Does Castor Oil Grow Eyelashes?

Does castor oil grow eyelashes

There is no current scientific evidence that backs up that castor oil helps to grow eyelashes longer, however, castor oil contains ricinoleic acid as one of its main components which reverse hair loss.

Castor oil is very nourishing and hydrating for the skin and hair and may cause hair follicles to break less so it may appear that your eyelashes are growing longer but it’s mainly because they’re strong and breaking less.

Using castor oil may make your eyelashes appear thicker and more fluttery, but in reality, it is the ricinoleic acid that inhibits a molecule called prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) that stimulates the hair follicles into a growth phase.

So even though there is no scientific evidence to say that castor oil directly helps enhance the growth of your eyelashes, applying it will do no harm and will help improve the condition of your eyelash hairs. Check out our article on crying and eyelash growth


Can I put olive oil on my eyelashes?

Yes, you can apply olive oil to your eyelashes. It is known to help improve the condition of eyelashes and promote eyelash follicle growth.

You should apply olive oil to your eyelashes using a clean mascara wand or using a cotton swab. Leave olive oil on your lashes overnight and then wash it off in the morning.

You can repeat this process for several weeks until you begin to see improvement.


How do I apply castor oil to my eyelashes?

  1. Remove all makeup from your face and make sure your lashes are clean and dry
  2. Dib a cotton swab into the castor oil and pick up a small amount
  3. Lightly run the oily cotton swab across your top lash line (do not do bottom lash line)
  4. Wash face with a gentle cleanser in the morning to remove castor oil
  5. Repeat every night if you wish

Before applying your castor oil to your eyelashes, you should check the label beforehand to make sure that the one you’re using is pure and not blended with other ingredients that could irritate your eyes.

There may be some eyelash treatments that have castor oil as an ingredient or you can also use pure castor oil to help boost the condition of your lashes.

Most people prefer to use Jamaican black castor oil but you can also use cold-pressed castor oil which are both available in health stores, pharmacies, or even some grocery stores.

The night or day before you first apply your castor oil to your lashes, you should do a patch test of the oil on another part of your body (preferably somewhere a bit more out of sight) to see if your body reacts to it.

If your skin does react badly to the patch test at least you know not to apply the oil to your lashes and the reaction will not be as painful as it would be around your eyes.

You should make sure you’re applying the castor oil to clean and dry eyelashes, the oil may not be able to penetrate through any eye makeup you’re wearing and any water on the lashes will repel any oil being applied.

Only put a small amount of castor oil on your cotton swab as applying too much will cause the oil to drip down your face and possibly get in your eyes.

You’ll want to delicately apply the oil on the top of your lash line sparingly and make sure to not get it in your eyes. Wipe away any excess around the eye – castor oil is a thick formula and can clog pores causing breakouts or acne.

If you have a clean mascara wand or a clean eyebrow brush, then you can dip one of those into castor oil, dab off any excess and then brush lightly through eyelashes to make sure they’re nicely coated. You could also use castor oil to brush through your eyebrows at the same time.

The best time to apply castor oil is before bed as you’ll have clean eyelashes and you’ll be less likely to be irritated by the oil on them. The next morning after applying castor oil, you should gently wash your eyes with an eye makeup remover or a gentle cleanser. Can I Use Makeup Wipes With Eyelash Extensions?.

It’s all well and good using eyelash treatments or castor oil to try and grow your eyelashes, but there are other ways you can improve the appearance of your lashes.

You should try to wear less mascara or eye makeup throughout the time of trying to grow your lashes, not only may the chemicals in these products weaken your lashes but you’ll need to rub and pull at your eyes and lashes to remove them every evening, which can cause breakage.

If you cannot go without wearing eye makeup, try to avoid using waterproof eye makeup which is more difficult to remove and will require more rubbing. Do not use makeup wipes and try to double cleanse with a good quality cleanser or makeup remover before applying the castor oil.

Soaking a cotton pad with makeup remover or micellar water can help break down eye makeup quicker and will prevent you from having to pull at your eyes excessively.


Is castor oil bad for your eyes?

Yes, if you manage to get castor oil in your eyes then it can be bad and painful, causing irritation or even an allergic reaction so you must be careful when applying it.

If you do happen to get castor oil in your eyes when you’re applying it, make sure to flush your eye with water until the castor oil is out. You may experience blurry vision for a few seconds as the oil may create a film across your eyes but it should pass after a few moments.

The best way to avoid getting it in your eyes is by using small amounts at a time.

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