Hybrid Lash Extensions | Lashes With A Classic Wispy Look

Hybrid Lashes | Everything You Need To Know About Hybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid eyelashes are popular for being completely customizable and often looking more natural than volume lashes.

But what are they exactly? And how long will they last?

We’ve got all the answers in this simple guide!

Keep reading to find out more about Hybrid lashes and how they could be the ones to have you turning heads all day long.

In this article you will learn:

  • Hybrid eyelashes are a combination of classic and volume lashes.
  • They are completely customizable and provide a natural-looking appearance.
  • The cost of hybrid lashes varies depending on the extent of the treatment and the lash artist.
  • Hybrid lashes can last up to 6-8 weeks if taken care of properly.
  • Infills are recommended around 3-4 weeks after the initial application.
  • Aftercare is crucial, and it is important to avoid getting the lashes wet for the first 24 hours after application.
  • Cleaning hybrid lashes involves using a gentle foaming lash cleanser and avoiding oil-based products.
  • The hybrid lash treatment can take anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours.
  • It is recommended to remove hybrid lashes by a lash technician and to avoid wearing oil-based mascara.
  • Hybrid lashes should not cause damage to natural lashes if applied correctly and maintained properly.
  • Clients can still wear makeup with hybrid lashes, but should avoid oil-based products.

What Are Hybrid Lashes?


woman with before and after photo of hybrid eyelash extensions

Volume lashes and classic lashes are combined in hybrid lash extensions to produce a more distinctive, natural-looking appearance.

In some places, classic lashes are added to lengthen the lashes by attaching 1 lash extension to 1 of your natural lashes.

Russian volume lashes are a single natural lash with a little fan of 2 to 6 attached lashes. These are utilized to increase fullness and density.

When applied correctly you or your client will be left with wispy, full lash extensions that give them the best of both worlds!


How Much Do Hybrid Lashes Cost?


Depending on the area, the extent of your Hybrid lashes and the lash artist you book with, Hybrid Lash extensions cost anywhere from $150 to $300.

If you’re on top of your Hybrid lash upkeep , infill treatments generally cost half the price of the full set application.


How Long Do Hybrid Lashes Last?


As Hybrid lash extensions are attached to your natural lashes, they will follow your natural lash growth cycle and fall off with your natural lashes.

This means Hybrid lash extensions can last up to 6-8 weeks if taken care of properly.

You will see that roughly 50% of the lashes will fall off after 4 weeks due to the natural wear and tear of everyday life.


How Often Should I Have Hybrid Lash Infills?


If you are looking to continue your Hybrid Lash journey then booking with your lash tech for an infill around 3-4 weeks after the application is the next step.

Your lash artist will generally require you to have 40-50% of your Hybrid lashes remaining in order to refresh the full set.


What Does The Hybrid Lashes Aftercare Look Like?


Taking care of your Hybrid Lash extensions after their installment is critical.

It is crucial to avoid getting the lash extensions wet within the first 24 hours of application.

Avoid hot showers and steam until the glue is dried completely. This is normally within 48 hours of the treatment.

It is important that you keep any oil-based products away from the lashes at all times, as this can cause the glue to break down.

Even the natural oils on your fingers can be damaging to the extensions. Interested in seeing hybrid lash extension before and after photos

click the link.


Hybrid Lashes | Everything You Need To Know About Hybrid Lash Extensions


How To Take Care Of Hybrid Lashes


Getting Hybrid Lashes installed is an expensive and time consuming process, so you want to take care of them in between appointments.

This will make sure you get the best out of your lash extensions.

Taking care of Hybrid lash extensions is simple.

  • Refrain from touching and picking the lashes.
  • Brush gently with a soft spoolie
  • Avoid oil-based products to avoid dissolving the glue on the lashes.

These are the main steps to keeping your lashes fresh for longer. For more in depth cleaning keep reading!


How To Clean My Hybrid Lash Extensions


To clean your lashes is rather simple. Remember we don’t want to touch them too often.

When removing make up around the eyes it’s important to use an oil-free micellar water or make up remover.

Take a clean cotton but for each eye and gently swipe to remove the eye-make up.

