Eyelash Tinting Guide: Safety, Cost, Application Time, After Care

Eyelash Tinting 101 woman getting lashes tinted

What Is Eyelash Tinting?


Lash tinting treatment involves adding semi-permanent dye to the eyelashes to make dark lashes, just like hair dye.


This will make your lashes stand out more and make it look like you are wearing mascara and intensify your natural lashes. A lift and tint often gets done along with lash lifts, which can give a similar effect to false eyelashes. 


The History Of Lash Tinting


As far as we know, humans have dyed their lashes for several hundred years. In places like Egypt, the ancient Egyptians wore kohl around their eyelashes, eyebrows, and eyes to create a dramatic effect.


Even Medieval Europeans would create dark eye makeup by mixing oil, soot, and other ingredients – the Vikings are some of the most famous Europeans who wore this dark makeup. 


Lash dye as we know it today came around because of the love and appreciation for mascara. This was invented in the early 1900s.


However, lash tinting as we know it can be traced back to the Elizabethan times (mid 1500s and early 1600s). Tinting at this time often resulted in lashes falling out due to the toxins in the tints.


Now, tinting is very safe, and there are even options for people who have very sensitive eyes and skin.


How Much Does Lash Tinting Cost?


$45 – $75 is a common range for how much eyelash tinting costs.


Lash tinting prices vary greatly. You can purchase lash tinting kits from drugstores for a few dollars, or you can get them professionally done.


If you get your lashes professionally tinted, you can expect to spend between $45 – $75, not including the tip. Remember – tips should be between 15-20 percent!


Price will depend on where you live and where you get the treatment done. Some states and cities are more expensive than others. Just ensure that you get it done at a reputable location.


How Long Does Eyelash Tint Last?


Lash tint will typically last between 4-6 weeks. This is because eyelashes naturally fall out over the course of a few weeks. Not only that, but the semi-permanent dye will also gradually fade and wash off.


Because of these two factors, you shouldn’t expect your eyelash tint to last any longer than six weeks at most.  


How Long Does Lash Tinting Take?


Lash tinting only takes around 10 minutes! If you do your eyelash tinting at home, the process might take 15 minutes in total, but should never take longer than 20 minutes overall.


In a professional salon, you can expect the whole process to be done within 15 to 30 minutes, and it is all quick and painless. 


Lash client getting eyelash tint on one eye


What Is Eyelash Tint Made Of?


Eyelash tint is a semi-permanent dye. This dye is primarily made up of Phenylendiamine and Peroxide. The peroxide used in lash tinting will always be severely diluted (between 2-3%) to ensure that it is safe.


Phenylendiamine is a chemical that is the main ingredient in the majority of eyelash tinting formulas. This can cause serious allergic reactions, but these are not common. 


Is Eyelash Tinting Safe?


Yes! As long as eyelash tinting is done using the correct formulas, then there is little reason to be concerned. Tinting can be safe whether done yourself or by professionals, however there are added risks when you do it yourself. 


Allergic reactions may occur if you have never had your lashes tinted before, and you may have trouble applying the product. These things can lead to safety issues. It is often times best to have a professional tint your lashes.


Will My Eye Or Skin Become Irritated From Eyelash Tints?


That depends. If you have very sensitive skin, then there is a very real possibility that your skin or eyes may become irritated by eyelash tints. This would likely be because of the Phenylendiamine and peroxide in the formula.


However, there are eyelash tints available for individuals with sensitive eyes and skin. These sensitive products should be gentle enough.


Does Eyelash Tinting Hurt?


No! Eyelash tinting is quick and painless if done correctly. Of course, that means that eyelash tinting can hurt if you apply the product incorrectly, and it gets into your eyes. In this case, you will experience a stinging sensation.


If this happens, you should immediately rinse the product from your eyes with cool, clean water. 


How Do I Care For My Tinted Lashes?


Caring for your tinted lashes is easy! There are three things to know when it comes to tinted lash care – they will fade, you should keep them dry, and you should avoid oil-based cleansers. 


The initial tint color will be pretty extreme, but this will fade a little within a few days. Once you get your lashes done, you should avoid getting them wet for 12 hours so that the dye can settle properly. Up to 24 hours is better.


This will also make your tint last longer. Finally, you should never use oil-based cleansers with tints (eyebrow tints, too). 


Oil-based cleansers will make your tint come off quicker, so you will need to return to the salon sooner than you hope.


