Eyelash Extensions: 2024 Guide For Beautiful And Healthy Lashes

Eyelash Extensions Model

Eyelash extensions can transform not only your eyes but can also elevate your entire look all while making your face look more feminine.

If you are considering eyelash extensions you may have a million questions swimming in your head.

Our eyelash extensions ultimate guide will answer all your questions and give you all of the information you should know about eyelash extensions.


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What Are Eyelash Extensions?


Eyelash extensions are a more permanent alternative to false lashes. They can last up to six weeks, which is as long as a natural eyelash growth cycle.

Eyelash extensions are applied by a licensed professional lash technician, or artist, during a painless procedure where super fine individual synthetic, or natural, lashes are glued to the client’s natural eyelashes.

The History of Eyelash Extensions

Brief History Of Eyelash Extensions


The history of eyelash extensions dates back to 1911 when a female Canadian inventor patented artificial eyelashes.

These early versions were closer to strip lashes. In the early 2000s eyelash extensions were born in Japan.

It was not until celebrities began to wear eyelash extensions that they shot to popularity.

Jennifer Lopez wore eyelash extensions to the Academy Awards in 2001 and since then it has become an extremely lucrative business.

The eyelash extensions industry continues to grow and develop offering new techniques and looks as each year goes by and it is expected that it will be worth billions of dollars in the near future.


Advantages Of Lash Extensions


  • Eyelash extensions add volume to the natural lash line, which can lift the face and make people appear more youthful.
  • They can provide a self-confidence boost, as many clients feel better about their overall appearance.
  • Extensions create a glamorous and full lash appearance, eliminating the need for mascara and saving time in makeup routines.
  • Due to the variety of materials, shapes, lengths, and effects available, eyelash extensions can emphasize the beauty of any eye shape or size.
  • They can eliminate the trouble of applying mascaras, opening the eyes for a more striking look.
  • By wearing eyelash extensions, you may end up wearing less eye makeup regularly, which can lead to less rubbing and potential irritation around the eyes.
  • Eyelash extensions can be a time-saver as they create dramatically fuller, longer, darker lashes in one appointment.
  • They lengthen the lashes and give them more volume, enhancing the overall look of the eyes similar to the lashes often seen on models and actresses.

Disadvantages Of Eyelash Extensions


  • They can be expensive, with initial sets costing between $200 to $500 and maintenance fills needed every 2-4 weeks, adding to the cost.
  • Eyelash extensions can cause natural lashes to break or fall out due to the added weight and potential for poor application.
  • There is a risk of infection or swelling of the eyelid if the procedure is not performed correctly or if proper hygiene is not maintained.
  • The adhesive used to attach the extensions can cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

As you can see the advantages and benefits of eyelash extensions seem to outweigh the disadvantages. Go over to our article The Pros And Cons Of Eyelash Extensions for an even more in-depth analysis.

Do lash extensions ruin your real lashes

Are Eyelash Extensions Good Or Bad For Your Lashes? 


Whether eyelashes are good or bad for your natural eyelashes is a much-debated topic.

As long as eyelash extensions are applied by a good lash technician who maintains a clean and hygienic salon space and breaks are taken at times from wearing the eyelash extensions, they will not affect your natural eyelashes.

If eyelash extensions are not cared for after application this can lead to infections or mites and so there is also a responsibility on the individual to maintain the lashes between appointments.


Types Of Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions are made from two different types of material, natural and synthetic.

There are different types of natural and synthetic eyelash extensions and these are explained below.


Natural Eyelash Extensions


These types of eyelash extensions are made from natural materials. The most common type is made of mink fur.


Mink Lash Extensions


These are very natural-looking lash extensions that are also referred to as Siberian mink lash extensions.

Celebrities love these extensions but they receive controversy from animal lovers.

There is an animal friendly alternative in the form of faux mink eyelashes, which we’ll discuss more later.

This type of eyelash extension is perfect for anyone who wants a subtle enhancement to their natural eyelashes.


Sable Lash Extensions


These types of lash extensions are more expensive than mink lashes and are best suited to people who have light natural eyelashes that could not support a heavier eyelash extension.

Sable lash extensions give a very natural look.


Fox Fur Lash Extensions


Fox fur extensions are the most expensive type of natural lashes. They are worn by a lot of celebrities at big events but are condemned by animal groups, such as PETA.

