How Many Eyelash Extension Infills Before Getting A New Set?

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Many wonder how many Lash Extension Infills they can get before needing a new set of eyelash extensions due to weak bonding lashes.

This can depend on factors such as your lash technician’s recommendations, maintenance, and personal preferences.

Most eyelash extension technicians recommend refilling your eyelashes every 2-3 weeks.

Some may need a new set after only two lash extension infills because lashes might begin to look uneven or as if they were not applied simultaneously.

Following proper aftercare instructions and keeping your lashes clean will help extend the life of your eyelash extensions.

♥ Key Takeaways ♥

  • The number of eyelash extension infills before needing a new set varies depending on factors.
  • Regular lash fills are necessary to maintain the appearance and health of natural lashes and prevent the need for a complete new set of extensions.
  • The frequency of lash fills depends on factors such as natural growth cycle, type of extensions, and maintenance.
  • It is recommended to get a new set after two infills, as lashes may begin to look uneven or not applied simultaneously.


Why Is a Regular Lash Fill Necessary?


A regular lash fill is essential to maintain the fullness and beauty of your eyelash extensions.

As your natural lashes grow and shed, your eyelash extension weakens and will naturally fall out.

You will lose 70-80 of your natural lashes every two weeks.

You can ensure your lash line looks fabulous and full by scheduling regular lash fills.

If you skip the recommended lash fill appointments, you’ll likely need to get a complete new set of extensions.

Most lash extension technicians suggest getting lash fills every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes looking their best.

Lash fills are essential for maintaining your natural lashes’ overall health and appearance.

During the process, a professional lash technician will remove any lash extensions that have grown out and add new extensions to the lashes that have grown.

This process helps prevent the extensions from damaging or weighing down your natural lashes.


How Often Should I Have a Lash Fill?


To keep your extensions looking fresh and full, it’s essential to schedule regular lash fills.

The frequency at which you should have a lash fill depends on several factors, including your natural growth cycle, the type of extensions you have, and how well you maintain them.

It is recommended to get lash fills every 2-3 weeks.

This timeline helps maintain the appearance and health of your lash extensions, aligning with the average growth cycle of natural eyelashes.

Some individuals may be able to wait up to 4 weeks, depending on how well their extensions are retained and the products they use.

Remember that everyone’s eyelashes and lash extension goals are different, so it’s essential to have strong and open communication with your lash technician.

They can provide personalized advice on the ideal time frame for your lash fills, ensuring that you continue to enjoy the benefits of your extensions.


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How To Prolong the Time Between Lash Fills


To prolong the time between your lash fills, following some necessary care tips is essential.

Proper maintenance can help you enjoy your beautiful lash extensions for an extended period, needing fewer infills.

Be gentle with your eyelashes. Avoid rubbing or pulling them, as it might cause the extensions to fall out prematurely.

When removing makeup, specifically eye makeup, use an oil-free makeup remover to prevent the lash adhesive from breaking down.

Daily cleaning and brushing of your lashes are crucial.

Keeping your lashes clean helps prevent any dirt, oil, or makeup buildup that could affect their longevity.

After washing your face, gently comb through your lashes with a clean spoolie brush. This simple maintenance step will keep your lashes looking their best.

It’s also essential to avoid exposure to heat, water, and steam, especially during the first 48 hours after getting your lashes done.

The adhesive is still setting during this period, and any contact with heat or steam can weaken the bond.

After this initial period, you can resume your regular activities but still try to minimize your lash extensions’ contact with these elements.

Be mindful of your sleeping position.

Try to sleep on your back or side, as sleeping face down can cause friction and pressure on your lashes.

A silk or satin pillowcase can further protect your lashes by reducing the friction that may cause damage or premature shedding.


When Is It Time for a New Set?


It’s essential to know when it’s time for a new set of eyelash extensions rather than continuously getting infills.

Most eyelash extension technicians recommend refilling your eyelashes every 2 to 3 weeks.

You can wait up to 4 weeks, but it mainly depends on the retention, maintenance of the eyelash extensions, and the skin care products you use.

For the best results, it is suggested that you apply the refills within three weeks of a full intake and have only one recharge between sets.

Remember that after approximately two infills, your lashes might start looking uneven, not appearing as if they were applied simultaneously.

Some lash technicians recommend booking a new set after two infills because of this reason.


What Makes Lash Extensions Fall Out?


Naturally Grown Out Lashes


Naturally grown-out lashes go through a growth cycle, which means the extensions attached to the lashes will also fall out eventually.

Due to the lash cycle, natural eyelash shedding ranges from 60 to 90 lashes.

During this period, new lashes will grow to replace the fallen ones. This is a normal process and contributes to the need for eyelash infills.


Lash Aftercare Routine


Your aftercare routine significantly affects how long your lash extensions last.

Avoid actions that may cause strain on the extension, including:

  • Rubbing your eyes
  • Using oil-based makeup remover
  • Sleeping face down
  • Excessive exposure to steam or heat


Wrong Application


Lash extensions may also fall out if applied incorrectly or with poor technique.

Some factors to consider to ensure a correct application are:

  • Ensuring the lash adhesive dries properly
  • Using the correct amount of adhesive
  • Choosing a reputable lash technician for the application

If you notice lash extensions falling out within the first few days after application, seek assistance from a professional to fix the issue and lessen the need for infills.


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The number of infills you can have before needing a new set of eyelash extensions varies, but the general recommendation is to get a new set after two infills.

The lash tech believes extensions can look uneven after the second infill.

It’s essential to consider your personal preferences and the advice of your lash artist.

To maintain the health of your natural lashes and the appearance of your extensions, getting lash infills every 2-3 weeks is advised.

By this time, your natural lashes that were too short for extensions at your previous appointment should be long enough to be included in the infill process.

Following proper care guidelines and appointment schedules help keep your lash extensions looking stellar.

After a refill appointment, your lashes should be between 70-100%+ in density compared to a full set, as long as you’re within the 3-week timeframe for refills.


Frequently Asked Questions About How Many Eyelash Infills Before New Set?


Can I Continuously Fill the Lashes Instead Of Doing a Full Set?


Although it might be tempting to continuously get infills instead of a new full set, it’s not always the best choice for your lashes.

Most lash extension technicians advise getting lash fills every 2-3 weeks.

After a certain point, a new full set is necessary to keep your lashes looking their best.

Eyelash technicians require that you have at least 40% of extensions left to fill in your lashes; otherwise, it will be considered a complete set.

Once your lashes are four weeks old, they have often grown to the point of falling out, making a new full set necessary.


What Is the Difference Between a Lash Fill and a Full Set?


  • Lash Fill: A lash fill is a maintenance step to keep your eyelash extensions looking fresh and full. It involves adding new extensions to gaps created by your natural lash shedding cycle, which occurs every 60-90 days. Infills are recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain the appearance of your lash extensions.
  • Full Set: A full set of eyelash extensions involves applying a completely new set of extensions to your natural lashes. This process takes 2 to 3 hours. A full set is necessary when you have less than 40% of your extensions left or when your infills have grown to the point of falling out.