Eyebrow Threading Guide For Beginners: Prep, Aftercare & Cost

How Often Should You Get Your Eyebrows Threaded

Are you tired of painful and ineffective eyebrow hair removal methods?

Look no further than eyebrow threading!

This ancient hair removal technique uses a double, thin cotton thread to quickly and gently remove unwanted hair, leaving you with precise and beautiful brows.

But what are the benefits and drawbacks of this method?

How much does it cost and how often should you have it done?

And most importantly, how can you prepare and care for your brows before and after the treatment?

Read on to discover everything you need to know about eyebrow threading and achieve the perfect brows of your dreams!


What Is Eyebrow Threading?


Eyebrow threading is a method of eyebrow hair removal. It is considered much more gentle than many other ways to shape and remove brow hair.

When you are eyebrow threading, you use a double, thin cotton thread and twist it to remove eyebrow hair.

The twisted thread is moved over the small areas where you want to pluck the hair follicles.

This ancient hair removal technique is similar to the tweezing method where you pluck single hairs. However, threading is much quicker and you can also remove rows of hair.


What Are The Benefits Of Eyebrow Threading?


Eyebrow threading is a great way to shape your brow. As you remove individual hairs, you can create much more precise results than waxing.

In addition, brow threading is also much faster than waxing and other brow shaping techniques.

It doesn’t create any ingrown hairs, which means you can remove even the tiniest hair and create a neat eyebrow line.

The threading process is also much more gentle on your skin. It doesn’t require any chemicals or special tools.

This makes it the perfect hair removal method for everyone with sensitive skin.


What Are The Drawbacks To Eyebrow Threading?


If eyebrow threading is done by an inexperienced beautician, then this can result in ingrown hairs, uneven brows and even hair breakage.

You will also notice during the threading session that it feels a lot more painful than waxing and other brow hair removal techniques.

After you have your eyebrows threaded, you should apply a soothing cream to the area to ensure that your sensitive skin doesn’t feel sore.

Brow threading should only be done every two to three weeks. If you do it more often, then this can cause thinning eyebrows and damage to your brow hair follicle.

Your eyebrow hair would stop growing, and you won’t be able to grow thicker eyebrows again.

Check out our article on the Pros and Cons of Eyebrow Threading for more details on the drawbacks and benefits of brow threading.


How Much Does Eyebrow Threading Cost?


The exact price that you will need to pay for eyebrow threading depends on the current state of your brows and the salon you are going to.

As a rule of thumb, an eyebrow threading session can cost between $15 and $45. This would usually cover a 10 to 20 minute appointment.


How Much Should You Tip For Eyebrow Threading?


Brow stylists recommend giving a 20% tip for any type of eyebrow services, including plucking, threading and waxing.

This being said, how much you want to tip for your eyebrow treatment depends on the quality of service you have received.

If your eyebrow beautician provided a great service, then you can also tip more than the average 20%.


How Should You Prepare For Eyebrow Threading?


When you book an eyebrow threading appointment, then make sure that you have enough time to grow out your full eyebrows.

It’s important that the technician can see your eyebrows in their full glory. She can then recommend the best shape and style for your brows.

It is also a good idea to speak to your brow beautician before the session to make sure that you know exactly what to expect.

She will be able to explain the brow threading process to you. Plus, you may also get some advice on some dos and don’ts before your appointment.

If this is your first eyebrow threading session, then try not to panic! Brow threading isn’t as painful as waxing and other hair removal methods.


What Is The Procedure Of Eyebrow Threading?


Eyebrow threading work is a simple process. A beautician will hold a piece of thin, cotton thread between her hands, looking similar to a mini lasso.

She will then twist the thread and move the twist over the area of your eyebrow where she needs to remove the hair.

The single hair is then trapped between the thread and it is then removed with a twisting motion.

An experienced threading artist moves the thread around in a quick motion, so all unwanted hair gets removed quickly.

As the beautician plucks out your brow hairs, your threaded brows will quickly turn into the intended shape.


What Are The Dos And Don’ts?


While brow threading looks easy, there is a true art to it and you need a lot of experience. That’s why, it’s a good idea not to try eyebrow threading at home.

Do try to choose a reputable brow bar or salon with brow technicians who are fully qualified.

Also make sure that you keep your eyebrows clean. This is especially important after the treatment because your skin will be slightly irritated.

Do ensure that you prepare your eyebrows before you get them threaded. Allow them to grow out for a few days.

This will make sure your beautician is able to see what she is working with.

Brow artists also recommend not to have your eyebrows threaded during the time of your period or when you suffer from PMS.

Having your brows threaded during this time could be a lot more painful than usual.


