Can You Get Eyelash Extensions While Pregnant? Is It Safe To Do?

Can You Get Eyelash Extensions While Pregnant?


A common question we get is can you get eyelash extensions while pregnant? Is it safe, and at what point is it not safe?


Eyelash extensions are a great way to stay looking fabulous during your pregnancy. You also have less upkeep daily, so you can spend your time and energy on the things that matter.


With all that being said, Yes! you can get eyelash extensions while you are pregnant, but there are a few things for you to know and ask your lash technician.


In the following article, we walk you through what to look for and avoid to make your lash appointment as safe as possible for you and your baby.


Is Eyelash Extensions Safe For Pregnant Women?


Yes, it is safe for pregnant clients to get eyelash extensions. Many pregnant women choose to have a gorgeous set of lashes.


It is completely safe to get eyelash extensions while pregnant. Even so, you may want to be aware of any potential risks such as harmful chemicals which may cause an allergic reaction.


Potential Risks Of Getting Lash Extensions While Pregnant


Like with any beauty product, there may be adverse effects.


Having eyelash extensions means using lash adhesive. This may cause an allergic reaction which could be dangerous for a pregnant client.


There is also the concern of how the pregnant client lies down when getting lashes.


Pregnant women must be on their side, especially after 20 weeks.


You will also need to ensure the pregnant client has their head straight.


lash technician putting extensions on pregnant woman


Lash Glues And Allergy Concerns For Pregnant Clients


Lash extensions are put on using adhesive on the lash line. This may cause allergic reactions.


The lash stylist may need to use a sensitive glue to avoid an allergic reaction.


Some allergic reactions may be:

  • Coughing
  • Burning eyes
  • Nausea
  • Irritation of the skin
  • Eyes watering


You will need to ask the pregnant client about any allergy concerns before getting lash adhesives.


Pregnant clients may also have a latex allergy, so as a lash technician, you will need to know this, especially if it is a new client.


So, always do a patch test before doing eyelash extensions while pregnant.


Hormonal Changes During Pregnancy And Eyelash Retention


During pregnancy, many women find that they tend to lose hair. This is due to hormonal imbalances that occur with pregnancy.


However, pregnant clients may find that after 4 months of giving birth, their hormone levels return to normal. It is good to set expectations so they know this could happen to them.


Setting Expectations For Pregnant Lash Clients


Setting Expectations For Pregnant Lash Clients




When your client wants eyelash extensions while pregnant, you need to communicate any potential issues with the eyelash glues adhesive.


As a lash artist, you must ensure that the main concern is the mother’s and baby’s health.


Any potential mother will want to go the extra mile to ensure important factors such as what the lash artist uses do not affect this new life that is coming into the world soon.




When you have pregnant clients, you will need to make some changes so as not to affect the unborn baby.


While they may be used to lying on their back when you apply for eyelash extensions, they cannot do this while pregnant.


The expectant mothers will need to lie on their side to be safe, especially after 20 weeks. You can buy a knee pillow to make them feel confident while the cosmetic treatment takes place.




Having eyelash extensions is a time-consuming process. Expecting clients will feel less comfortable on their side.


For this reason, pregnant clients will need small breaks when applying extensions.


During the application process, pregnant women may need to change to their other side.




Hormones play a huge role in hair growth and hair loss during pregnancy.


If you tell them what they can expect when having eyelash extensions while pregnant, then they will be less surprised if it happens to them.


They may find that their lash extensions fall out during pregnancy and after birth. Their natural lashes can fall out easier due to hormone imbalances.


This should not be a reason to avoid lash extensions while pregnant but should be told to the lash extension client.


Pregnant woman getting eyelash extensions


How To Make A Lash Extension Appointment As Safe As Possible For Pregnant Women


When you have a pregnant client, you must treat them differently than a regular client.


This is because you want it to go as smoothly as possible without affecting the expecting client and their unborn baby.


Consider Sensitive Lash Glue


The lash glue can be the prime suspect when it comes to allergies.


Even if the pregnant client does not have any known allergies, things can change once going through pregnancy.


For this reason, consider using sensitive lash glue to avoid potential problems.


Ventilate The Room


There may be toxic gas present while adding an eyelash extension. Because of this, you will want to open as many windows and doors as possible to keep the room well-ventilated.


Patch Test


Always do a patch test before going ahead with the eyelash extensions.


Even if the expecting clients do not usually have an issue, hormones may play a part in causing allergic reactions.


Be Wary Of New Clients


When you have a new client, always do as much as possible. Please find out about her allergies and pregnancy length.


Before adding any eyelash extensions, you will need to know the biggest risk factors.


Position Them Accordingly


A client going through pregnancy will need to be positioned correctly to avoid danger.


She should be in a comfortable space and able to lie safely. This will be on her side, with her head straight.


Take Breaks 


Having eyelash extensions is a long process. While it could rarely take more than an hour, having the breaks will be worth it for the client’s health.



Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Pregnancy And Lash Extensions


Can I Lay On My Back To Get My Lashes Done While Pregnant?


Yes, if you are under 20 weeks pregnant, you can lie on your back safely. You still might feel uncomfortable if lying on your back for too long.


However, if you are over 20 weeks pregnant, lying on your back will be dangerous. In this case, you will need to avoid lying on your back and lie on your side instead.


Use a leg pillow to feel comfortable in this position.


Do I Need To Tell My Lash Tech I Am Pregnant?


Yes, it would be best to tell your lash technician that you are pregnant.


While having your lashes done is perfectly safe while pregnant, there are other things to think about.


For example, allergies from the adhesive, fumes, and the position you lie in.


You will want to ensure that you are lying on your side when you are over 20 weeks pregnant.