What To Use If You Don’t Have Eyelash Glue? 9 Home Alternatives

What Are The Alternative Substitutes For Lash Glue

Are you tired of dealing with allergic reactions to traditional eyelash glue?

Or maybe you’re just looking for a new way to enhance your lashes? Look no further!

In this blog post, we explore the world of alternative eyelash adhesives. From magnetic lashes to homemade DIY glue, we’ve got you covered.

So, sit back, relax, and get ready to learn about the best alternatives to traditional eyelash glue.

 In this article you will learn:


Are Eyelash Glue Alternatives Effective?


Yes, alternative eyelash adhesives are effective. However, you may find that the false eyelashes do not last as long compared to when you use standard lash glue.

This does not necessarily mean your falsies falling off within a matter of hours though.

False Eyelash Glue Vs Eyelash Extension Glue

What Are Reasons For Considering Eyelash Glue Alternatives?


The main reason for choosing an eyelash glue alternative is due to allergic reactions.

This is because the lash adhesive can contain harmful chemicals which may cause eye irritation.

Many fake lashes use latex glue which some people may have a reaction too when they apply false lashes.

Fortunately, you do not have to be restricted to just using regular eyelash adhesive.

There is also hypoallergenic lash glue too meaning you can still wear regular falsies.


What Can I Use Instead Of Eyelash Glue?


Best Substitutes For Eyelash Glue

To avoid allergic reactions there are other falsies you can try which are glue free.

Magnetic lashes use a magnetic liner instead of a sticky residue like glue.

The magnetic strips hold the false eyelashes in place and they look like natural lashes.

You can also use self-adhesive strip false eyelashes. The lash band has lash glue on it already.

Another option is to use a lash tint. This removes the step of applying false eyelashes.

If you would prefer thicker and fuller lashes, then several coats of mascara is a great choice. There is also no unwanted movement too.


What Are The 9 Best Alternatives To Eyelash Glue?


Here’s a list of 9 alternatives to eyelash glue:

  • Lash glue eyeliner
  • Magnetic eyelashes
  • Self-adhesive eyelashes
  • Magnetic eyeliner
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Volumizing mascara
  • Mascara adhesive
  • DIY eyelash glue


Can You Make Eyelash Glue At Home?


Yes, you can make eyelash glue at home using natural ingredients.

Doing so can help to avoid a potential allergic reaction.

However, you might find alternative glues tricky to use when applying individual lashes.

Even so, there are many lash glues made at home that will help to give you luscious lashes.


Should I Make Homemade Eyelash Glue?


Yes, you should make homemade glue if you wear false eyelashes. It helps to know what it is inside the glue if you have sensitive skin.

This is because the natural substances in homemade lash glue, instead of eyelash glue, are less likely to cause a reaction to your natural eyelashes.

Some ingredients may even help with lash growth. It is also easy to make your own eyelash glue.


How To Make Homemade Diy Eyelash Glue At Home


Here is how to make your own lash glue:

Step 1: In a cup, mix a small amount of Vaseline and water together.

Step 2: Add in a couple of drops of vitamin E oil. Mix until the consistency feels tacky like syrup.

Step 3: Dip a small makeup brush into the mixture and apply onto the lash line. Make sure you apply just the right amount. This is similar to how you would use regular lash glue.

Step 4: Wait for the lash glue to become sticky on the lash line.

Step 5: Now add the fake eyelashes.

Step 6: Use a cotton pad or cotton swab to remove unwanted lash glue on the lash line.


Should I Get Lash Extensions Instead Of Glued On Fake Lashes?


Yes, get eyelash extensions if you are looking for long-term false lashes. Otherwise, fake eyelashes are a great option.

False lashes provide you with a way to change up your look. However, if you do not want to think about your makeup, then eyelash extensions are best to use instead of eyelash glue on self-adhesive lashes.

They can also provide extra length compared to when you apply mascara.


Before You Get Eyelash Extensions What Should You Know?


You must make sure an experienced lash artist applies the false lashes. This will ensure they look like natural eyelashes.

You will also need to get the lash extensions infills every 3 to 4 weeks.

You will not need to wear mascara while wearing semi-permanent eyelash extensions.




Alternative eyelash adhesives are effective for those who may experience allergic reactions to traditional lash glue.

Options such as magnetic lashes, self-adhesive strip lashes, and even homemade DIY glue can provide a safe and effective alternative.

While eyelash extensions are a great long-term option, false lashes are a great way to change up your look without committing to a long-term solution.

How To Make Lash Glue

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Homemade Eyelash Glue


Can I Use Mascara As Eyelash Glue?


Yes, mascara can be used as eyelash glue. However, it is a bit messy and only lasts a few hours.

For this reason, it is not recommended.


Can I Use Honey As Eyelash Glue?


Yes, honey can be used instead of eyelash glue. Mix it with sugar and water to create a glue paste.

Apply it as you would normally and place the fake eyelashes close to your natural lashes.


Can I Use Vaseline As Eyelash Glue?


Yes, mix Vaseline along with water and vitamin E oil to create an eyelash glue.


Can I Use Nail Glue For Eyelashes?


No, it is not a good idea to use nail glue as an eyelash glue alternative.

Nail glue can damage the skin and lashes, and it contains chemicals not suitable for the eye area.


Can I Use Super Glue For Fake Eyelashes?


Super glue should never be used near the eyelashes. Super glue is difficult to remove.

It will also glue your lower lashes to your upper lashes.


Can I Use Lash Glue Liner As An Alternative?


Yes, you can use lash glue liner instead of eyelash glue. However, you may find that the result doesn’t last as long as traditional eyelash glue.


Can Mascara Be Use As Eyelash Glue?


Yes, mascara can be used as eyelash glue. However, it is quite messy and it doesn’t last long.

You may find there is unwanted movement.


Can I Use Self-Adhesive Eyelashes As An Alternative?


Yes, self adhesive lashes are a good alternative. It means no mess when trying to add glue and eyelashes.


Can You Use Elmer’S Glue?


No, Elmer’s glue should never be used as eyelash glue. While not dangerous, it can cause an allergic response.

This is due to being a polyvinyl acetate. It can cause irritation and loss of lashes.


Can You Use Hair Gel As Eyelash Glue?


No, hair gel is not a good eyelash glue. It is not intended to be used near the eyelashes.


Can I Use Glitter Glue As Eyelash Glue?


No, glitter glue should not be used as eyelash glue. It should not be put near your eyelashes.


Can White Rice Be Use As Lash Glue?


Yes, mixed with water, white rice can act as a separate lash glue.


Can Coconut Oil Be Used As An Alternative To Eyelash Glue?


No, coconut oil cannot be used as an eyelash glue. This is because it will remove the bond. It is actually safe as an eyelash glue remover.


Can I Use Mod Podge As Eyelash Glue?


No, you shouldn’t use Mod Podge to attach fake eyelashes. It is not intended to use on the body.


Can You Use Gorilla Glue For Lashes?


No, you should never use Gorilla Glue on your lashes. It may glue your eyes shut, and you will struggle to remove the lashes.