Is eyelash extension safe

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

Yes, eyelash extensions are safe! Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent procedure that helps to make lashes look longer and fuller without the effect of mascara or false lashes. These extensions are individually attached to one lash at a time, rather than temporarily attached to the lid in one strip like false lashes. When professionally applied, […]

Eyelash Extensions Model

Which Lash Extensions are the Best?

Mink Mink is the material of choice of celebs like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, and are loved for their soft texture that mimics natural lashes. However, mink lashes are not cheap. Depending on the brand, how many fibers you choose, and the salon you go to, you could be racking up a bill of $1k […]

Does castor oil grow eyelashes

Does Castor Oil Grow Eyelashes?

There is no current scientific evidence that backs up that castor oil helps to grow eyelashes longer, however, castor oil contains ricinoleic acid as one of its main components which reverse hair loss. Castor oil is very nourishing and hydrating for the skin and hair and may cause hair follicles to break less so it […]

Can You Get Permanent Eyelashes?

When you’re getting beauty treatments done, it can be expensive to get your eyelashes done every couple of weeks. With that in mind, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to get permanent eyelash extensions. As it turns out, it is indeed possible to get permanent eyelash extensions. These are essentially eyelash implants, so you […]

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Semi Permanent VS Permanent Lash Extensions

Exactly what is The Difference Between Semi Permanent lashes and Permanent Eyelash Extensions? Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions are artificial fibers that are connected to your genuine lashes one by one to make it appear they are all one smooth strip of eyelashes and as natural as possible, making your lashes look more large and glamorous, plus […]

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6 Things You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extension can be made from silk, synthetic, and mink. Mink is the most dramatic and pricey among the three. These kinds of lashes are being attached to your natural lashes semi-permanently. It is not surprising how eyelash extensions made a big trend to the whole beauty industry. Why do people love eyelash extensions?. However, […]

woman with long braid and eyelash extensions

Top Reasons You Need To Get Eyelash Extensions

Long, thick and complete eyelashes are wanted by numerous ladies and typically seen on the pages of numerous publications. Sadly, we are not all genetically blessed with the best lashes, and although it may appear hard to believe, celebs likewise belong in this classification. You might question “why these celebrities have perfect looking lashes?” The […]

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Best Candidates for Eyelash Extensions

It’s early morning and every minute counts. You imagine rolling out of bed looking beautifully fresh without the hassle of using makeup. Say good-bye to your eyelash curlers and mascara for good! A stand-alone beauty trick, eyelash extensions will include lushness and definition to your natural eyelashes. You will not need to put on mascara […]

eyelash extensions vs false lashes before after pic

Eyelash Extensions vs. False Lashes

In short, lash extensions are semi-permanent fake lashes that are glued to your natural eyelashes, typically by a professional lash technician, to add volume and length to your natural lashes. False lashes are non-permanent strip lashes also known as “falsies” these are the strip lashes you buy at a store or online, and they are […]

Model with lash extensions

5 Places Anybody Will Be Glad To Have Eyelash Extensions

At Work: Absolutely no matter how excellent your mascara is, all females appear to wind up with black spots under their eyes at the end of the day. Whether you’re looking at a computer screen or waiting tables, your eyes strive each day, similar to you– mascara isn’t really going to maintain, however our extensions […]

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