They give a light, fluffy finish and are extremely lightweight on natural eyelashes.

This type of lash was made famous by Jennifer Lopez in 2001.

Mink, Silk, Faux Mink, And Synthetic Lash Extensions - What’s The Difference?

Synthetic Eyelash Extensions


Synthetic extensions are manufactured from an acrylic material that has been polished. These types of eyelash extensions give a more dramatic look and are very shiny.

They are also quite heavy on natural eyelashes and so cannot be worn for long periods to avoid damaging the natural eyelashes.

There are over 200 different shapes and sizes of synthetic lashes that can be styled to a client’s preference.


Faux Mink Lash Extensions 


These are cruelty-free imitations of natural mink lashes and are also more affordable than the real deal.

They are quite dark in color and give a gorgeous full look to your lashes.

Another reason these types of lashes are popular is that they are relatively low maintenance.

These are great for anyone looking to add subtle drama to their lashes.


Silk Lash Extensions 


Silk lash extensions are the lightest and longest-lasting eyelash extensions made from synthetic-based silk fiber.

If you want eyelash extensions that will look and feel like your natural lashes these are the eyelash extensions for you.

These extensions are recommended for people who have weak natural lashes as silk lash extensions are very lightweight.


How Do You Choose The Right Eyelash Extensions?


Choosing the right eyelash extensions for you is easier than it seems.

As long as you have done your research and are getting your extensions done by a licensed professional they will be able to advise what would be best suited to you.

To give you all the information you need we have put together everything you should know to help make the best decision for you, your natural eyelashes, and to achieve your desired look.


Materials – Natural Lash Extensions Vs. Synthetic Lash Extensions 


If you are trying to decide which lash extension material is right for you there are a few differences between natural and synthetic lash extensions that you should consider.

If you want a more natural and fluffy look natural lash extensions will help you to achieve this look but if you prefer a more dramatic, lifted, full and dark look then synthetic lash extensions would be best for you.

If you care for animals or are a vegan you should go with synthetic lashes as they are cruelty-free.

Natural lash extensions are not cruelty-free and they also take longer to apply.

Eyelash Extensions: The Ultimate Guide For 2022

Eyelash Extension Diameter 


There are different diameters available in lash extensions also.

The thicker the lash extension the fuller the completed look will be, with the thickest being similar in diameter to strip lashes.

With thicker extensions, they can damage the natural eyelashes if worn for too long.

For those with weaker natural lashes, some of the thicker lash extensions may not be suitable as the natural lashes would not be able to support them, resulting in lashes falling out.

The different diameters are:

  • 0.05mm
  • 0.07mm
  • 0.10mm
  • 0.12mm
  • 0.15mm
  • 0.20mm
  • 0.23mm
  • 0.25mm

Lash Chart Showing the Different Types Of Eyelash Extension Curls

Eyelash Extension Curl Type


There are different curl types available in both synthetic lashes and some natural lashes. These are explained below:

  • J Curl: straight style, not a good choice for glasses wearers
  • B Curl: natural look, as though they have been curled with an eyelash curler
  • C Curl: uplifted to open the eyes, the most popular curl type
  • D Curl: very dramatic and glamorous, a great choice for special occasions
  • L Curl: harsh upward curl, recommended for people who have hooded eyes

Eyelash Extension Volume


Classic eyelash extensions are when one individual lash extension is applied to a client’s natural lashes giving a more natural finished look.

It is possible to get volume lash extensions, also referred to as fans, which is when 2 or more lash extensions are applied to a single natural lash. This gives a more dramatic look.

Common volume lash extensions, or fans, include:

  • 2D
  • 3D
  • 4D
  • 5D
  • 6D
  • 7D

The number correlates to the number of individual lash extensions gathered together to form one fan or volume lash extension.

Eyelash Extension Length 


Eyelash extensions are also available in a variety of different lengths. Depending on the look you are trying to create a lash technician would then ask you about length. If you are looking for a complete eyelash extension chart of lash curls, lengths, volumes, diameters and sizes go to our article.

From there they will know what length lashes to use to create your desired length. The longer the lash the more dramatic the look.

Usually, there are three different sizes used across the lashes, with the longest length on the outer corner of the eye and then the length would shorten the closer to the inner corner of the eye they are placed.

