What Are Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions?

Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions Vs. Traditional Volume Lashes?

You may be wondering if mega volume lash extensions are basically volume eyelash extensions, in our article we explain the difference between volume vs mega volume lashes. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about the famous mega volume lash and what exactly sets them apart from traditional lashes, so during your next trip […]

Eyelash Extensions Model

Eyelash Extensions: 2022 Guide For Beautiful And Healthy Lashes

Eyelash extensions can transform not only your eyes but can also elevate your entire look all while making your face look more feminine.  If you are considering eyelash extensions you may have a million questions swimming in your head. Our eyelash extensions ultimate guide will answer all your questions and give you all of the […]

Your Guide to Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Complete Guide 2022

The beauty industry is a difficult one to navigate. With beauty trends constantly evolving and product releases happening left, right and center – it can feel highly overwhelming regardless of whether you’re a makeup novice or a professional. Eyelash extensions are growing increasingly popular every year. Whether that’s for volume lashes, classic lashes, mega volume […]

Removing Your Eyelash Extensions At Home

Removing Eyelash Extensions At Home Without Damaging Natural Lashes

Removing your eyelash extensions at home or by yourself isn’t always advised. However, there are circumstances that arise that could prevent you from being able to get them professionally removed. If there is a scheduling conflict with your lash technician or you just don’t have the money to go to a professional to get them […]

Eyelash Extension Chart Lash Curls, Thicknesses And Lengths

Eyelash Extension Chart: Lash Curls, Thicknesses, Volume And Lengths

Many don’t know this but there are many different types of lash curls, thicknesses, volume, and lengths when it comes to eyelash extensions. We have put together a complete eyelash extension chart so anyone can understand the basics of eyelash extensions mapping, different types of lash curls, thicknesses and lengths. Eyelash extensions can completely transform […]

What’s better: classic or volume lashes

What’s Better: Classic Or Volume Lashes?

We don’t know about you, but we love getting our lashes done! Having a fresh set of falsies can give you a real confidence boost, and make you feel like a beautiful goddess! Getting false eyelash extensions is a great way to make your eyes pop, make you feel pretty and make you stand out […]

Should I get hybrid or volume lashes

Should I Get Hybrid Or Volume Lashes?

Hybrid lashes, also known as American volume lashes, is a lash treatment that has become increasingly popular over the years. However, if you’re new to the world of hybrid lashes you might be curious to know: Should I get hybrid or volume lashes? In this article, I will provide you with some key information about […]

Can Eyelash Extensions Be Too Heavy?

Can Eyelash Extensions Be Too Heavy?

Yes, eyelash extensions can definitely be too heavy for your natural lashes. The process of adding false eyelash extensions onto your eye requires your lash technician to apply at least one synthetic lash onto each of your natural lashes with bonding glue. Take a moment to think about how fragile your eyelashes are – they […]

Are Russian And Volume Lashes The Same?

Are Russian And Volume Lashes The Same?

Russian lashes are a type of volume lashes. So, all Russian lashes are considered volume lashes, but all volume lashes are not Russian lashes.  Volume lashes is a technique used by lash technicians that adds multiple lash extensions onto your natural lash line so that you can enjoy a fuller and fluffier set of lashes. […]

How Can I Make My Russian Lashes Last Longer

How Can I Make My Russian Lashes Last Longer?

Making your Russian lashes last as long as possible is one of the most important things for people who get lashes regularly. After all, we do pay so much for them, we don’t want them falling out after just a few days, do we?  There are several things that you can do to make your […]

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