What Are Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions?

What Are Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions?

Today, there’s tons of different techniques all sorts of people use in order to make themselves look beautiful.

Eyelash extensions are a clear example of a fantastic product that saves women time and money that makeup would take up, whilst still being effortlessly beautiful, and easy to apply.

In this article, we’ll be talking all about doll eye eyelash extensions, and how they could be your next best friend when it comes to eyelash extensions.

What Are Doll Eye Lash Extensions?

With doll eye lash extensions, eyelashes can be made long and beautiful, reminiscent of those cute barbie dolls.This is where the ‘doll eye’ name comes from.

Different lengths of extensions are used to achieve this result. From the outside it has an effect that mascara has already been applied to the eyelashes.

Which would usually take a long time to do with makeup. In the middle of the eyelid, the length is usually 12 mm, to the corners of the eyes by 8 mm.

So it is possible to maintain a very relaxed natural feel to these brows. However, the puppet effect isn’t suitable for everyone.

Who Should Get Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions?

As we stated above, doll eye eyelash extensions aren’t going to be for everyone.

They’re loud, and generally going to look better on people that have wider shaped eyes than narrow and bulging eyes.

There’s a different eyelash extension for all eye types, and for doll eye extensions wider set eyes are perfect, let’s take a quick look at the clients that’ll look the best with these extensions: 

  • Many clients decide to get such eyelash styles before vacation. So that they don’t waste time on makeup during their holidays.
  • Doll lashes with a playful curl will definitely suit young and confident clients.
  • This type of extension is well suited for parties and special events.
  • A doll eye eyelash extension look is often found in celebrities who are in public.
  • Clients with wider set eyes will look more classically beautiful with doll eye extensions

But remember, there’s no rules here, doll eye extensions can look fantastic on anyone!

How Much Do Doll Eye Extensions Cost?

For all of their convenience and fantastic looks, eyelash extensions can be expensive.

A full semi-permanent set can cost upwards of $150, and whilst that sounds extremely expensive, these are incredibly effective eyelash extensions that won’t break after one eventful night.

No, with the right choice in mind, doll eye extensions can be an expensive, but well thought out purchase, that can continue to provide for you a long time after your first initial purchase.

How Long Does It Take To Get Doll Lashes?

On average, doll lashes can take around 2 hours to fit properly. Although when using 2D or 3D volume techniques, it can take up to 3 hours instead.

It takes this long because everyone’s eyes are different, and on top of that your stylist is always going to take their time in order to make sure that you’re completely satisfied with your lashes in whatever way possible, so sure it can take some time, but when the finished product looks this good, what’s the problem?

Advantages/Disadvantages Of Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions

Like every eyelash extension, doll eye lash extensions will have their advantages and disadvantages, let’s take a look at them.


  • Doll eye eyelash extensions create an attractive look
  • It is possible to correct certain eye shapes
  • Many different volume eyelash techniques can be chosen
  • They create an open-eye-effect
  • Clients do not feel the eyelashes, if they are correctly attached
  • No make-up needed
  • Clients who tried doll eyelash extensions for the first time, feel like queens after the treatment
  • They create a density volume eyelash look


  • They’re an expensive habit. 
  • They’re high maintenance. 
  • Don’t suit everyone perfectly
  • Can look ‘too much’ to some people

What Are Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions?

The Best Lash Curl Types To Use For Doll Eye Extensions

There’s lots of different lash curls that you can choose from with your extensions, but if the right curl is chosen, then you’ll match those beautiful extensions with the curl that shows finesse.

Let’s take you through the best lash curl types that you can use with doll eye extensions:

  • D Curl Lashes: are the most attractive option for client’s who prefer volume doll eyelashes. The curl perfectly hides wide-set-eyes and even growing down eyelashes. This option can radically change the perception of a woman’s face with these curvy extensions.
  • C Curl Lashes: are a medium curl that has a beautiful lift from the side. It is perfect for clients who prefer an irresistible lash look. In many cases they are used for classic doll eyelash extensions.
  • CC Curl Lashes: are similar to C curl lashes, with a slight  difference between this option and the previous one. This difference is characterised by the more dramatic curl. It is not a bad option for clients with glasses. With this wonderful extension, the look can look unique.

Lash Material Types To Use For Doll Eyes

The right materials for doll eye extensions is essential too, as the lash material should try to provide a natural yet expressive and sort of fluffy look to the whole eye.

Here’s some great choices if you’re looking for some lash types to use with doll eye extensions:

  • Silk lashes: these have a natural sheen, which gives lashes a distinct depth and shine
  • Mink lashes: these are light and smooth and most closely resemble natural lashes. They impart structure and density to lashes
  • Cashmere lashes: a solid choice for doll eyes as they are 60% lighter than mink lashes and have excellent curl retention

Doll Eye Vs Natural Eyelash Extensions

If you’re someone that prefers natural, fluffy eyelash extensions instead, then natural eyelash extensions might be better for you.

These aim to look as natural and almost casual as possible, so you’ll look like someone that’s blessed with naturally beautiful lashes

Doll Eye Vs Cat Eyelash Extensions

Extreme cat eye lash extensions look fierce, and have a sort of swish on the outer corner of the eye, if you’re looking for a very dramatic and feminine eyelash extension, then this would take the cake over doll eye extensions.

Doll Eye Vs Open Eyelash Extensions

If you’re looking for your eyes to ‘open up’ with your eyelash extensions, then the baby doll eye extensions perform this function well, but the open eyelash extensions do it even better.

They make your eyes look dramatically larger, so if that’s what you’re looking for, go for open eyelash extensions instead.

How To Do Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions Like A Professional

Applying your doll eye eyelash extensions like a real pro just takes time and practice.

It’s important to not rush whatever you’re doing when you’re applying your extensions, and make sure to properly care for them as much as you do whilst you’re applying them in the first place.

This just means brushing them every day that you’re wearing them, a few days after first applying them, avoiding going in any water, and trying to not rub your eyes whenever possible.

Doll Eye Lash Mapping For Beginners

Eyelash mapping is essential to get right for beginners, as once you’ve mapped out what you’re doing, you really can’t go wrong! See the video below for a lash tutorial on how to map doll eye eyelash extensions.

  • Try to follow these simple steps when mapping out your eyelashes: Divide the eye into five zones. All zones include mixed lengths of eyelash extensions. The simplest way is to draw the zones on the eye pad itself.
  • The work starts from the inner corner of the eye. This part gets filled with the shortest extensions, moving up to larger sizes. Many professional eyelash artists use lengths from 8 to 12 mm. 
  • Try to keep the transition as smooth as possible, for a natural look.