The different lengths available are:

  • 5mm
  • 6mm
  • 7mm
  • 8mm
  • 9mm
  • 10mm
  • 11mm
  • 12mm
  • 13mm
  • 14mm
  • 15mm

Eyelash Extension Color


It is possible to get lashes in different colors. The most widely requested color is black, however other more natural colors can be requested as they may be better suited to your skin tone or eye color.

Brown eyelash extensions are also popular and for the brave lash lovers who like to be bold in their appearance you can get vivid hues of purple and green but these would not be as readily available.


What Factors Should Guide You To Pick The Right Lashes?


Trying to decide what eyelash extensions are right for you can be overwhelming but now that you know the basics regarding the types of extensions these questions will help you to make your final selection.

Woman With Brown Eye and Lashes Looking Up

Do You Want A More Natural Or More Dramatic Look? 


Answering this question will instantly cut your choice of lash styles in half making it easier to make your decision.

Lash artists will also be able create more natural-looking lash extensions by applying the extensions towards the inner corner of the eye. If you are looking for dramatic eyelash extensions then the extensions would be applied at the outer corner of the eye if you want a more blended look.


What Is The Best Lash Extensions For Your Eye Shape?


Certain styles will be best suited to certain eye shapes, your lash technician will be able to guide you if you have questions at your appointment.

Strip lashes are a one-shape fits all approach to lashes but lash extensions are customized to suit a client’s eye shape.

Things to focus on to find the best style for you are the size, shape, and orientation of your eyes.

Next consider your natural lashes, your eyelids, and whether you will be able for the upkeep required of certain more full styles.


How Dramatic Do You Want Your Lashes To Be?


You as the client have full control over the level of drama you want your lashes to achieve.

It’s important to look at images before your appointment so you have an idea of what style you want, be it full and thick like the fluttering lashes of Hollywood starlets or a more natural look.

How often do you need to refill eyelash extensions

Do You Have Time And Money For Lash Refills?


Eyelash extensions will last as long as your natural lash cycle, approximately 6 weeks, however, as natural lashes fall out at different times maintaining your lashes would mean getting eyelash extension refills every two to three weeks.

If you cannot afford the maintenance between replacing sets it is best not to choose a dramatic style as natural styles will not show gaps as visibly.

The appointments themselves also take time so you should be certain you will be able to dedicate time to your lash appointments before getting lash extensions.


Eyelash Extensions Styles 


Below is an overview of the most common lash extension styles.


Classic Lash Extensions 


Classic eyelash extensions are the most popular technique and lash style as it enhances the client’s natural eyelashes.

To achieve a classic look an individual lash extension is attached to an individual natural lash.

How natural they look will depend on the length, volume, color, and curl of your selected lash extensions.

Classic lash extensions are a great option for older woman wanting eyelash extensions.


Volume Lashes


Volume lashes are sometimes also referred to as Russian lashes or Russian volume lashes.

Volume lashes are not suited to those with weaker natural lashes because to achieve this style technicians attach 3 to 6 lash extensions to an individual natural lash.

This style is not as heavy as you may believe as faux mink synthetic lash extensions are used to achieve this dramatic style.


Hybrid Lash Extensions


Hybrid Lashes, this style is also very popular and it is a combination of classic and volume lashes.

Different lash extensions are strategically placed to complement the shape of a client’s eyes. This style creates a feathered, wispy look.

Eyelash Extensions: The Ultimate Guide For 2022

Mega Volume Lashes


Mega volume is exactly what you would expect it to be.

To achieve the look of mega volume eyelash extensions, heavy, long, and dark-colored lash extensions are used, and usually, fan lash extensions of up to 7D would be used.

This set can be heavy on the natural lashes and so it is not advised to wear this style repeatedly.


Cluster Lashes


Cluster lashes would be most similar to strip lashes as the eyelashes are almost grouped to add high drama to the lashes but there is nothing natural about the appearance of this style.

Clusters are typically added at key points along the lashes, such as the outer corner, ¾ along the eye, and the center of the eye.

Shorter clusters would be used the closer they are placed to the inner corner.


Natural Lashes


To achieve the look of natural looking eyelash extensions a lash technician will combine a classic technique mixed with some volume lashes

also. The style is similar to the hybrid style but less full.