Instead, you should aim to use either cream or gel cleansers, as these are more gentle and will extend the life of your lash tint. 


Can You Shower With Eyelash Tint?


Yes! However, you should wait at least 12 to 24 hours before you get your lash tint wet, or else the dye won’t be able to settle properly. Once those hours have passed, you can shower as you usually would.


Just be sure to avoid oil-based cleansers, and don’t soak your face in water for too long. 


Lash tint will last longer if you reduce the amount of time that the dye is wet for. In other words, you should minimize the amount of water that your lashes come into contact with, or the tint will fade faster. 



Do You Wash Eyelash Tint Off?


Yes! Eyelash tint will need to be washed off during the application process. However, once the application process is done, and you have successfully tinted your lashes, you should avoid getting them wet for at least 12 hours.


Waiting up to 24 hours is even better, but this is not always an option. 


When you wash eyelash tint, it will gradually begin to fade over time. Because of this, it’s recommended to minimize the amount of time that your lashes have contact with water. 


Does Lash Tinting Replace Mascara?


Yes. The main purpose of lash tinting is to create a mascara effect. This is especially the case when the lash tint is paired with a lash lift.


However, for some people a lash tint might not be enough to mimic the effects of mascara, and they may choose to wear mascara on top of their lash tint. 


As a general rule, however, lash tinting is supposed to replace mascara. As a result, you can potentially save both time and money by getting lash tints rather than purchasing mascara.


How Do You Remove Eyelash Tint?


You can purchase a professional lash tint remover product if you want to get rid of your tinted lashes. This product will have a careful formulation that will remove the unwanted color from the skin and lashes.


You could also use oil-based products to remove the lash tint easily.


How Often Should You Tint Your Eyelashes?


Since a lash tint will last around a month, you can tint your eyelashes around every month .


Eyelashes fall out naturally, and washing will make a color fade, so as soon as your lashes are looking too light for your liking, you can get them done again.


Every 4-6 weeks will be suitable for tinting lashes.


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Can You Wear Mascara After A Tint?


Yes! However, the primary purpose of lash tints is to not have to wear mascara. If you would still like to use mascara on top of your lash tint, it is possible and safe to do so.


It’s worth considering that if you frequently do this, getting your lashes tinted might not be the best way to spend your money, though. 


How Much Do You Tip A Lash Tech For Tinting Your Eyelashes?


In the United States, you will be expected to tip your lash technician between 15-20% of the overall lash treatments. However, this is not the case in most other countries that do not have a tipping culture.


How much to tip lash tech also depends on the service you receive.


Which Is The Best Eyelash Dye?


There are a number of amazing eyelash tints available at a range of prices. The RefectoCil Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint can be found at Walmart for around $30 online.


This is a popular option because of its high quality product, but because it is also easily accessible – it can even be ordered online or in store. 


Another popular eyelash dye is the Strictly Professional Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting Kit, which can be purchased on Amazon for around $40. It’s water-resistant and perfect for those with sensitive skin. 


The third great option is the 1000 Hour Lash & Brow Dye/Tint Kit. This is another product that you can find at Walmart for a reasonable price and still get amazing results. 


Is There A Safe Eyelash Dye?


Yes! Most eyelash dye is considered safe and non-hazardous. There may be a few unsafe eyelash dyes that are sold illegally or under false information.


However, all eyelash dye that is sold should be safe to use, and shouldn’t be something to worry about. Some dye might be unsafe for particular people due to allergies or skin sensitivities. 


How Do You Make Eyelash Tint Last As Long As Possible?


To make your eyelash tint last as long as possible, you should limit the amount of time you spend with water around the dyed areas, avoid oil based products, and allow at least 12 hours for the dye to settle before coming into contact with water.


These three things will extend the life of the tint.


Can You Permanently Dye Eyelashes? 


No. This can’t be done because the eyelash cycle is only 4-6 weeks long, typically. Because of this, dyed eyelashes will simply fall out within this time.


Even if you could somehow safely use permanent dye (which is not safe for eyes and eye area), the lashes will soon fall out.


Can You Tint Bottom Lashes?


Yes! Both the top and bottom lashes can be tinted. Simply follow the same instructions as you would for the top lashes.


You may want to apply petroleum jelly below the eye area to prevent your skin from being dyed or any transfer happening.


Tinting lower lashes is very easy and effective.