Extreme Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions – Inspirations & Lash Mapping

Extreme Cat Eye Eyelash Extension - Inspirations & Lash Mapping

Eyelash extensions are one of the most popular salon treatments available today. All across the globe, lash technicians provide this service,

and offer a range of different lash styles to choose from, Russian lashes, volume lashes, hybrid lashes to cat eyelash extensions and many



These extensions are fitted to the natural lash, in order to accentuate the natural eyelash shape and provide more definition and drama to the

look. If you love long lashes, then you will love cat eye lash extensions. Cat eye lashes can suit a variety of eye shapes, and can really draw

people’s attention to the client’s face.


This is a guide on how to create the best cat-eye look and what to use. If you’re an expert lash technician, then this article is for you.

The iconic cat-eye adds a lot of drama to any look, as well as a classy and sophisticated detail. Originating from the well-known eyeliner look,

people have added eyelash extensions to add depth and another element to the statement look.


The feline appearance of pointed corners on the eyes was originally associated with Cleopatra, who used natural materials like charcoal to

create bold outlines around the eye. However, fashion has come a long way since then.


This is an introduction to the extreme cat eye eyelash extension and how you can achieve this look. Make sure to take the time to use some

good quality products as it can really pay off when building dimensions. It is also worth practicing beforehand, in order to get the most

impact from your look. 


What Are Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions?


The name was given to the unique look achieved by building up lash length on the outer corners of the eye.

This comes from the same style as cat eyeliner techniques but uses a new medium to create the illusion of a bigger eye and intensity that

Cleopatra herself would approve of.


It has even been said that using this technique can make someone’s face appear slimmer and more feminine.

Using longer lashes that have been cut, or even individual strands allows volume and elegance to any look.

If your clients love the aesthetic appeal of Angelina Jolie’s look, then wearing cat eyelashes will be perfect for them.


Extreme Cat Eye Eyelashes


The addition of “extreme” looks is the result of using shorter eyelash strands from the inner corner and working your way along the eye line.

As you go along the lash line towards the outer corner, slowly build your way from around 5 mm to 12-13 mm for fuller impact.

The effect of the longer lashes on the end curls creates an intense and bold look that is unique.

For this look to work, you have to use the right thickness of lashes along with the right length to suit the clients’ eyes and natural lash line


Extreme Cat Eyelashes

Cat Eyelash Extensions Mapping


For a softer, seductive look that really feeds into the cat appearance, try starting with a short round inner corner 5-6 mm in C curl. Next, add

an L or M curl 9-10 mm towards the outer corner.


The curl achieved at the end is unlike any other look and will make you stand out in the crowd.

For a more subtle effect, you could try using 3-6 mm B curls on the inner corner, and outer corner length with a maximum of 10 mm.

This is a great option for those who have more brittle, delicate lashes but who still want a bold look. It creates an eyeliner effect without the

need for much make-up.

It is a great option for the professional who doesn’t want to feel excessive eyelashes all day but wants an impactful, unique look.


How Do You Do Cat Eyes With Eyelash Extensions?


When it comes to the cat eyelash extension style, doing the outer corners right is essential, as this is what makes this lash style stand out.

The outer extensions have to be applied in a way that creates that cat-eye look, with wispy lashes that curl outwards and a more fluffy look on

the inner corners of the eyes.

This is what really creates that eye-catching look.


Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Eyelash Extensions


What Eye Shape is Best For Cat Eye Lashes?


The cat eye eyelash extensions effect has the biggest impact on those who have round eyes, or almond-shaped eyes because the lashes can

help to even out shape and add symmetry as well as a generally attractive finished look.

That said, the extreme cat eyelash extensions is highly impactful on a lot of people, regardless of face shape.

Whether you have straight lashes, round eyes, short lashes, deep-set eyes, or strong eyelashes, a wispy set of cat eye eyelash extensions can

really accentuate the natural shape and draw attention to the eyes.


What Size Lashes For Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions?


This depends on the look you are going for. First, try to start with a short round inner corner C curl in the 5-6 mm range.

Next, add 9-10 mm L or M curl towards the outer corner.

The curl achieved at the end is unlike any other look and will make you stand out in the crowd.

For a more subtle cat eye effect, you could try using  B curls in the 3-6 mm range on the inner corner, and for outer corner

length you could go with a maximum of 10 mm.


How Do I Care for my Cat Eye Eyelashes After Application?


Lash artists will let you know how to care for the eyelash extension, and they’ll let you know that for the first 24-48 hours, don’t get them wet.

Your lash technician can give you more detail, but this generally means tears, sweat, no showers right after eyelash extensions, and no

swimming right after lash extensions. You can wash your face after lash extensions but make sure to keep them from getting wet for the first

24-48 hours.

Oil-based products will break down the adhesive and make them not last as long. Gently wash your lashes after the initial dry period has

passed 3-4 times a week to avoid any build-up that can be harmful.


When Do I Need To Take A Break From My Cat Eyelash Extensions?


It depends on how sturdy your natural lashes are, but it is recommended that you take a two-week break every six months. During your

break, you can let your natural beauty shine through!

However, if your lash technician says that you don’t need to take a break, and your lashes are naturally long and healthy then it is suggested

that you keep looking after your natural eyelashes by using a lash serum with eyelash extensions regularly if you plan on continually having eyelash extensions.


Will My Natural Lashes Get Damaged By Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions?


Unless you go to someone who is unqualified or a lower quality technician, then the answer is generally no. Like the hair on your head, lashes

vary in texture and weight. For more information about if eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes go check out our article “Do lash extensions ruin your lashes?

This is why some people experience breakage as their natural lashes struggle to carry the weight of the eyelash extensions.

It is worth speaking to your lash technician beforehand about the integrity of your natural lashes and what they think your best option is.

Most cosmetic stores will sell lash serums such as Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-MD Serum which can improve the health and strength of

your lashes, whilst encouraging broken, short lashes to regrow.

Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum

Using a serum such as this, or some castor oil, you can keep your natural lashes in the best shape possible.


Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions Summary


To summarize, if you love that fluffy, wispy look at the outer corners of the eye, then you’ll adore cat eye eyelash extensions like the ones pop

star Taylor Swift and actress Angelina Jolie swear by.


These types of eyelashes suit everyone and fan out from the inner corners to the outer parts of the eye for a flattering yet natural look. This is

called a cat eye lash style.


Now, if you find cat eyelashes favorable, then why not try extreme cat eyelashes?


The extreme cat-eye eyelash extension look offers a bold and seductive appearance that is unlike any other lash extension style.


Make sure to do research ahead of time in order to determine that you have found a reliable lash technician or supplies if you are a lash

technician yourself.


This will allow you to know that the lashes will last as long as they can while maintaining the integrity of the natural lashes underneath.


Speak to your technician about the strength of your natural lashes and the impact of the extreme cat eye eyelash extension. If you are wanting to know more about the types of eyelash extensions available check out our eyelash extensions guide