This is a great style for clients with weaker lashes who want slightly more drama than a classic style would achieve.


Wispy Lashes 


To achieve this look lash artists will use very lightweight but long individual lashes, or at most 2D fan lashes.

This look is very popular for people who have smaller eyes as it adds drama without swamping the eye line.

Wispy lashes last well also as they are placed sporadically along the natural lashes meaning if one falls out it will not be as noticeable.

What Are Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions?

Doll Eyelashes


If you have almond-shaped eyes then this shape will perfectly complement your eyes.

Doll eye eyelash extensions provide a well-defined outline that opens the eye to appear almost doll-like.

Lash artists will precisely apply the longest-length lash extensions towards the center of the eyes.

This style is also a great choice for lash lovers with hooded or monolid eyelids or those with arched eyebrows.


Open Eyelashes 


The open eye lash extension style accentuates the center of the eye by adding the majority of the volume and length to the middle of the eyelashes.

The lash extensions are then tapered gradually as they reach the inner and outer corners of the eye.

This look is great on monolids as it opens the eye to seem bigger and brighter.


Cat Eyelashes 


The cat eye eyelash extension style is great for making the face look lifted and rejuvenated.

Close-set, almond-shaped, or downturned eyes will notice a huge difference in how their eyes appear with this style.

Longer lash extensions are added to the outer corners to create a winged eyeliner effect, thus lifting the appearance of the face.


Natural Sweep Lashes


The natural sweep lash extensions are perfect for anyone who wants to have more depth to their style but still maintain a feathered look.

Short lash extensions are added to the inner corner and outer corner of the eye and longer eyelashes are placed in between.

This look is great for balancing eye shapes such as close-set, hooded, or downturned eyes. An almond eye shape also looks great with this style.


Flat Lash Extensions 


Flat eyelash extensions add drama to the eye line as it creates an eyeliner effect, outlining the eyes.

People who have striking colored eyes that are already quite big and open like this style as it looks natural but with a subtle hint of drama.

Lash artists will use a mix of long and short lashes to achieve this look.


Lash Extension Treatment What To Expect? 


When you arrive at your appointment there will be a discussion with the lash tech regarding what style and length you want for your lashes.

The technician will make suggestions regarding what may suit you best.

Once you have decided on a look you will next lie down and the treatment will begin.

The technician will clean your lashes and eye area before applying the extensions to your natural lashes one by one using tweezers.

The process is not painful and you will need to keep your eyes closed for the length of the treatment.

Woman Lying Down With a Full Set of Eyelash Extensions

How To Prepare For Eyelash Extensions Treatment?


There are certain steps that you as the client will need to do to prepare for eyelash extensions these are:

  • As you cannot shower for 24 hours after the treatment it is advised that you shower before the appointment
  • Avoid caffeine as this can cause your eyelids to twitch and as a result, the lash technician will struggle to be precise when placing the extensions
  • Do not wear contact lenses as they will react to the chemicals used during the treatment
  • Oil-based products should not be used on or around the eyes to prevent the glue from slipping
  • Do not wear any make-up or curl your lashes before the treatment. It is also advised that you do not wear mascara 24 hours before the treatment so your lashes are clean
  • As you will be lying down for two hours wear comfortable clothing

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?


Like skin and the hair on a person’s head eyelashes too have a natural shed cycle and this is every six weeks.

The fantastic thing is eyelash extensions can last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks.

The length of time that lash extensions last depends on several factors, including the quality of the lash extensions, the skill level of your lash technician, and how well you maintain your lashes between appointments.


Do I Need A Lash Extension Refill Appointment?


This depends on whether you plan to keep your lashes in for a long period or if you want to have the set removed.

Refill appointments can be useful if you want to keep your lash extensions looking fresher for longer.

In a refill appointment, the lash technician fills in any gaps from where lash extensions may have fallen out.

This is a much quicker appointment than when a full set of lash extensions is applied. It also is cheaper.

Eyelash Extensions: The Ultimate Guide For 2022

How Are Lash Extensions Removed?


Lash extensions will fall off naturally after 6 to 8 weeks of wearing them.

If you want to take them out sooner it is best to return to your lash technician to have your lash extensions removed professionally to avoid damaging your natural lashes.

Lash technicians have a chemical that will break down the adhesive and allow the extensions to simply glide off leaving no damage to the natural lashes.

