Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Longer?

Crying – we all do it.

Admit it! We have all had a little weep at a really sad movie or have teared up with joy after hearing some amazing news. Crying is a perfectly normal and human reaction to emotional situations – but are there any beauty benefits we can reap from those tears?

Here we are going to look at the health benefits of crying and if those tears can help make your eyelashes grow longer naturally.


Why Do We Cry?


Like we said, crying is a perfectly normal human reaction. In fact, it’s more than that – it’s healthy!

Crying relieves your body of oxytocin and endorphins, or stress hormones, easing any emotional or physical pain you are feeling.

It therefore helps to reduce stress, regulate your emotions, and calm you down. Bottling up your tears means that you are holding in all those bad hormones – so don’t do it!

Let those emotional tears flow and you will feel much better in no time.

Some people may think that crying is a sign of weakness, but they couldn’t be more wrong!

Everyone – men, women, old, young – cries when they reach a certain level of stress that means it’s time to shed those hormones and start calming down. Crying is a biological reaction adapted to help us, not make us weak!

So don’t suppress those tears. Let them out, and start shedding tears to enjoy the added benefits of crying.


Can Crying Make My Eyelashes Longer?


There’s a bunch of rumors about natural ways to make your eyelashes longer – Coconut oil, Vaseline, crying, etc.

For years, everyone has been trying to find ways to make their lashes appear thicker and longer without needing the constant use of products like mascara or lash extensions.

People really are willing to go extreme lengths just to get that full lash look – even if it means watching soppy romantic movies over and over again. So, does crying make your eyelashes grow longer?

Is a tear-infested movie marathon the key to naturally long eyelashes?

Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to say that crying helps your eyelashes grow longer – a total bummer.

Whilst crying is a way of self-soothing, and tears release oxytocin, it’s unsure whether crying activates or stimulates any hair follicle growth.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any benefits to crying.

Can Crying Make My Eyelashes Longer?

The Benefits Of Crying


Tears are mostly made of just water, but they also contain salt, fatty oils, and proteins. They also help detox your body of stress hormones and can be self-soothing, but there is no special ingredient in tears that helps your eyelashes grow back longer.

But all those hormones you just released from having a good cry? They can’t manifest into other signs of stress now because you have just released them from your body.

Bottling up those tears will only keep your stress levels high, and this may lead to other not so good things – like acne.

We all know acne is a nightmare, so if you are feeling stressed and trying to keep all that emotion inside, just don’t.

Have a good cry to get all those hormones out of your system and avoid the trouble of trying to get your acne to go away.

Like we said, it’s healthy to cry but mentally more than anything. Crying can help restore your emotional equilibrium, and help you cope with anxiety and depression.

If you are going to cry, let it be for your own mental well-being and not in an attempt to get longer eyelashes.

Crying is not only good for your mental wellbeing, but it also has many benefits for the body and skin too.

When we cry, we are relieving the body of any toxins, and hormones that can make us stressed and our muscles tight.

Crying also removes irritants such as dust particles, and protects our eyes, as our tears actually contain lysozyme, which has antibacterial properties to help protect the eyes and avoid bacterial infections.

So, tear fluid can be beneficial, but it may not have any magical properties when it comes to your eyelashes.


How Can I Get Longer Lashes Naturally?


If your plans to get longer natural eyelashes have been foiled (curse you, science and logic!), then what other ways are there to help encourage your eyelashes to grow?

Your eyelash length is determined by genetics, which means trying to get your eyelashes to grow longer is going to be difficult.

You can, however, encourage them to grow strong and healthily using serums and moisturizers found on the market today.

Strengthening your eyelashes can make them appear fuller and so, you can get that longer lash look without the aid of mascara or falsies.

The good news is that there are ways of making your eyelashes appear longer without having bloodshot eyes, or having to wear fake eyelashes.

To make your eyelashes longer, you may want to invest in a good lash serum, or try using castor oil on the eyelashes.

This is a proven method of making the eyelashes longer, as the serums work to strengthen the eyelashes, whilst nourishing them and making them healthier, which in turn reduces the risk of breakage, and increases the chance of them growing more quickly.

In the meantime, you can always get brown eyelash extensions to make them appear longer and to help your natural lashes grow out. Just avoid rubbing them as this can cause breakage and loss. Also, avoid crying as much as possible until the eyelash glue sets up. Crying can ruin eyelash extensions if the glue hasn’t fully setup which happens typically 24 hours after your lash extension appointment. 




So, does crying make your eyelashes any longer? Well, to summarize, crying should be a means of emotional release and relief, rather than to make the lashes longer.

Crying can be very beneficial for your mental and emotional health, but continuous tears will not do much for your eyelashes.

Excessively crying will simply not extend the lashes or make them healthier.

If you do want longer, healthier natural eyelashes, then feel free to try out a lash enhancer or growth serum such as Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-MD Serum that could make even the weakest and battered eyelashes appear healthy again.

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