11 Eyelash Extension Aftercare Must Do’s and Don’ts

Eyelash Extension Aftercare
There is nothing quite like getting a fresh set of eyelash extensions. You’re likely to find yourself becoming addicted to them after getting your first set, as they really make your eyes pop!

While having luscious lashes is amazing, it is vital that you perform the appropriate aftercare, as failure to do so can result in damage to your natural lashes.

This article is will be going through the appropriate eyelash extension aftercare you must follow.

In this article you will learn:


Why Is Eyelash Extension Aftercare Important?


Eyelash extensions are not cheap, so like any good investment, they require a good amount of maintenance.

Looking after them properly will save you from having to replace them often, so will save you money.

Ensuring you are following the proper aftercare, will also ensure they are looking nicer for longer, and will prevent eye infections.

1. Avoid Getting Them Wet, 48 Hours After Application


For the first 48 hours after application, you should avoid getting your eyelash extensions wet. This is because any moisture can tamper with the glue, loosening the bond to your natural lash.

This can lead to the extensions falling out sooner than they should. To avoid them spoiling, after your 48-hour period is up, try and avoid placing your head under the full strength of the water flow in the shower.

Instead, let the water run down your head. Otherwise, the full flow of water can be too much pressure for your new lashes, causing them to loosen.

2. Clean Them!


Yes, you do need to clean your new lashes, nothing that beautiful is ever easy to maintain!

Residue will eventually build up around your lashes, leading to extra weight for your natural lash to hold. This can also lead to eye infections and issues.

Therefore, every three days, after brushing your lashes, use a foaming lash cleanser, and gently rub at the lashes. Do this in the shower, and let the water run down your face to rinse them.

3. Brush, Brush, Brush!


We cannot stress how important it is to brush your eyelashes every morning with a soft bristle brush.

As you toss and turn on your pillow each night, your lashes can get tangled with each other, leading to a frustrating (and sometimes painful!) mess around your eyes.

Each morning, spend some time brushing them out and separating any lashes that may have tangled with each other. For extra care, brush them every night before you go to sleep. This will lessen the risk of them getting messy.

4. Be Careful With Makeup


Eyelash Extension Aftercare


You may be tempted to grab your mascara to add even more flare to your lashes. This is something you must avoid!

Your lashes are already pumped up to the max, so there is no need for extra mascara. However, if you cannot live without at least once coat, then opt for a water-based, product that isn’t waterproof.

The same goes for any eyeliner, or other products you use. If you use an oil-based mascara or eyeliner, it can dissolve the lash glue, leading to your lashes potentially falling out.

You should also put any eyelash curlers away, as these could really cause some damage.

Lastly, you need to make sure you are removing all of your makeup before bed, with a water-based product.

5. Do Not Pick At Or Rub Your Lashes


Your new lashes may feel weird at first, but you must refrain from touching and picking at them.

This could lead to you tearing them, taking your natural lashes with them!

6. Avoid Sleeping On Your Side, Or Your Stomach


Sleeping on your side or your stomach means your lashes are in direct contact with your pillow, and they could end up getting crushed or clamped together.

Your best bet is sleeping on your back. This way, your lashes will not be in direct contact with any part of your bed.

7. Don’t Wear False Lashes On Top


You may find that a few of your lashes have fallen out, and you’ve still got a few weeks till your next appointment.

While it may be tempting to stick on some regular falsies on top for a fuller look, this should be avoided, as you may rip off some of your real lashes when removing them.

8. Don’t Use Oil-Based Skin-Cleaning Products


While skincare is very important, you must look at each of your skin-cleaning products to make sure that they aren’t oil-based.

As with makeup and makeup remover, using oil-based products can diminish the glue that keeps each lash extension attached to your natural lashes.

9. Avoid Extreme Heat


Exposure to extreme heat can damage your eyelash extensions, so it’s best to avoid saunas, steam rooms, and hot yoga classes.

10. Avoid Chemical Peels and Facials


Chemical peels and facials can be harsh on your eyelash extensions, so it’s best to avoid them altogether.

If you must get a facial, make sure your esthetician knows you have eyelash extensions and uses products that are safe for them.

11. Get Infills Every 2-3 weeks


To maintain the fullness of your eyelash extensions, it’s essential to get infills every 2-3 weeks. This will ensure that any fallen lashes are replaced, and your extensions continue to look fresh and full.

Final Thoughts

Eyelash extensions are a great way to make your eyes pop with fuller, longer eyelashes. However, they will only look good and last, if you look after them.

You can make them last longer by avoiding things that will make them fall out, such as picking them, and ensuring to brush them every morning and night, and cleaning them thoroughly a few times a week.



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