Cluster Lashes Vs. Individual Lash Extensions

Cluster Lashes Vs. Individual Lash Extensions

On the surface it may appear that cluster lashes and individual lash extensions are the same thing, but there are key differences, mainly in application and longevity.

Cluster lash extensions are also very controversial in the eyelash extensions industry, but can be a cheaper alternative to more expensive eyelash extension treatments.

But which is better? Cluster lashes or individual lash extensions?

This is what our article aims to answer! We’ll pit these two popular types of eyelash extensions together to see which one comes out on top. 

What Are Cluster Lash Extensions?

Cluster eyelash extensions are individual lashes that have been clustered together.

They are grouped together and glued at one end, and have a thick base that is usually wide and heavy.

They are often made of small, cut sections of a strip lash. They are sometimes also known as party lashes.

Are Cluster Lashes Safe?

Yes, technically cluster eyelashes are safe but they’re generally not recommended by lash technicians. 

The biggest reason cluster eyelash extensions should be avoided is that they can pull your natural eyelashes out prematurely.

This is due to how the lashes are clustered together, making them quite heavy

Because clustered lashes are applied to multiple lashes, you need more adhesive than usual. This puts your natural lashes under strain.

Why Are Cluster Lashes Bad For You?

Cluster eyelash extensions can cause infections and they also don’t last very long.

Cluster lashes are only a temporary solution, and although you can wear them for longer you shouldn’t wear them for very long so you can

eliminate the worry of ruining your natural lashes.

How Much Do Cluster Lashes Cost?

While costs will vary depending on what salon you visit, prices for cluster eyelash treatments normally start at around $120 for the basics.

To top up your lashes, you can expect it to cost a further $300.

Because everyone has a different eye shape, different lash lengths, and different lifestyle demands, this can also cause the cost to vary.

How Are Cluster Lashes Applied?

Firstly, you need to have at least two different lash lengths for a natural look, but you can add some drama too by using longer lash clusters. 

Begin applying the longer lash size by picking up a cluster using tweezers and coating the end lightly in eyelash glue. Then allow the glue to dry before applying to your lash line.

Once this is done you can move on to the shorter lash clusters following the same technique.

You should be able to apply 2-3 clusters from the middle of your eyelash line to the inner corner of your eye, depending on the shape of your eyes.

Once the glue is dry and clear, carefully run a mascara wand over your lashes to check if the lashes have been applied correctly. 

How Many Cluster Lashes Are Applied Per Eye?

A ‘full set’ of cluster lash extensions will differ from person to person, but people usually have between 90 and 150 lashes on their upper lid, and between 70 and 80 smaller lashes if you spring for bottom eyelash extensions.

Cluster Lashes Vs. Individual Lash Extensions

Do You Put Cluster Lashes On The Top Or Bottom?

You can put cluster lashes on your top and bottom eyelid, although it’s recommended to just have them applied to your top eyelid. 

However, you shouldn’t apply cluster eyelash extensions to the inner eyelid or to the skin under your eye. 

How Long Do Cluster Lashes Last?

While cluster lashes can theoretically last for three weeks, you really shouldn’t wear them for that long.

Lash clusters take only around 30 minutes to apply rather than several hours like other types of lashes. 

Do Cluster Lashes Ruin Your Lashes?

When clusters shed from your natural lashes, they take a lot of natural eyelashes with them.

This makes it a lot more difficult to have new lash extensions refilled or applied. If you wear cluster lashes too often, this could lead to permanent eyelash loss. 

Plus, wearing cluster eyelash extensions increases your risk of eye infections.

This is because the amount of lash glue applied and the weight of the lashes can cause your lashes to become matted.

This may prevent normal eyelash shedding, which stops new eyelashes from growing out but leads to ingrown eyelashes and even styles.

What Are Individual Cluster Lashes?

Individual lashes are made with synthetic fibers and are available in either a singular lash or in a ‘fan-like’ style with lashes joined together.

You can achieve a more natural and classic look with singular lashes, and individual lashes that are grouped together are known as a ‘volume’ lash look. 

The amount of lashes in fan style eyelash extensions are referred to by using the letter ‘D.’ Volume fans can vary from anywhere between 2D-14D.

Which Is Better – Cluster Or Individual Lashes?

