How Often Should You Brush Your Lash Extensions?

How Often Should You Brush Your Lash Extensions?

You should brush your lash extensions every day! Daily brushing will keep your eyelash extensions in good condition and prevent crisscrossing. After all, we want our lashes to curl outwards, don’t we?

The last thing we want is our beautiful new lashes overlapping and clumping together! Especially after we spent our hard-earned cash on them! 

Brushing your lash extensions is easy and shouldn’t take you too long; simply sweep through them for roughly 15-20 seconds every day to help keep them neat and stay in place!

It’s best to use a lash brush for this; you can pick them up at your salon or online or use a clean spoolie/mascara wand if you are in a pinch! 

Your salon should have a range of lash brushes on offer to suit the different styles, but dense, synthetic brushes tend to be the most popular. 

Before brushing through your lashes, check that the brush is clean. You don’t want to drag dirt or days-old mascara through your lashes!

Not only is this unhygienic, but it can cause a build-up of oil, dirt, and other debris that will take you or your lash tech a while to clean when it comes to infill or new lash time! 

When brushing your lash extensions, be sure to move the brush gently through your lashes. Any pulling or tugging of the brush and your lashes can be painful and cause some of your lashes to fall out.

Not what you want! The goal of correct aftercare is to make your lashes last for as long as possible after all! 

The sweep through your lashes should be smooth, but if there are any tangles, be sure to tease these out softly, rather than tugging.

It’s gentler on your eyes and should reduce the lash fall out! Check once you have brushed your lashes if the wand is clean. 

If not, clean it immediately. We find it better to do this now than forget and end up brushing your lashes tomorrow with a dirty brush! You can clean your wand easily with some warm soapy water and leave it to dry.

Treat it the same way you would your make-up brushes and clean it regularly to avoid dragging dirt or bacteria through your lovely new lashes! 

Remember, daily brushing will make your lash extensions last longer and in better condition, so be sure to give them a quick sweep every day! How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

How do I brush my lash extensions?

Brushing your lash extensions is easy and can be done in three simple steps! Before brushing, make sure that your lashes are dry and that your lash brush is clean and dry too.

This will speed up the process and ensure your lashes are getting the best care! Remember, we want a gentle sweep here, so go in with a light hand! 

  1. Take your lash brush and apply it to the top of your lash line. Ensure the brush is settled where your lashes are attached to your eye, but take care not to press too hard. 
  2. Next, gently roll your brush downward, taking the brush through your lash extensions to the end of the lashes themselves. This is the sweeping motion that we discussed earlier,  be sure not to press too hard as you do this. 

And that is how you brush your lash extensions! For those after some extra fluffy lashes, we have a bonus step for you. 

  1. Take your lash wand and place it under the base of your lashes as if you were to apply mascara. Brush upwards to lift your lashes and give them some addehttps: Why did my lash lift not work?. How long do lash lifts really last?! Doing so should give your lashes that fresh out of the salon look we all crave daily!  

We would say this is the safest way to brush your lashes, and you should notice that they last longer! Remember to avoid pulling or tugging motions, as this will damage your lashes and cause them to fall out! 

If your lash technician offers you specific advice about your lash extension aftercare, it’s always best to follow their advice. They will know their work, the lashes used, and your eyes better than we will, so be sure to ask them if you have any further questions! 

When can I brush my eyelash extensions?

We think it’s best to brush your eyelash extensions first thing in the morning. Once you have woken up, washed your face, or showered, have your lash brush at the ready and start brushing. Should You Brush Your Eyelash Extensions When Wet?!

Remember to wait until the lashes are dry if you got them wet to avoid causing any damage to them. 

Brushing your lashes in the morning will help remove any tangles that may have occurred in the night and leave you looking fresh for the day. We like to think of it as brushing our hair or teeth.

We wouldn’t leave the house without doing it, so why would we leave without brushing our lashes?

You could brush your eyelash extensions in the evening if that is when you shower. Again, wait until you have showered, washed your face, and done your cleansing before tackling your lashes.

Using a dry and clean wand, brush through your lash extensions using the method we showed you earlier. 

Brushing your lashes in the evening will remove any dirt and debris for the day and ensure they are clean and ready to go!

Often, deciding when to brush your lash extensions is a personal choice and one that should fit in with your daily routine. We enjoy a morning brush, but know that it doesn’t suit everyone!

Some people argue you should brush your lashes both in the morning and evening. You can do this; just remember to be gentle and avoid any pulling and tugging motions.

Everyone’s lashes are different. You might find you need to brush your lashes a few times a day to prevent them from tangling and crisscrossing. 

After a few days of having your lash extensions, you should be able to tell how often they will need to be brushed.

Provided you are not brushing too hard, tugging, or brushing wet lashes, when and how often you do it should not impact the longevity of your lashes.