Make up wipes can also be used to clean the eye.

Give your lash extensions a gentle wash 2-3 times a week with a gentle foaming lash cleanser. You can pick one up from your lash tech!


How To Do Hybrid Lashes


Creating the Hybrid lash look is no easy task. Lash artists will more often than not create customized fans for the set.

They will begin by installing 2 fans onto 2 separate lashes and then apply a single lash extension to individual lashes either side of the fans.

This will be repeated until the entire set is applied.


Hybrid Lashes Treatment


The Hybrid Lash extensions treatment can last anywhere between 1.5- 2.5 hours.

As the lash technician uses a blend of classic lashes and volume lashes it can take time and attention to achieve the result desired by the client.

Depending on your preferences and the condition of your natural lashes, the lash technician will combine lash extensions of different thicknesses, lengths, and curls to give you the ideal look.


How Do I Prepare For The Hybrid Lash Extension Treatment?


Before you sit in your lash technicians chair, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your appointment goes smoothly.

  1. Stop wearing waterproof mascara 3 days before your appointment. This may stop the lash glue from bonding and ruin your lashes.
  2. Clean your face and lashes. Make sure to cleanse your skin and lashes before your appointment. Avoiding oil-based products around the eyes and lashes,
  3. Remove your contact lenses if you wear them. Being contact free ensures you leave the salon with healthy eyes and lashes.


How Long Does A Hybrid Lash Treatment Take?


Due to the detail and customization of Hybrid Lash extensions, applications take anywhere between 1,5-2.5 hours.

Lash artists create a mix of classic lashes and volume lashes through fans and spikes.

Generally 50% classic and 50% volume, however this can be changed depending on your preference.


Hybrid Lashes | Everything You Need To Know About Hybrid Lash Extensions


What To Expect During A Hybrid Lash Treatment?


Once you are settled and comfortable your lash technician will begin by placing a small pad under your eye.

This has their extension map to create your desired lash.

Next you will close your eyes as they begin to apply the extensions.

There should be no pain or discomfort during application but you should always make your lash tech aware if there is.

You can also ask for a small break as sitting with your eyes closed can become uncomfortable.


Hybrid Eyelash Extensions: Key Takeaways


People who wish to give their natural lashes more length and volume might consider using hybrid eyelashes.

Although they are thicker than basic lashes, volume lashes are more striking.

They are so appealing and well-liked because they are a great fusion of the two styles.


Hybrid Lashes Frequently Asked Questions 


Can I Remove Hybrid Lashes At Home?


You can remove your Hybrid lashes at home using a combination of steam and oil. Most popular is coconut oil or olive oil to break down the glue.

However, it is always best to have them removed by a lash technician to avoid damaging your natural lashes.


Do Hybrid Lashes Have Any Side Effects?


Side effects are rather rare but they can happen:

  • Allergic reactions. A patch test is recommended prior to application
  • Irritation. This can be avoided by regularly cleaning your lashes.
  • Infections. Can happen if applied in an unsterile environment.

Can I Wear Mascara On My Hybrid Lash Extensions?


Yes it is ok to wear oil-free mascara on hybrid lash extensions.

It is however not recommended to wear mascara on your Hybrid lashes if you are using an oil-based mascara, since the oil will affect the lash glue adhesive.


Do Hybrid Lashes Damage Your Natural Lashes?


If applied correctly and you follow the aftercare and maintenance needed, Hybrid Lashes should not cause any damage to your natural lashes.

Booking with a certified lash technician is the best way to ensure no damage is done to your lashes.


Can You Still Wear Make-Up With Hybrid Lashes?


Yes! You can still wear all your favorite products with Hybrid lash extensions.

Just take care when removing eye make up and avoid using oil-based products.

You don’t want to break down the glue or damage the eyelash extensions.


Can You Get Hybrid Lashes Wet?


To ensure the bonding glue dries correctly and the lashes last the expected 6-8 weeks, it is crucial that the lash extensions are kept dry for the first 48 hours after application.

Clients are recommended to avoid saunas, steam rooms and showers.

After 48 hours you can get your hybrid eyelash extensions wet!