Individual eyelash extensions are better than cluster eyelashes in terms of longevity and also safety.

When you have individual eyelash extensions, eyelash technicians will map out where exactly they want each eyelash extension to be placed so the end result looks symmetrical and beautiful. Individual lashes are more cumbersome so don’t forget to tip your lash technican.

Individual lashes are designed to be the ideal weight that your natural lashes can cope with, so you don’t have to worry about permanent damage being done. 

Individual lashes are unique and available in different thicknesses, so even if you have short or fine lashes you can still enjoy eyelash extensions without damage being done to your natural lashes.

Because of where individual lashes are applied on your natural eyelashes they can shed together.

Also, as they’re longer lasting you can enjoy your lashes for a few weeks before heading back to the salon for an infill.

Can You Get Cluster Lashes Wet?

No, it is not advised to get cluster lashes wet as they are not waterproof or sweat-resistant, especially if they have not been applied by a professional. 

You should especially avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 48 hours after you’ve applied them. This is because the water will react badly to the eyelash extension glue.

The water will cause the lash bond to become brittle and then snap. 

Cluster Lashes Vs. Individual Lash Extensions

Can You Curl Cluster Lashes?

Yes, you can curl your natural lashes while wearing cluster lashes but isn’t a good idea. You can do this by re-curling the natural eyelashes where your cluster lashes have applied.

However, you should never curl the cluster lashes above your lash line.

When eyelash extensions are applied, a lash technician will use a specific preset curl in order to create a shape.

If you attempt to curl the upper part of your extensions, you may ruin the preset curl, and this can cause your eyelash extensions to fall out or break. 

But while you can curl cluster eyelashes, it’s best to discuss this with your lash technician first to make sure it won’t damage your lashes. 

Can You Sleep With Cluster Lashes?

Yes, you can sleep with cluster lashes. However if you happen to bend them and they need repair when you wake up you can follow our guide on how to fix lash extensions that you slept on.

You should be careful while sleeping with cluster lashes because the weight of the lashes, and the possible side effects of cluster eyelashes such

as irritation and infection is even more of a problem if you sleep wearing cluster lashes. 

Can You Shower With Cluster Lashes?

Yes, but it is not recommended you take a shower within the first 48 hours after the cluster lashes are applied as they are not waterproof and this can loosen the glue that is adhered to the lashes.

As we’ll answer below, If you do need to remove your lash extensions at home you can follow the steps below to accomplish this if you don’t

have the time or money to make it into see your lash technician.

How To Remove Cluster Lashes

There are a couple of methods to remove cluster lashes.

Taking a hot shower: This is because the steam of the shower helps melt the glue when the time comes for you to remove the lashes.

Remove with an oil-based cleanser: It is normally not recommended to use an oil-based cleanser or make-up remover when wearing cluster eyelashes, but using these products can help you remove cluster eyelashes when you no longer need them.

In particular, opt for oil-based cleansers that have glycol in them.

Apply castor oil to your eyelashes: If you really want to remove your cluster lashes, then applying some castor oil to a cotton swab and brushing it over your eyelashes may do the trick.

Other oils that have been known to weaken eyelash glue are canola oil, coconut oil, mineral oil, and vegetable oil. 

However, the safest and most effective way to remove cluster lashes is to visit your local salon and have them removed by a lash technician.

How Do Cluster Lashes Work?

Cluster lashes are small sections of a strip lash or a collection of lashes that are glued together with a thick base. 

What Do Cluster Lashes Look Like?

Cluster eyelash extensions have a similar appearance to strip lashes that have been separated into smaller sections.

They have a thick base and plenty of adhesive that holds them together. 

Which Glue Is Best For Cluster Lashes?

We believe CALAILIS Cluster Lash Glue to be the best glue for applying cluster eyelash extensions.

Rather than a brush the has a mascara-style wand, which makes it simpler to apply a thin, even layer of adhesive to cluster lashes without having to dip.

CALAILIS Cluster Lash Glue, DIY Lash Extension Glue, Super Strong Hold 48 Hours Long Lasting Eyelash Glue for Individual Lashes, Overnight, Waterproof, Non-Irritating, Fast Drying Lash Adhesive

Plus, it has a waterproof formula so you can achieve that desired tacky consistency in seconds.

The adhesive is also quick-drying and lasts for up to 48 hours.