If you are in a position where you cannot get to a lash technician you can check out our article on how to remove eyelash extensions at home. In short applying oil, such as coconut, olive or and other oils, will break down the adhesive and the lash extensions can then be gently pulled out but this is not advised.


Eyelash Extension Aftercare And Maintenance


There are some aftercare rules with eyelash extensions that clients will need to fulfill as well as some basic maintenance that is required to keep the lashes looking fresh.

If these protocols are not followed it could lead to lash infections, eyelash extensions falling out, and loss of natural eyelashes.


Avoid Water, Sweat, Saunas And Hot Tubs Within The First 48 Hours


If your get your lashes wet within the first 24 hours after your treatment this will lead to the glue dissolving and the lash extensions falling out.

Avoiding anything that may result in getting your lashes wet should be avoided at all costs. Best to wait 48 hours before getting them wet. For more details on the things to watch out for when getting your lash extensions wet see the bulleted list below that has links to articles discussing everything from hot tubs to sweating and workouts to avoid.


Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes


Rubbing your eyes will result in the lashes being tugged and this could cause the extensions to loosen or your natural lashes to fall out.

Rubbing your eyes can affect the lash extensions particularly directly after the application.

You should avoid unnecessarily touching the lashes to allow them to set properly.

Avoid Eye Makeup


Oils and other ingredients in eye make-up can break down the adhesive used to stick the lash extensions to the natural eyelashes.

You should avoid eye makeup entirely for the first 48 hours after application.

If you are wearing eye make-up after the initial 48 hours wait period you should avoid putting it in contact with the lashes to avoid a build-up of dirt in the lash extensions which can cause them to stick together and ruin the finished look.

Avoid Crying


You should try to avoid crying for the first 48 hours after eyelash extensions are put on. The lash glue that is being used needs time to setup to adhere the extensions for as long as possible.


Protect Your Lashes In The Shower


The steam in the shower can also cause bother to your lash extensions. You cannot get the lash extensions wet for 24 hours after application.

If you shower after this you should try to use cooler water to avoid excess steam and avoid running the water directly over your face.


Using A Spoolie Brush


After your treatment, your lash tech will most likely give you an eyelash spoolie brush. This is to brush the lashes to avoid them from becoming stuck together.

They should be brushed every morning and night at a minimum.

Gently running the spoolie brush through your lash extensions will help to maintain the fluffy finished look and keep them looking fresh for weeks.


Use Of Makeup On Eyelash Extensions


Lash extensions differ to strip lashes in that if makeup gets on them you cannot just take them off and dispose of them.

It is very important to prevent makeup from going on your lash extensions.

When using powder products avoid over-applying to areas where excess may fall onto the lash extensions.

It is possible to wear face makeup when wearing lash extensions as long as care is taken to prevent makeup from building up on the extensions.

See are recommended makeup for lash extensions list for more details.

A List of Different Types of Makeup & Procedures With Eyelash Extensions


woman putting mascara on her lash extensions

Can I Put Mascara On Eyelash Extensions?


Eyelash extensions replace the need to wear mascara and so it is not necessary to wear mascara.

Wearing mascara over eyelash extensions will cause dirt to build up and ruin the fluffy look.

If you wear mascara and remove it you run the risk of affecting the shape and style of your lash extensions as they may react to the ingredients in your makeup removal products.


Can I Wash My Eyes With Eyelash Extensions?


It is possible to wash your eyes with lash extensions but this must be done very gently.

First focus on washing your forehead and the top of your face as normal and when you get to wash your eyes only use water and milk soap on a cotton pad to gently clean the eyelids and under-eye area.

You should not rub your lashes when cleaning the eye.


Can I Shower With My Eyelash Extensions?


Yes, you can shower with eyelash extensions however you shouldn’t shower within 24 hours of having a set of lash extensions applied.

After this time you can shower but avoid getting the water directly on your face as much as possible.

Your eyelashes should not be placed under the power of running water as it will break down the adhesive and cause the extensions to loosen and fall out.

Wearing goggles in the shower is a tip shared among lash extension enthusiasts to avoid damaging the lash extensions and help them to last longer. Go to our article for a more in-depth guide on how to wash your face with lash extensions.

woman swimming underwater with lash extension on while looking at camera

Can I Swim With My Eyelash Extensions? 


