Can Lash Extensions Cause Styes (Chalazion)? Exploring the Myth

Close-up of a Womans Eye With a Stye

While lash extensions themselves don’t directly cause styes, they can create a larger surface area for dust, debris, allergens, and bacteria to settle on, potentially leading to the development of styes.

Don’t worry, though! With some proper care and attention, you can avoid any eye infections or other issues such as styes.

♥ Key Takeaways ♥

  • Lash extensions do not directly cause styes, but can create a surface for bacteria and debris to accumulate
  • Good hygiene and proper care of extensions are essential to prevent styes and other eye infections
  • Awareness of stye symptoms and timely professional advice can help address any issues quickly


Can Eyelash Extensions Cause Styes?


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Lash extensions themselves do not directly cause styes.

Factors such as improper application, poor hygiene practices, or an allergic reaction to the adhesive can increase the risk of developing a stye.

When extensions are applied incorrectly, they can disrupt your natural lash growth pattern, potentially leading to blocked oil glands and subsequent inflammation and infection.

It’s important to remember that eyelash extensions create a larger surface area for dust, debris, allergens, and bacteria to accumulate.


Common Symptoms Of Styes With Lash Extensions


When you have lash extensions, it is important to be aware of the possible symptoms of a stye.

Here are some common symptoms of styes to watch out for when you have lash extensions:

  • Swelling: One of the first signs of a stye is swelling in the affected area of your eyelid. The swelling may be localized at the site of the stye or may involve the entire eyelid.
  • Pain: You may experience pain or tenderness around the affected area. This pain can range from mild discomfort to a more intense, throbbing sensation.
  • Redness: The skin around the stye may become red and inflamed, which may also cause the surrounding area to appear redder than usual.
  • Watery eyes: As a natural reaction to the infection, your eyes may produce more tears and become watery.
  • Discharge: A stye may cause discharge of pus, which can accumulate at the base of your eyelashes or in the corner of your eye.


How To Avoid Getting a Stye From Eyelash Extensions


Womans Eye With Stye and Redness Underneath


Go To a Professionally Licensed Lash Technician


It’s essential to have your eyelash extensions applied by a professional lash technician.

They have the proper training and experience to ensure a clean and safe application, reducing the risk of infections, including styes.


Don’t Touch Your Eyes With Dirty Hands


Cleanliness is crucial in preventing infections.

Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching your eyes or eyelash extensions.

Avoid rubbing your eyes, as this can introduce bacteria and cause styes to develop.


Don’t Wear Expired Eye Makeup


Blue Eye With Stye On Bottom Lid


Expired makeup may harbor harmful bacteria that can lead to infections.

Regularly check the expiration dates on your eye makeup, and replace products as needed.

Be sure to clean your makeup brushes and applicators regularly as well, to minimize bacterial contamination.


Follow Aftercare Instructions


Your lash technician will provide aftercare instructions to help maintain the health and cleanliness of your eyelash extensions.

These guidelines may include avoiding water or steam on your lashes for a specific time, using a designated lash cleanser to clean your extensions, and avoiding oil-based makeup or skincare products.

Adhering to these instructions will help prevent styes and other infections.



Frequently Asked Questions


Can Eyelash Extensions Increase Stye Risk?


Yes, eyelash extensions can increase the risk of developing a stye.

Styes or chalazions are formed due to an infection or inflammation of the hair follicle on your eyelid.

When you get eyelash extensions, the adhesive used and the procedure itself can sometimes irritate the eyelid and hair follicles, leading to a higher chance of developing a stye.


Can I Get Eyelash Extensions With a Stye?


Person With Eye Closed and Lower Stye


It is not recommended to get eyelash extensions when you have an existing stye.

A stye is an infection or inflammation on your eyelid, and introducing extensions could further irritate the area and potentially worsen the infection.

It would be best to wait until the stye has cleared up completely before getting eyelash extensions.


Do I Have To Remove Eyelash Extensions If I Get a Stye?


If you develop a stye after getting eyelash extensions, it is essential to consult with a healthcare professional or your lash technician for guidance.

In some cases, they may recommend removing the extensions to prevent further irritation and facilitate healing.

Ensure to follow their instructions to avoid complications and ensure a speedy recovery.