Do Eyelash Extensions Look Fake?

Do Eyelash Extensions Look Fake?

Most of us put on mascara every day. It transforms our look from “just got out of bed” to “get ready world, here I come”. 

But sometimes there is no time to chuck on a couple of swipes of the brush.

If you’re in the carpool taking the kids to school, or on the subway preparing yourself for the inevitable sway of the carriage when you finally get time to put your face on, then you’ll probably end up with mascara on your cheeks, nose, or eyelids.

If that sounds like you, then you’re probably hoping for a solution to make your beauty regime less of a hassle. The obvious answer is eyelash extensions. You put them on once and they can last for weeks or even months.

If the idea of extensions makes you cringe, it’s probably because you’ve seen a couple of people with eyelashes that can sweep the floor and you don’t want to end up walking around town looking like a clown. 

You can have bold eyelashes, party eyelashes, colorful eyelashes, but you probably want natural eyelashes. So how do you make sure your eyelashes don’t look fake and ridiculous?

Do Store-Bought Eyelash Extensions Look Fake?

If you want to buy eyelashes extensions from a store then you will have to make a choice between strip lashes and individual lashes

Strip lashes are the cheaper option but that’s because they come pre-made. This pre-made selection means that all you need to do is glue the strip onto your lash line and you don’t have to mess around with every little detail.

The downside to strip lashes is that they assume your eye shape is the same as everyone else’s and if they are wrong, it will be obvious that something doesn’t look right. 

Store-bought strip lashes are the most fake-looking lashes you can get, especially if you are a beginner.

If you know what you’re doing then it might not be that much of a challenge for you to get them right, but get it wrong and these lashes will start to curl up your eyelid or slide down your cheeks. How do you fix a lash lift that is too curly?

Individual lashes are what professionals use. Buying them at your local store is just as good as getting them done at your local salon because the only real difference is the ability to put them on.

We will talk about salons in more detail later, but imagine how much easier it would be to put lashes on someone else, rather than to put them on yourself.

The most common problem with individual lashes is placing them on your lash line in a way that looks natural.0

Once again if you’ve had time to practice then this might not be a problem, but you shouldn’t plan on going to a big meeting or going on a first date with your first try. A wonky eyelash definitely screams fake.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy eyelash extensions at all, we suggest you practice with the lash strips and then play around with the individual lashes. It will take time, but all art does!

Do Salon Eyelash Extensions Look Fake?

Salons are professionals and they are amazing at what they do. Do you want fluffy eyelashes, bold eyelashes, colorful eyelashes, or natural lashes? The likelihood is they can do it all.

We can’t speak for every salon, of course, so if you have a place in mind search through their Instagram accounts. Judge for yourself. Do their customers have obvious eyelash extensions and how are the reviews? 

You’ll know if you’ve hit the jackpot of eyelash extension professionals if they ask you for a consultation first. This means they want to figure out what lashes will suit your face to keep that natural look.

Every face is different and so is everyone’s style, so your technician needs to essentially discover, from their collections, the best lashes to suit your individual look. 

The fact that there are so many different faces in the world, it’s not unsurprising to realize that what looks natural on one face looks fake on another.

This is another reason why having a professional study your face and work on your eyelashes is a super important method to creating natural-looking eyelash extensions. 

If your technician gives you an option, you should choose silk over synthetic. Silk will make your eyelash extensions soft and flexible like real eyelashes. Whereas synthetic lashes are a cheaper, stiffer, and clearly plastic-looking alternative.

Why Do Some People Stop Wearing Eyelash Extensions?

Just like with any type of makeup you need to give your body a break every now and then. This doesn’t mean giving up on eyelash extensions altogether but giving your natural eyelashes time to be natural.

If you use eyelash extensions too often, your natural lashes will start to stop growing due to the lack of space, and you need your eyelashes for the extensions to stick on to them.

Talk to your salon technician about how often you should give your eyes a rest because depending on what products they use, the answer might differ.

If you are using store-bought eyelash extensions then we recommend that every 6 to 8 months you remove the eyelashes and then give your eyes a 2 month resting period.

Figure out the months where long lashes mean the most to you. Would you rather keep them long in summer for the BBQ weather, or do you like the idea of a long-lashed skier in the winter? 

Organize your time to help keep your body healthy and your eyes glamourous!