Are microbladed eyebrows worth it

Are Microbladed Eyebrows Worth It?

Microblading is a fairly new concept that has gained significantly in popularity in the last few years. While it has actually been around for nearly 25 years, it is only recently that many people are deciding to get it done. This is partly due to the fact that more beauticians are qualified to perform this […]

Do all microbladed brows scab

Do All Microbladed Brows Scab?

We all want fuller brows! But the process to get fuller brows can take a lifetime. You either have to sit and wait for them to grow out naturally, resulting in bushy, unkempt eyebrows for a few months, or they just never seem to grow back after plucking them! So, what’s the answer? Microblading. Microblading […]

Why are my eyebrows so dark after Microblading

Why Are My Eyebrows So Dark After Microblading?

Some of us with thin brows are continually seeking ways to make them look thicker and fuller, and Microblading is a semi-permanent solution that is longer lasting than makeup, but not quite as permanent as tattooing – which is why it’s recently become so popular. During the process, an esthetician uses a microblade tool to […]

How do you wash your face after Microblading?

How Do You Wash Your Face After Microblading?

It is really important that, when you have had your eyebrows microbladed, you avoid getting the area wet. That doesn’t sound too hard, right? That is until you consider that you need to actually wash your face!  Many people are put off by microblading because they think they can’t wash their face for a long […]

What Should You Not Do After Eyebrow Lamination?

What Should You Not Do After Eyebrow Lamination?

Eyebrow lamination is a trending beauty treatment at the moment. You can transform your eyebrows into whatever shape you desire and keep them there for an extended period. This is because the treatment breaks down the bonds within your hair, making them super easy to manipulate.  There are a few things that you must not […]

Is Tinting Bad For Your Eyebrows?

Is Tinting Bad For Your Eyebrows?

There is some debate surrounding the safety of eyebrow tinting. But yet, it is still a common practice, and one that is offered by most beauticians. Due to the fact that so many salons offer this treatment, you would expect that it is good for your eyebrows. But, there is a lot of controversy surrounding […]

Does Microblading Cause Hair Loss?

Does Microblading Cause Hair Loss?

In a word – no!  Microblading as a standalone semi-permanent treatment will not cause you to lose hair from your eyebrows any more than usual. You may well notice a couple of hairs fall out during the healing process if you do not care for them properly. Much like when you get a tattoo on […]

Does Eyebrow Microblading Hurt

Does Eyebrow Microblading Hurt?

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that involves the application of a semi-permanent tattoo to the brow area, making brows appear fuller and thicker.  One of the first questions many prospective Microblading clients have when they hear the words ‘semi-permanent tattoo’ is whether the procedure will hurt.  We’ll be answering your questions about Microblading pain levels […]

What is eyebrow lamination

What is Eyebrow Lamination?

Eyebrow lamination is a fairly new procedure often referred to as an “eyebrow perm”. The aim of this procedure is to make shiny and smooth brows that stay in a particular shape. It’s a semi-permanent perm that works in the same way as eyebrow gel, which is a trend where people brush their brow hairs […]

Can Microblading Be Removed?

How do I get rid of Microblading at home? The best way to get rid of microblading at home is using the salt removal method. This is the most popular method and there are two ways in which you can use salt to remove the dye. The first method is by applying a little bit […]

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