Hybrid Lashes | Everything You Need To Know About Hybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid Lashes | Lash Extensions With A Classic Wispy Look

Hybrid eyelashes are popular for being completely customizable and often looking more natural than volume lashes. But what are they exactly? And how long will they last? We’ve got all the answers in this simple guide! Keep reading to find out more about Hybrid lashes and how they could be the ones to have you […]

Eyelash Extensions Model

Eyelash Extensions: 2022 Guide For Beautiful And Healthy Lashes

Eyelash extensions can transform not only your eyes but can also elevate your entire look all while making your face look more feminine.  If you are considering eyelash extensions you may have a million questions swimming in your head. Our eyelash extensions ultimate guide will answer all your questions and give you all of the […]

Classic, Hybrid, And Volume Eyelash Extensions: What's The Difference?

Difference Between Classic, Hybrid, Volume Eyelash Extensions ?

Recognizing the distinctions between classic lashes, volume lashes, and hybrid lashes is essential if you are new to the world of eyelash extensions.  In order to fully appreciate the treatment you are receiving, and to make an educated decision regarding what you will select for your upcoming visit, you will need to know the difference […]

Bottom Lash Extensions - How To Tutorial

Bottom Lash Extensions – How To Guide For 2022

Most people are aware of lash extensions for the tops of your eyes – the hot fashion accessory that turns heads, making you the center of attention in any room. However, not everyone knows that you can also get bottom lash extensions, which are specifically designed for your lower lashes and complement the top lashes. […]

How To Choose A Lash Bed And Lash Pillow

How To Correctly Choose A Lash Bed, Lash Pillow and Lash Chair

Lash services are taking the world by storm. As a lash artist, you’ll want to know everything there is about the world of eyelash extensions. If you are only just starting up your new lash business adventure, then you should know that one of the biggest investments that you will make in your lash studio […]

Extreme Cat Eye Eyelash Extension - Inspirations & Lash Mapping

Extreme Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions – Inspirations & Lash Mapping

Eyelash extensions are one of the most popular salon treatments available today. All across the globe, lash technicians provide this service, and offer a range of different lash styles to choose from, Russian lashes, volume lashes, hybrid lashes to cat eyelash extensions and many more.   These extensions are fitted to the natural lash, in […]

Your Guide to Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Complete Guide 2022

The beauty industry is a difficult one to navigate. With beauty trends constantly evolving and product releases happening left, right and center – it can feel highly overwhelming regardless of whether you’re a makeup novice or a professional. Eyelash extensions are growing increasingly popular every year. Whether that’s for volume lashes, classic lashes, mega volume […]

The History Of Eyelash Extensions

History Of Eyelash Extensions – Why, When & Who Invented Fake Lashes

We all know that eyelash extensions are a godsend to those who want bolder lashes, or to bring a fuller, natural look to their eyelashes. However, have you ever contemplated the history of eyelash extensions and who invented them?  Lash extensions definitely enhance the appearance of your eyes, making your eyelashes look longer and thicker, […]

Removing Your Eyelash Extensions At Home

Removing Eyelash Extensions At Home Without Damaging Natural Lashes

Removing your eyelash extensions at home or by yourself isn’t always advised. However, there are circumstances that arise that could prevent you from being able to get them professionally removed. If there is a scheduling conflict with your lash technician or you just don’t have the money to go to a professional to get them […]

How To Clean Lash Extensions At Home

How To Clean Lash Extensions At Home?

Eyelash extensions are one of those things that can transform your look, and make you feel like a goddess. To keep your lash extensions looking great you should clean lash extensions as needed. Learning how to properly clean lash extensions at home is important for anyone using them. Just the small addition of individual lashes […]

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