How Long Does Eyebrow Threading Last?


Eyebrow threading can last between 2 to 5 weeks. This depends on your hair growth, the quality of the threading service and your desired brow shape.

Brow experts recommend that you avoid threading brow hairs too often to make sure that your eyebrows won’t thin out.

This being said, you can also pluck out singular hairs with tweezers to make the shape of your brows last as long as possible.


Is Eyebrow Threading Painful?


Yes, eyebrow threading hurts. While threading is a lot less painful than wax or tweezing because it doesn’t pull on your delicate skin, any kind of hair removal causes a certain amount of pain.

This being said, a good brow expert is able to ensure that you feel comfortable during your threading appointment.


How Long Does Eyebrow Threading Take?


Brow threading isn’t very time-consuming. An experienced beautician can improve your eyebrow area between 10 to 20 minutes.

This can vary depending on the current state of your eyebrow hair follicles and the working speed of your brow artist.


How Often Should You Have Eyebrow Threading Done?


How Often Should You Get Your Eyebrows Threaded (1)

You can have your eyebrows threaded every two to three weeks. However, this depends on your natural hair growth.

Threading removes each hair individually from its roots. This means that your hair needs time to grow fully back, and it’s individual to every person how fast hair grows.

It’s important to keep in mind that supplements can influence hair growth, so you may need to get brow threading done before or after three weeks.


Eyebrow Threading Aftercare


While the brow threading process doesn’t use any harsh chemicals, it leaves the pores of your skin bare for up to 3 hours.

That’s why, it is essential that you don’t touch your new perfect brows for at least a couple of hours.

Don’t put on any makeup, perfume or spray tan before and after the threading. The alcohol and other additives in these products could irritate your sensitive skin, leading to redness.

You can use a gentle face wash that will help keep your sensitive hair row clean and free of bacteria.

Make sure that you also avoid swimming and steam treatments, such as a hot bath, sauna and sun bathing, for at least 24 hours after your treatment.

If you notice itching, excessive redness or an acne break-out, then it’s a good idea to apply some hydrocortisone cream to the skin.

If the pimple outbreak doesn’t go away, then contact your dermatologist and they will give you a stronger prescription cream.


Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Eyebrow Threading


At What Age Can You Start Eyebrow Threading?


Brow experts recommend that you can start eyebrow threading from the age of 13. However, it’s best not to get your eyebrows threaded with 12 or earlier.


Is Threading Or Plucking Eyebrows Better?


Threading eyebrows is faster because it allows you to pluck entire groups of brow hairs instead of just one hair as with plucking.


Why Do Eyebrows Grow So Fast After Threading?


The reason why your brow hair grows back so fast is because of your hair growth rate. Everyone’s hair grows at a different speed.

This is usually influenced by genetics and diet. If you take any supplements, then they can also affect how fast your eyebrows grow back after threading.


Does Threading Darken Skin?


Yes, threading can make your skin dark. However, this is usually an unwanted side effect of threading.

Generally, threading helps to remove hair and this will make the skin appear lighter.


Does Threading Improve Hair Growth?


No, threading doesn’t improve or increase hair growth. The threading process lifts each single hair from its root.

If you thread your eyebrows regularly, then this can cause your hair to become thin and fine. This can lead to reduced hair growth in the threaded area.


Why Do You Get Whiteheads After Threading?


The threading process plucks the hair from its root. This opens up your skin pore and allows bacteria to get in.

If you don’t clean the threaded area regularly, then your pores get clogged, and you will end up with whiteheads.


How Do You Prepare Skin For Threading?


It’s a good idea to exfoliate your skin before your threading appointment. Make sure to clean your brows and face with a gentle scrub.

This can help prevent any ingrown hairs or dry skin.


Can Threading Alter Eyebrow Shape?


Threading can help to define your eyebrow shape more clearly. You can choose to change your current brow shape or ask the beautician to restore the shape of your eyebrows that you prefer.


Should You Shower Before Or After Threading?


You should shower before threading as this can help open up the pores of your skin making the process less painful.


Is Waxing Or Threading Better?


Threading is considered less painful than waxing. However, wax treatments typically last a lot longer than threading.


Is Shaving Or Threading Your Eyebrows Better?


If you want to shape your eyebrow hair, then threading allows you to create a much more precise shape than shaving.

This being said, shaving isn’t as time-consuming as threading.


Is It A Good Idea To Thread Before A Wedding?


Yes, it is a great idea to get threaded before your wedding. Bear in mind that you should ask a professional to do the threading for the best results.

Also make sure to get your treatment atleast two days before your big day as the process can cause some redness.