How Do You Sleep On Your Side With Eyelash Extensions?

How Do You Sleep On Your Side With Eyelash Extensions?

When sleeping on your side with eyelash extensions, we recommend that you sleep with the lash extensions hanging off the pillow.

Sleeping this way will prevent your lash extensions from pressing, rubbing, and crimping against the bed, all of which can damage your eyelash extensions and shorten their lifespan!

Generally, we would encourage you to avoid sleeping on your side and stomach when you have eyelash extensions, as these positions can be bad for your extensions.

In addition, anything that will put unnecessary pressure on your lashes should be avoided so that they can last for as long as possible. Sleeping on your side runs the risk of your lashes being bent out of place, rubbed, or crimped.

Not only does this make your lashes look like dead spider legs, but these motions can disturb the glue, especially in the first 48 hours of your lash extensions being applied.

You run the risk of your lashes falling out, the glue not setting properly, and the lash extensions not lasting as long as they should. 

To avoid this, we recommend that you sleep on your back or in the supine pose. They will allow your lashes to settle and avoid any pressure being applied to them.

For best results, you will want your head to be in the center of your pillow, too; not only will your lashes be protected, but you might also even sleep better! 

We know it’s easier said than done to change a lifetime of sleeping habits, but some methods can help.

Although a form-fitted pillow can help stop you from rolling onto your side while you sleep, we recommend opting for a memory foam pillow that will mold to your head and provide comfort while you sleep. 

If possible, keep your hands away from your face while you sleep. Excessive touching, rubbing, or brushing against your eyes can cause your lashes to tangle or fall out.

All of these steps are crucial in the first few days when your lashes are still settling in, and the glue is drying. 

If sleeping on your back, even for just a few days, doesn’t work for you, sleep with your eyes and lashes off the pillow to avoid them becoming damaged in the sleep.

Follow with brushing your lashes when you wake up and the correct aftercare advised by your lash technician to ensure your lashes last as long as possible. If you need to go in for a lash fill to correct your lashes if you accidentally slept on them

Make sure to tip your eyelash technician

Are sleep masks bad for eyelashes?

While they can help block out the light and help you sleep, sleep masks can damage your eyelashes while you sleep! Whether it’s your natural eyelashes or lash extensions, these masks could be causing you more trouble than you realize. Why does my eyelash extension hurt?

Wearing a sleep mask overnight will restrict the space that your lash extensions and eyelashes have. Think about how close sleeping masks can get to your skin and eyes; there’s not much breathing space, is there?

With your lashes being restricted overnight, they won’t have the space they usually have. As you move in your sleep or time progresses, your lashes can start to curl, crisscross and tangle.

You will be left with lashes that are difficult to brush through in the morning and might find that some fall out as you brush them too! 

Your lashes will be pressed down, forcing them to crisscross, which can cause tangles in lash extensions and natural eyelashes too. Can I wear eye makeup with eyelash extensions?.

Your natural eyelashes might even start to grow crisscross or inwards, compared to growing straight and outward as they should. Do eyelashes grow back if pulled out from root?

If possible, you should ditch the sleep mask to give your lashes space and freedom they need to grow properly. But we know that not everyone can sleep without sleep masks.

Sleeping on your back can provide a little more room for your lashes during the night and should reduce the crossed and tangled lashes in the morning. 

You could also use a lash serum or strengthener for those with natural eyelashes before you pop your mask on and go to sleep.

These lash serums can help to strengthen your eyelashes, so they shouldn’t tangle and crisscross as much and continue to grow long and strong! You can purchase these at your local drug store or online, and there are plenty of choices to suit all budgets. 

If you want our honest opinion, though, ditch the sleep mask and let your lashes breathe while you sleep! 

Can you sleep with individual lashes on?

Yes, you can sleep with individual lashes on! These lashes that we apply one at a time ourselves are fixed to our lash band with glue and can often last a few days, and it seems a waste to remove them at night. 

Providing they are not irritating your eyes, they should be fine to sleep in, but we would not recommend doing it every night. Just like you wouldn’t sleep in your makeup every night (or any night, we hope), your eyes and lash band need time to breathe. 

The eyelash extension glue used for individual lashes is not designed for prolonged use and can irritate your eyes. You might notice itching, redness, or flakes around your eyes and where the glue sits on your skin.

If you notice any of these symptoms, remove the lashes immediately and wash the area with clean, warm water. What Happens If You Don’t Wash Your Eyelash Extensions?

As long as the individual lashes are applied properly, you should not notice any discomfort. There is no thick band on individual lashes as we see with falsies that irritate the corner of your eyes after a while, so the chances of irritation are minimal. 

We recommend that you sleep on your back to avoid crimping or damaging the lashes while you sleep. Then, providing there is no pain, brush your lashes gently in the morning, and you are good to go!

We wouldn’t make a habit out of sleeping in these lashes, but when the need arises, you can do so knowing that you are unlikely to damage your eyes or lashes. 

Remember to clean the area and the lashes when you remove them and allow the skin time to breathe before applying another set of lashes or any treatments!