Lash Lifts

6 Ways To Make Your Eyes Pop

11 Eye-Popping Tips: How to Make Your Eyes Stand Out! (2023)

Don’t we all envy those with pretty, sparkling eyes that seem to light up the room? Sometimes we’re tired, hungover, sick, or all three. This doesn’t really make the eyes pop and can leave you with a little more work to do in the morning, especially if you have important meetings or need to make …

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What is a lash lift

What is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is basically a perm for your eyelashes. In the same way that hairdressers use perming solutions to curl hair, eyelash technicians use perming solutions to lift up and curl the natural lashes. However, it is not all that simple.  A professional lash lift will typically involve boosting, lifting and separating each individual …

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Are Eyelash Perms Safe?

Having naturally straight and stubborn eyelashes is a problem many people face, and curling your lashes every day can become tiresome and time-consuming. Having a lash lift or perm is a convenient solution for many. But people new to this beauty treatment might be wondering: are eyelash perms safe? In this article, I cover some …

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