Eyelash Extensions For Asian, Monolid And Hooded Eyes

Eyelash Extensions For Asian Hooded Eyes

Ever wondered what the best eyelash extensions are for Asian hooded eyes? Read on to discover which eyelash extensions are best suited to your individual eye shape.

Asian lashes are usually very straight and thus, harder to curl than caucasian lashes. They can be extremely thin and sparse and usually point in a downwards direction.

The technician needs to be aware that Asian eyes and their lashes are very different from other ethnicities and should thus be able to choose appropriate eyelashes to suit the natural shape of Asian eyes.

Eyelash extensions make you feel extremely confident and way more attractive. This makes them incredibly popular as you will be able to wake up with luscious lashes without spending a vast amount of money and time maintaining them.

As long as you’re washing your face gently, you will reap the benefits of these extensions for a steady period of time.

These extensions add a lot of volume to your natural eyelashes and will enhance the prominence of your eyes and overall look.

You will not be required to use any mascara on a daily basis which saves money and time.

Contrary to what you may believe, they do not damage your natural lashes either and will feel incredibly natural and light. If you are seeking to have a standout appearance then eyelash extensions are perfect for you.


What Are Monolid Eyes?

A monolid is an eyelid that lacks any crease. These are a common feature amongst those of Asian ethnicity.

Monolids are distinctly unique and also pretty gorgeous and should be treated as such.

Clients who have monolids should be treated in a specific way as if the lash extensions are too short, the skin will end up covering a large portion of the extensions.

The solution for this is to enhance the length of the inner corner lashes as this will rebalance the client’s eyes and create an open look.


Eyelash Extensions For Asian eyes


Before getting eyelash extensions, you should think about the condition of your natural eyelashes and how fast they tend to grow.

The natural lash will need to be strong enough to withstand the extra weight of a lash extension. You should also take your face and eye shape into consideration as this will be incredibly useful to know.


Different eye shapes are as follows:

Triangular Eyes

If you have three evident points in the eye, giving it a triangular look then this is your eye shape.


Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes will have a minor dropping on the outer corners. You will be able to recognize this eyeshade by the fact that these corners are distinctly angles downwards as opposed to upwards.

This eye shape can sometimes be mistaken for looking ‘tired’ which is why people gravitate towards eye extensions in order to ‘lift’ the eyes without the need for makeup.


Upturned Eyes

This eyeshade is the opposite of downtrend eyes and the outer corners are turned upwards and positioned higher than the inner corner of the eye.

The outer corners tend to make a person look more aware and alert. However, it can also give the impression that they are unfriendly or unapproachable.


Best Lash Curl Types For Asian Eyes?

When it comes to applying eyelash extensions to define the eyes, there are many lash lengths and shapes to consider. Some have a stronger curl, others have shorter lengths, some add volume, and others are more natural.

With eyelash extensions, there are c curl lashes, all the way to j curl lashes. It’s important to use the right url to accentuate the face shape and give that open eye, dramatic effect.

Different extensions suit different people, as our lashes grow differently. Some will have ones that grow downward, whereas others have wide set eyes, almond eyes or moonlit eyes, round eyes or hooded lids.

If someone has hooded lids, then it is vital that you use lashes with only a slight curl, as longer lashes will irritate the eye area. So, an eyelash pro will get the right curl and the recommended lash extension depending on the eye shape itself.

When you are evaluating your eye shape, or your lash technician is doing so, it is important to choose a curl that will suit your individual eye shape and the eyelash condition perfectly.

Clients who are Asian tend to look far better when using M, L and L+ curls, so those are the recommended lash extension that the lash technician should be using on asian eye shapes.

However, there is no specific template to follow and each individual client should be treated on an individual basis.


Best Lash Curl Types For Monolid Eyes?


If you are an eyelash technician, you should always ensure that you are customizing each set to suit the client in question.

Using one specific set for all people who have a monolid is not the best way to approach applying lash extensions as everyone’s eye shape will differ, irrespective of their race.

For monolid eyes, you should also avoid using flat curls such as J and B curls as these have a flat base. This is because monolid eyes tend to have a natural lash that is already very flat, so this curl will only enhance the flatness and make the eye look far smaller.

