DIY Lash Extensions Tutorial For Beginners At Home

DIY eyelash extension on model one eye done

Welcome Lash Enthusiasts to One Stop Lashes DIY lash extensions tutorial. This tutorial is  perfect for beginners looking to do lash extensions at home, while keeping a little money in the bank!

With the quarantines going on recently, many wanted to know how they could do eyelash extensions at home without having to venture out into a lash studio.

So why not save money and learn how to do your lashes? Can you do your own lashes at home?

Before we start, this isn’t for everyone. You’ll work very close to your eyes, which can be risky, so please be careful!

That being said, I’m excited to share my tips and tricks for doing individual lash extensions at home.


DIY Eyelash Extensions Disclaimer


Before we begin, I want to clarify that doing eyelash extensions alone at home can be risky and not the easiest thing to do. It is best to have a professional lash tech put on your extensions.

However, putting them on yourself at home is one of your only options. So if that is your situation, please see the details below so you can learn the steps involved with doing DIY eyelash extensions at home.


Quick Summary Of How To Do DIY Eyelash Extensions At Home Step-By-Step


  1. Prepare your lashes by washing them with a gentle cleanser and brushing them with a spoolie brush.
  2. Place a piece of tape over your eyelid to lift up your lashes.
  3. Using a pair of tweezers, pick up one individual lash and dip the base into a small amount of glue.
  4. Gently place the false lash on top of your natural lash, close to the lash line, and hold it in place for a few seconds.
  5. Repeat this process until you’ve achieved your desired look, applying lashes evenly and avoiding clumps.
  6. Let the glue dry thoroughly, then remove the tape from your eyelid.
  7. Avoid getting the lashes wet for at least 24 hours after application, and be gentle when washing your face and removing makeup.

do it yourself eyelash extensions after pic

A Few Points To Emphasise about DIY Eyelash Extensions


  1. Safety precautions: It’s essential to take proper safety precautions when doing your eyelash extensions at home. Proper safety includes working in a well-lit area, using high-quality products, and avoiding any product, such as lash glue or tool, that causes discomfort or irritation.
  2. Product selection: When choosing products for DIY lash extensions, it’s important to select high-quality items that are specifically designed for eyelash extensions. This includes the lash extensions, glue, tweezers, and other tools you may need. When purchasing online, look for a reputable company with a high review score. Also, look to see if any negative comments in the reviews deter you from buying that product.
  3. Application technique: Applying eyelash extensions can be tricky, so it’s essential to use the proper method to achieve the best results. Proper application techniques include using the right amount of glue, applying lashes evenly, and avoiding clumps or gaps.
  4. Maintenance: Proper maintenance is critical to ensuring that your DIY lash extensions last as long as possible. Proper care includes avoiding harsh products, being gentle when washing your face, and avoiding rubbing or pulling on your lashes.
  5. Considerations for beginners: If you’re new to DIY eyelash extensions, it’s important to start with a basic set and practice your technique before moving on to more complex looks. Watching video tutorials and seeking advice from experienced lash techs or beauty professionals is also helpful.

How To Do DIY Lash Extensions At Home Step-By-Step


Products and Tools Need For DIY Lashes


First, let’s talk about the products and tools you’ll need. I picked up a lash pack with 0.15mm C-curl single lashes in various lengths. You can choose the right size and curl for your desired look.

It’s also vital to pick a thickness that won’t weigh down your natural lashes. I also got sensitive eyelash glue, tweezers (straight and curved), a lash cleanser, and lash extensions remover.


Prep Your Lashes


Before you begin, you need to prep your natural lashes. First, wash them gently with a foam or mud cleanser to remove any residue.

Next, dry your lashes by blinking into a towel and pushing them up (never down).

Next, brush them out with a spoolie and use another spoolie to brush them upwards from behind. Doing so helps to straighten them out and remove any loose lashes.

Removing Overgrown Lashes


If you have any overgrown lashes, it’s a good idea to remove them before you begin. Doing so will make your lashes look more even and natural.

