrow Gel

Let’s face it. We’ve all overplucked our eyebrows from time to time. The result is a few gaps in the brow, and bushy hairs. But, you may have tried all of the brow products that you can get your hands on, and still haven’t found the right one! If you have sparse brows or thin […]

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