L and L+ curls are trendy and can be utilized for most monolid clients. These curls can also sometimes impair the client’s view and so it’s best to use shorter length lashes in order to avoid imparting their vision.

Because monolid eyes will tend to have straighter lashes, you should choose a more enhanced, curled lash like the L or L+ as your preferred extensions.

These will ensure that the eyes remain open and that your vision is not obscured. An even stronger lash curl like a C or D curl can also work wonders for monolid eyes as the effect is an open eye look with more volume and va va voom.

If you are in the market for the best eyelash curler for asian eyes visit our page to learn more. 


How To Tape The Corners Of Eyes For Applying Lash Extensions On Smaller Eyes?

Eyelash Extensions For Asian Hooded Eyes

If you are a lash technician then you should always apply any lash tape in order to ensure that excess skin is tightened as this will make sure that the hairs are worked through thoroughly.

This method will also ensure that all of the fine, inner corner hairs are also worked properly and is an essential technique when dealing with Asian clients who may have a smaller eye shape.

Treating hooded eyes will always be a tricky experience for the eyelash artist and so it is highly recommended that you utilize the best techniques to ensure that the client’s vision is not at all obstructed.

After you have applied the surgical tape and fixed it slightly higher than the base of the lashes on the upper lid, you could pull the lid towards the temple as this will ensure that the lashes automatically separate and isolate.

Next, take your lashes for Asian eyes and start the application process.

If your client has an eye that is incredibly slanted, meaning that the inner corner is far lower than the outer corner then you should be wary about applying too many lashes to the inner corner as this will have the counter effect of making the eye seem a lot smaller than it is.

Lash extensions with thick diameters and curls will always work best but you should definitely be using a shorter length of lash on Asian eyes.


Lash Extension After Care For Hooded and Monolid Eyes?


You should avoid getting your eyelashes wet for up to 48 hours after you have had your extensions. You should also avoid using any oil-based eye makeup remover. You shouldn’t 

If your eyelashes become tangled, then you should simply and lightly brush them out using specialized eyelash extension brushes. You should also try to sleep on your back, if possible and make it a habit to clean your eyelashes on a regular basis.


Lash Extensions For Asian, Monolid and Hooded Eyes Summary


Asian eyelashes should be treated differently to eyelashes of other ethnicities. This is because Asian people typically have monolid eyes, an eyelid where there is a lack of creasing in the skin.

These monolids require an expert understanding upon application of any eyelid extensions as your beauty specialist will need to know where to place the eyelashes in order to enhance your overall eye shape.

Shorter length lashes are better suited to Asian eye shapes as they are less likely to overwhelm the eye and obstruct vision.

Asian eyelashes are also typically straighter and so it is worth noting that eyelashes that are perhaps perfect for a caucasian eye shape will not work for an Asian eye shape and may have the reverse effect of making the eye seem smaller.

The perfect lash extensions for an Asian eye shape is one that has a nice curl to it without overwhelming the eye itself.

The inner corner hairs should be worked through properly and this can be achieved by using lash tape to ensure that any excess skin on the monolid is tightened appropriately whilst your eyelashes are extended.

Hooded eye shapes will be more challenging for eyelash specialists and so it is important that you find yourself a beauty technician who is apt at treating an Asian eye shape before you waste your money on extensions that aren’t suitable and have the adverse effect of making you feel unattractive.

Lash extensions are a massive confidence booster amongst women and you should always leave your appointment feeling happier in your own skin.

These lash extensions do not damage your natural lashes, as long as you are careful when washing your face and do not play with your extensions.

If you’re in any doubt over whether you should apply eyelash extensions then consult with a lash tech prior to undertaking any treatment.

To summarize, monolid and hooded eyes are beautiful and every Asian woman should be made to feel wonderful about herself so it may be worthwhile consulting an Asian technician if you feel as though they will have a better understanding of your eye shape and the required process.

When it comes to eyelash extensions for asian eyes, you’ll need to know what you’re doing, in order to fit the extensions to the lash line perfectly.

Everyone’s eyelids are different, but with this guide, you can have a better understanding of how to create a natural or an open eye effect for asian eyes, with the right curl sizes, lengths and styles to suit and accentuate monolid and hooded eyes.