To do this, use one tweezer to pinch the base of your natural lash and the other tweezer to pinch the base of the false lash. Then, gently peel it upwards to remove it. Doing this takes practice, so be careful and patient!


Applying DIY Lash Extensions


Now it’s time for the fun part: applying the individual lash extensions! Squeeze a tiny bit of glue onto a surface and use curved tweezers to pick up a single lash.

Dip the base into the glue and place it gently on top of your natural lash. Use straight tweezers to isolate one lash and curved tweezers to apply the false lash. Remember to keep the lashes separated, so they don’t stick together.


Tips and Tricks For DIY Eyelash Extensions At Home


A few tips to make the process easier: wear contacts to protect your eyes from the fumes, place a fan in front of your face to blow the fumes away, and take breaks often to rest your eyes.

Use a magnifying mirror to see what you’re doing and tape your eyelid to lift your lashes.

before and after photo of model with diy eyelash extensions at home

Benefits Of DIY Eyelash Extensions


  1. Cost savings: Professional lash extensions can be expensive, and doing them at home can save you a lot of money in the long run.
  2. Convenience: You can do your lash extensions at home at any time convenient for you, without having to schedule appointments or leave your house.
  3. Customization: You can choose the length, thickness, and style of lash extensions you prefer and apply them exactly where you want them.
  4. Control: When doing your lash extensions, you have complete control over the process and can adjust as needed to achieve the look you want.
  5. Fun and rewarding: Doing your lash extensions can be a fun and rewarding experience as you see the transformation of your lashes and feel a sense of accomplishment.

How To Remove DIY Lash Extensions At Home


After you are done applying your eyelash extensions at home. If for whatever reason you are not happy with the results you can follow our step-by-step guide on how to remove eyelash extensions at home so you can take them off and start over or leave it up to a certified lash technician to put them back on.



That’s it for this DIY lash extensions guide tutorial! I hope you found it fun and valuable. Remember, be careful if you’re doing it at home, but don’t be afraid to try it out if you’re feeling adventurous. It’s a great way to save money and feel glamorous.



FAQ’s About DIY Eyelash Extensions


Is it safe to do lash extensions at home?


It can be risky, so it’s essential to be careful and follow the tips in this tutorial. If you have any concerns, consult a professional lash tech.


Can you do eyelash extensions yourself?


Yes, it’s possible to do eyelash extensions yourself at home, but it can be risky if you don’t follow proper safety precautions. It’s essential to be careful, have steady hands when working around your eyes, and use high-quality products and tools.


Do I need any special skills or experience to do lash extensions at home?


Having some experience with tweezers and a steady hand is helpful, but you don’t need any special skills or training.


What products and tools do I need to do lash extensions at home?


You’ll need lash extensions, glue, tweezers (straight and curved), a lash cleanser, and a lash remover. You can find these products at most beauty supply stores or online.


Can I reuse the false lashes?


It’s not recommended to reuse false lashes, as they can collect bacteria and other debris. Instead, always use new lashes for each application.


How long do DIY lash extensions last?


Individual lash extensions can last up to four to six weeks, depending on how well you take care of them. Be gentle when washing your face and avoid rubbing your eyes.


Can I still wear makeup with DIY lash extensions?


You can still wear makeup with lash extensions, but be gentle when applying and removing it. Avoid using oil-based products near your eyes, as they can break down the glue.


Can I swim, shower or wash my face with new DIY lash extensions?


It’s best to avoid getting your lash extensions wet for the first 24 hours after application. After that, you can swim with lash extensions and shower with lash extensions as usual, but be careful not to rub your eyes or use hot water. Also remember not to wash your face with new lash extensions until after the lash glue has fully cured, otherwise they could start falling out due to the glue not fully adhering.


Do lash extensions ruin your natural lashes?


When done correctly and with high-quality products, lash extensions should not damage your natural lashes. However, pulling or tugging on the extensions or using harsh products to remove them could damage your natural lashes.