If you are swimming while you have lash extensions you should wear goggles.

If you are swimming in a chlorinated pool the chlorine can affect the lash extension adhesive and so it is best to wear goggles.

If you are swimming in natural water it is still best to wear goggles and avoid placing your face under the water without goggles on to maintain your lash extensions.


Common Eyelash Extensions Side Effects


Side effects of wearing eyelash extensions that are too heavy for your natural lashes can be irritation, redness, and loss of natural lashes.

Another side effect that people may notice is that when extensions are worn for a long period with no replacement set and the lashes have not been cared for then the natural lashes can become weaker.

If eyelash extensions are applied correctly and cared for adequately those with extensions should not notice any side effects as a result of lash extensions. For more details on how to tell the difference between an allergy and an irritation, check out our article on eyelash extension irritation vs allergies.


Do Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes? 


When applied precisely with good quality products and by an experienced lash artist there will be no damage to your natural lashes.

If you do not fulfill the necessary maintenance or if you have a set of lash extensions applied that are too heavy for your natural eyelashes then they can become damaged.

Some of the main causes of damage to natural lashes include:

Eyelash Extensions: The Ultimate Guide For 2022

Extra-Long Lashes 


Extra-long lashes are often considerably heavier and if a client has this style of lash applied on multiple occasions over time the weight can affect the natural lashes.

A lash tech will usually advise adapting lash styles to prevent damage or advise a break if they believe a client’s natural lashes are becoming weaker.


Too Much Glue


Lash technicians who have not had adequate training may use too much lash glue which results in the individual lashes gathering together and a build-up of glue will be noticeable along the lash line.

In this case, a lot of adhesive remover is required and this can be damaging to a client’s natural lashes and irritate the sensitive skin along the lash line.


Pulling Out The Eyelash Extensions Causing Inflammation


Some people can fidget with the lash extensions and this is not advised as you may accidentally pull out an eyelash extension, or multiple lash extensions which can cause inflammation due to the stress the eyelid is put under from the pulling.


Are Lash Extensions Safe? 


Lash extensions are safe as long as clients go to a professional lash technician or artist.

Professionals will be able to advise what is best for a client’s natural lashes to avoid causing any harm.

Visiting an inexperienced lash artist can lead to serious complications such as swelling of the eye, irritation of the lash line and eyelid, infection, and severe damage to a client’s natural lashes.

Patch tests are performed before a client’s first appointment to ensure there are no signs of allergies to the lash glue.

Reactions are usually caused as a result of poor quality materials and poor application.

It is important to always research the professional that will be applying your lash extensions, and seek recommendations for the lash lovers in your friend group or family. Some like to do lash extensions themselves but it isn’t advised.

Is eyelash extension safe

Do Eyelash Extensions Hurt? 


Many people worry that the treatment and the feeling of having eyelash extensions may be painful.

Eyelash extensions should not hurt as long as a professional is applying them.

Some reasons why eyelash extensions may hurt are:


The Eyelash Extensions Touch Your Eyelid


Eyelash extensions are applied to individual lashes and so they should never be touching the eyelid when applied correctly.

If they are positioned too low they may poke the eyelid which would cause pain.

If you are affected by this you should return to a professional for assistance as if you try to remove the poking lash extension you will only cause more hurt to yourself.


Some Glues Have More Toxic Fumes Than Others


If you have sensitive eyes the fumes from the lash glue may make your eyes hurt.

A patch test is advisable to ensure you are not allergic to the product and if you do have any allergies you should advise your lash tech so they can choose an alternative adhesive that is safe for use on your lashes.


A Lash Extension Falls Into Your Eye


This instance is extremely rare but can occur if an unqualified person applies for your extensions without the correct lash glue.

In this case, you should not rub your eyes to avoid loosening the lashes and in general, regardless of the standard of application, it is advisable to not sleep on your face to avoid an extension falling into your eye.

How To Clean Lash Extensions At Home

How To Clean Your Eyelash Extensions At Home? 


To clean your eyelash extensions at home you will need an oil-free compatible cleanser morning and evening.

A lash artist will be able to advise clients on what products are best to use.

Directions should be followed per the manufacturer’s instructions on the product.

After cleaning with product you will then need to leave the lashes to dry completely before brushing the lashes gently using a spoolie brush.


