Is Lash Lift Better Than Extensions?

Is Lash Lift Better Than Extensions

Both lash lifts and lash extensions are a way of making the eyelashes look fuller for longer. They both use very different techniques to achieve these results.

Extensions generally give fuller lashes with dramatic volume, where lifts boost the natural lash. Neither is technically better than the other, because it depends on the look you wish to achieve.

A lash lift is a chemical process that curls the natural lash from base to tip. These lashes are normally then tinted – and the whole process is done! A lash lift typically takes under an hour, and it’s a treatment so relaxing you just might fall asleep.

The end result is that the lashes look naturally fuller and longer, with a boost all the way across from the root to tip of each individual lash.

There are definitely benefits to having a lash lift. The whole process is quick and simple, and a good lash lift is cheaper than good extensions. How long does an eyelash lift take?. Once they’re done, a lash lift can last for over two months. In that time, they’re very easy to maintain.

Lash lifts can get wet with no issues, you can use mascara on top of them, you can even add strip lashes. There’s no difficult removal process as well. Instead, the lashes naturally start to drop.

For anyone who wants a quick and effective lash transformation, the natural finish of a lift is ideal.

A lash lift doesn’t have many downsides, but the big one is unavoidable. Lash lifts can only work with your natural lashes, which means that for some people they just aren’t suitable.

Particularly short lashes won’t benefit from a lift at all. Some may find a lash lift just can’t give the desired results. Can Lash Lifts Go Wrong?.

One small disadvantage to be aware of is the setting time. For 24 to 48 hours after a lift, the lashes need to ‘set’. During that period, they shouldn’t be touched. So if you want lashes before an event, schedule your lash lift a few days in advance.

Extensions, on the other hand, can be anything but natural. Extensions are what to go for if you want big and bold results. This process can take up to two hours – although many find it relaxing – and you need to use a skilled technician. 

Eyelash extensions require maintenance and upkeep. Within two weeks of the lashes being applied, it might be necessary to go in for infills and touch ups. When they start to fall out, the removal process is awkward and difficult.

While a set of eyelash extensions can last indefinitely, they risk damaging the natural lash. 

This may sound like a lot of disadvantages, but there is one really strong advantage to lash extensions – the look! A set of eyelash extensions can completely transform a face.

A good set of extensions can make it look almost like you have an entire face of makeup done already. So you can just roll out of bed and be ready to go!

Which you choose depends on the final look you want. If you’re after drama – pick extensions. If you want a natural enhancement – choose a lash lift.

What’s better – eyelash perm or extensions?

An eyelash perm is used to safely enhance the natural curl of the lashes, where extensions add individual lashes for a fuller effect.

Perms are a quicker process that give a boost for a natural finish. Eyelash extensions are time-consuming, but the result is a complete transformation. Which one is better for you depends on the look you want, and your natural lashes.

The words ‘eyelash perm’ may send a shiver running down your spine. After all, we tend to associate perms with 80s hairstyles and terrible chemicals. Not something anyone wants near the eye.

This is why many places have rebranded the lash perm as the lash lift. However, the two processes aren’t actually interchangeable.

A lash lift is often thought of as an update on the classic lash perm. Perming involves a process of curling the lashes around a heated rod.

Chemicals are applied at the start to break down the bonds in the lashes, which are then brushed over the cylindrical rod. The lashes set into the curl the rod gives them.

Conditioning is applied at the end, to heal the lashes and help them hold the shape. A lash lift works similarly, but with better chemicals and more focus on adding curl to the individual lashes.

A lash perm can look incredibly effective. The curl lasts for roughly two months, and it makes the lashes appear longer and the eyes seem bigger. It’s easy to maintain, and you can use mascara on top. 

The disadvantage of an eyelash perm is that the final result relies heavily on the natural lashes themselves. Some lashes are too short to be permed, and even longer lashes can be permed too tightly.

A tight curl from a perm can have the opposite effect: making the lashes look short. Where a lash lift focuses on individual lashes, the perm gives a fairly standard shape to everyone.

On the other hand, anyone can get eyelash extensions, and they can be customized to fit. While we may naturally picture eyelash extensions as big and bold, it is possible to get a more natural finish.

However, eyelash extensions require regular maintenance. Infills are needed when old extensions start to drop out. By the time you want your lash extensions removed, it’s necessary to return to a beauty technician.

Taking extensions out yourself can damage the natural lash. Whichever you choose, it’s best to consult with a qualified technician. Always go to a trusted salon, as every process requires the use of chemicals around the eye.

A good beautician can explain everything that is involved, and what will work for your lashes. 

A lash perm gives an everyday look that can be given added drama with the use of mascara. Lash extensions come with drama built in, but they’re also harder to maintain.