Most Popular Eyelash Extension Styles For Your Eye Shape

Most Popular Eyelash Extension Styles For Eye Shapes

Understanding your eye shape is essential to choosing eyelash extensions that enhance rather than detract from the appearance of your eyes. 

While eyelash technicians may be adept at this, it can be challenging for the typical person to determine what eye shape they have and, consequently, what extensions to purchase for themselves.

In this article, we will look at the most common eye shapes, and the styles of lash extensions that suit them best.

We will also discuss the factors that eyelash technicians consider when determining which extensions suit certain eye shapes best.

So, let’s get into it.

Eyelash Extension Styles For Different Eye Shapes

To choose eyelash extensions that enhance rather than detract from the beauty of your eyes, it is essential to understand the shape of your eyes. 

Professionals agree that a consultation and knowledge of a client’s lifestyle is essential for successful lash styling, as people tend to have different preferences of how they would like their lashes to appear.

Some clients will have rounded eyes, whereas others would prefer for their eyes to appear longer. With lash extensions this can be possible if your lash technician knows the right lash extensions for the shape of your eye to accomplish this longer look.

Especially when working with new clients or when you’re a newbie, it can seem difficult to determine which styles are better for whatever eye shape. 

We will make deciding the ideal shape a little simpler in this article.

7 Most Popular Lash Extension Styles To Know About

There are many types of styles of lash extensions that should be taken into consideration before making any decisions.

With so many to choose from, it can feel overwhelming having to pick just one.

Below, we have listed 7 of the most popular lash extensions styles.


A form of eyelash extension known as hybrid lashes is made up of both volume and classic lashes (we will discuss volume lashes in further detail later in this section).

These lashes are ideal for anyone who appreciates the volume extensions‘ thickness but would prefer something a little more understated for daily activities. 

The ideal synthesis of both results in hybrid lashes, which offer the best of both worlds.


Volume lash extensions produce a brighter, richer, and fluffier appearance compared to lighter extension types. 

These extensions are so light that it is acceptable to use them to add volume while still keeping them light enough to avoid weighing down the natural eyelashes.

As they stay a long time and give a dramatic, full appearance that will make the clients the center of attention all night long, volume lashes are ideal for big events like weddings and proms.

Mega Volume

Mega volume lash extensions are plush, feathery additions that create an incredibly gorgeous appearance for your eyes. 

To make your lashes appear fuller and thicker, eyelash stylists utilize thinner lashes and bigger density fans while applying them.

These go beyond regular volume lashes since they are significantly thicker and fluffier, which makes the eyes look more defined and darker.


A type of fanned, individual lash called a wispy lash extension is typically comprised of synthetic fiber. 

They have a feathery, airy texture that seems really authentic and natural.

They are ideal for those who favor a striking cosmetic appearance and prominent eyelashes.

Individual lashes, closed fans, and eyelash extensions fans with various lengths and curls can all be used to produce wispy lashes.

You will then have lashes with visible spikes that are fluffy and light.

Natural Style

The purpose of the natural lash extension design is to imitate the natural length pattern of your eyelashes. 

Depending on eye form, this usually produces a delicate, light appearance with a touch of roundness.

A lash technician might advise their client to try natural cat eye eyelash extensions with progressive lengthening, or more of a doll eyelash extension effect, depending on the client’s natural lashes or eye shape.

Cat-Eye Style

A particular style of eyelash extension that mimics the long lashes and almond shape of a cat’s eyes is known as cat eye eyelash extensions

The outer borders of the eyelid have the thickest lashes, giving the appearance of a lengthier, narrower eye overall.

There are numerous variations of cat-eye styled eyelashes.

A customer could select traditional lash extensions, a giant volume aesthetic, or a combination of the two.

Doll Eye Style

One of the most popular types of lash extensions are doll-styled eyelashes.

They give consumers an appearance that is larger and more expressive without weighing down their own genuine lashes.

For people who want a more traditional appearance and have big eyes, this kind of lash extension is ideal. 

Doll eyelash extensions have the advantages of opening up a person’s eyes, and making them appear rounder.

Most Popular Eyelash Extension Styles For Eye Shapes

10 Most Common Eye Shapes For Eyelash Extensions

Below, we have listed 10 of the most common eye shapes. By reading each description, you can work out which one closesly matches your own.

Deep Set Eyes

Deep-set eyes are recessed within the skull, making the brow bone appear more pronounced.

The person’s brow bone may also cast a shadow over your eyes and lids as a result of the distance between your eyes.

Powerful curls cut short might look strange, since the ends of the extensions frequently press against the brow bone, which is more noticeable.

Alternatively, longer lengths and looser fitting curls are more suited for deep-set eyes.

The eyes can be opened up attractively with a doe or open eye map that emphasizes length toward the focus of the eye.

Close Set Eyes

The space or distance between the two eyes of a person with close-set eyes is typically smaller than the width of one eye, or one eyeball.

The noses of these individuals tend to be narrow and thin.

These eyes require longer lash extensions to make the eyes appear larger.

It is best to obtain lengthy artificial eyelashes, or 3D mink eyelashes, with more across the outer parts of your eyes if you have close-set eyes. 

The close-set eye form will be defined by lifting the lash styles.

Wide Set Eyes

Perhaps the opposite of close-set eyes is wide set eyes.

They are not separated by the width of one eye, but instead, by a greater distance. An individual with these eye kinds usually appears more vibrant and open-faced.