How To Find A Good Eyelash Extension Salon?


Most good eyelash extension salons have an online presence which enables you to see images of their previous work and read reviews.

It can be worthwhile requesting a patch test so you can check out the salon before entrusting your lashes to a stranger.

If you react to the patch test it may be as a result of poor quality products.


How To Choose An Eyelash Extensions Technician?


Choosing an eyelash extension artist is very important as if you do not do your research you could end up having a bad experience and damaging your eyelashes.

Lash technicians who have not had the necessary training will not have the technique required for a proper lash application.

This could cause many problems including irritation, infection, damage, and loss of the natural lashes.

Always check what qualifications a technician has and look at reviews.

It is also worthwhile speaking to a fellow lash lover to find a good technician in your locality.

How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost

How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost? 


The cost of lash extensions will vary depending on where you live, the cost of material, and the competition around the area.

The type of lashes you choose as well as the experience level of a lash artist can also influence the price.

At the very least you should expect to pay $100 and anywhere up to $300.

For refill appointments, you can expect to pay less, ranging from $50 to $150.


How Much Should You Tip Your Technician For Eyelash Extensions?


Due to the attention to detail required for the duration of an eyelash extension appointment, it is the standard practice that lash technicians are tipped 20 – 30% of the service charge.

This is higher than what you may tip a hairdresser but the focus demanded of the lash technician for up to two hours is worthy of the 20 – 30% tip.


Eyelash Extensions Guide Summary


We hope that our ultimate guide to eyelash extensions has answered all of your questions.

You should now be confident in what lash style would be best suited to you and what to expect from the entire process, from finding a lash technician to the treatment itself, and the aftercare that follows.

If you still have questions check out our FAQ section where we answer more commonly asked questions regarding lash extensions.

Eyelash Extensions: The Ultimate Guide For 2022

Frequently Asked Questions About Eyelash Extensions (Q&A)


What Are Eyelash Extensions Mites?


Eyelash extension mites feed on the oils and debris on the lash follicles and lash line as a result of not maintaining lash extensions and leaving makeup on overnight.

The mites multiply which can lead to eye problems if left untreated.

If you are vigilant about maintaining your eyelash extensions you will likely never experience mites in lash extensions as they mostly affect those who are lazy regarding the upkeep of their lashes and personal hygiene.


What Are The Signs That You Might Have Eyelash Extension Mites? 


The most common signs are an itchy feeling at the lash root when you wake in the morning and chronic redness around the lash extension area.

Other signs include loss of natural eyelashes, a crust attached to the eyelid, and the constant feeling of something in your eye.


How Can You Prevent Eyelash Extension Mites?


There are three things that can be done to prevent mites. The first is to always remove any makeup before going to bed.

Next, you should avoid sharing makeup brushes and makeup with anyone else, regardless of how much you trust an individual.

The last thing you can do to prevent mites is to keep your pillowcase clean by changing it frequently as well as your bedsheets and towels.


Can I Have Bottom Lash Extensions?


Lower lash extensions are not as popular as upper lash extensions but it is possible to have them done.

To have lower bottom lash extensions applied a lash technician will first check the client’s natural lashes to ensure that they are long and thick enough to support multiple eyelash extensions.


What Is The Difference Between Lash Extensions And Lash Lift? 


A lash lift is a treatment that a lash artist does to the client’s natural lashes adding a slight curl to the natural lashes using a perming chemical these are often times referred to as an eyelash perm.

A lash lift makes a client’s natural lashes look longer without the use of a mechanical eyelash curler and in some cases, a tint will be applied also to make the lashes appear thicker.

No extensions are applied during this treatment and it is safe to wear mascara after 24 hours of having a lash lift. See our article comparing lash lift vs. eyelash extensions for more details.


What Is The Difference Between Lash Extensions And False Lashes?


Lash Extensions vs. False Lashes what is the difference ? False lashes are usually purchased as strip lashes and lash glue is usually sold in the

packet or must be bought separately.

Strip lashes are glued to the eyelid and pulled off after one wears and disposed of. They can be applied at home.

Lash extensions differ as they should not typically be applied at home and they are applied to the client’s individual natural lashes rather than the skin on the eyelid.

They also last longer and give a more natural look. Lash extensions are preferred by lash lovers as they give a gorgeous look to your eyes all day and night.