Using makeup to narrow the distance between wide-set eyes is typically the main goal.

By layering full-looking lashes with medium- and long-length fine hairs that offer great length and volume, this illusion can be produced. 

The distance between the eyes can also be closed by using tapered tips to provide the illusion of length.

Protruding Eyes

Protruding eyes, also referred to as ‘bulging’ eyes, are the eye form that draws the most attention.

The eyes are positioned within the ocular cavity, and are sunken into the skull.

The goal of applying the right makeup for protruding eyes is, typically, to extend and constrict the eyes so that they flatter the face rather than protrude from it.

Feather lash extensions are the most highly suggested lash style for projecting eye shapes.

Your client’s projecting eye shape is made more noticeable and spectacular by the dramatic addition to her eyelashes.

Almond Eyes

The most typical eye shape is an almond shape. They are the most adaptable shape in terms of styling, since they are roughly twice as long as they are tall.

As the name implies, almond-shaped eyes are wide in the middle, and get smaller as they get closer to the corners.

Almond-shaped eyes require volume lash type to accent their oval shapes.

The doll eye, natural eye, and textured maps are just a few styles that people with almond eyes can wear.

Almost any curl looks good with almond-shaped eyes.

Round Eyes

Rounded eyes are less than two times as long as wide. A person’s eyes are round if you can see the whites of them, either above or below the iris.

Compared to other eye types, round eyes can appear more open and lively, but the improper lash map can make you appear to always be in shock.

Avoid doe and open eye styling at all costs, and choose a natural or cat eye map instead.

Avoid the tightest curls because they could make your eyes appear shocked. Looser curls would be much more preferred.

Upturned Eyes

Upturned eyes have an upward flick at the outer corners that, somewhat, resembles the almond shape of eyes.

In this instance, the lashes bend upward to create a natural cat eye look.

Opt for a Natural Style lash treatment if you want to define your natural cat-eye shape without adding drama. 

The doll-style works well for customers who want to open up their eyes and make them rounder instead than tapered, while a cat-eye style can give the most drama to your natural cat-eye shape.

Most Popular Eyelash Extension Styles For Eye Shapes

Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes, as opposed to uplifted eyes, feature lashes that flick downward at the corners.

People with downturned eyes may appear worn out or sleepy if their lash extensions are styled improperly.

Lashes should not be applied in the cat-eye style since this shape has a downcast dip at the borders.

By transitioning to a strong curl at the outward third of the eyelid, curls can also be used to intensify a lifted effect.

Small Eyes

You may have small eyes if they appear smaller than other features on your face, such your mouth and nose.

It’s crucial to keep in mind though that you can also have small eyes that are almond-shaped, round, upturned, or downturned.

The doll eye technique is a brilliant approach to round out your eyes while also opening them up and enlarging them if you have small eyes.

Additionally, wispy sets are excellent in widening the eyes, emphasizing their prominence.

Monolid Eyes Or Hooded Eyes

It’s a monolid type of eye when the fold in your eyes appears exactly at the lash line rather than creating a crease.

Similarly, hooded eyes occur when the entire eyelid is concealed by the brow bone.

A hooded lid can appear extremely weighty, sometimes completely engulfing the lash line below it.

With eyelash extensions that are both long and flared, monolid eyes are best reshaped, producing the best outcomes for the appearance of the eye in relation to the face.

The monolid eyes can be better defined and outlined by adding volume to the lashes on the outside of the eyes. See our lash extensions for monolid eyes article that gives you more details 

How Do Lash Technicians Determine What Lash Extensions Will Look Best For Me?

In order to produce a customized look that fits each customer’s profile, eyelash technicians feel that adjusting the lash extension style from customer to customer is a significant element of determining the best form for their clients’ eyes.

There are many other aspects that should be taken into account when determining a person’s ideal lash extension style, although eye shape is highly important (we will explore this topic further).

Size Of Your Eyes

Your eyes can be described as big, average, or small in size, depending on their vertical and horizontal proportions.

Comparing your eyes to other facial characteristics is another criteria based on experience to confirm the size.

Shape Of Your Eyes

The structure of your eyes creates the framework for your lash extension procedure, much the same as comprehending your body shape enables you locate the best-fitting clothing. 

To find out which eye type you have, refer back to the earlier portions of this page.

In actuality, you might identify with more than one of the above descriptors.

Direction Your Lashes Grow

There are three basic ways in which eyelashes can grow: these directions are straight, upward or downward.

When choosing the curls for lashes, an eyelash technician must consider the direction of lash emergence.

Structure Of Your Eyes

The structure of your eyes is based on whether they are deep set into your skull, protruding outwards, or somewhere between.

This aspect will also affect how a lash technician decides which lashes will suit your eyes the most.

Proportion Of Your Eyes

The ratio describes the separation or placement of your eyes in relation to one another. It’s a balanced eye setup when there is an average distance between your eyes.

Additionally, the distance between the eyes of those with broad and close sets differs.

What Eyelash Extensions Should I Get For My Eye Shape?

Even though every person’s eyes are unique, and every person has distinct preferences, there are certain generalizations that can be established about what complements each shape the best. 

Experienced lash technicians will have a lot of experience in this field, and will know which extensions look best for your particular eye shape.

A set of eyelash extensions made specifically for a precise eye shape will draw attention to the eye’s best features, while concealing its flaws.

We hope you found this article informative and helpful.