How To Use Micellar Water To Clean Eyelash Extensions Safely At Home

How To Use Micellar Water To Clean Eyelash Extensions

It’s time to give your eyelash extensions the TLC they deserve!

It’s not just about batting those lashes anymore, it’s about keeping them in
tip-top shape with a simple yet effective solution: Micellar water.

In this article we are going to go over all the things you need to know to effectively clean your eyelashes at home with micellar water.

Can Micellar Water Clean Eyelash Extensions?


Yes, you can use water-based micellar water to clean your eyelash extensions. While micellar water doesn’t damage eyelash extensions, it can weaken the lash glue if you use an oil-infused micellar water.


So make sure you are using water-based micellar water.


If you choose water-based micellar water, you can use it for your eyelash extensions without damaging the eyelashes and the glue.


Invented by Bioderma in 1991, micellar water is very popular. It can help to remove makeup as well as clean eyelash extensions.


However, you must ensure that you don’t use oil-based micellar water, which could dissolve the lash glue.

Why Clean Lash Extensions With Micellar Water?


Also known as soft water, micellar water contains mild cleaning compounds (micelles) and purified water.


The cleaning agent in micellar water creates a type of magnetic layer that pulls any oil or dirt off the lashes when applied.


These powerful cleaning properties make micellar water the perfect makeup remover and an ideal eyelash extension cleaner.


In addition, micellar water is one of the fastest and safest ways to clean volume and classic eyelash extensions.


However, oil-infused micellar water is too strong for eyelash glue. It will quickly dissolve it. That’s why it’s best to use water-based micellar water to keep the lash glue intact.


image of micellar water bubbles

How To Clean Micellar Water To Clean Eyelash Extensions?


The first step is to dip a lash brush or makeup brush in a little bit of oil-free micellar water. 2nd step, gently use the brush to cover your lash extensions with the micellar water.


3rd step, make sure to rinse your eyes with cool or luke warm water.

Is Micellar Water Safe For Eyelash Extensions?


Yes, micellar water is safe to use as an eyelash extension cleaner but you must make sure it is oil-free. Saying this, there are two types of micellar water that is suitable for removing makeup and eyelash extensions.


Oil-based micellar water contains natural oils that dissolve makeup and help you remove your eyelash extensions.


Oil-based is not what you want to use for cleaning lashes that is because micellar water with oil removes any lash glue that you use.


However, if you use oil-free micellar water, you can safely clean eyelash extensions without damaging the extensions and the eyelash glue.

Does Micellar Water Dissolve Lash Glue?


Yes, oil-based micellar water can dissolve lash glue. You can also use other oil-infused makeup removers to dissolve lash glue and remove your eyelash extensions.


Cream, gel, and olive oil remove eyelash extension glue.

Does Micellar Water Need To Be Oil-free To Use On Lash Extensions?


You should only use water-based micellar water without oil to clean eyelash extensions.


You should use an oil-free product when you want to clean eyelash extensions with micellar water.


The oil in oil-based makeup remover and oil-infused micellar water loosens your eyelash extensions, causing them to fall off. your lashes.


It would be best to look for ingredients such as hexylene glycol, propylene glycol, PEG, and butylene glycol. These substances break down the bonding glue of your lash line.

Is All Micellar Water Oil-Free?


Is All Micellar Water Oil-Free?


No, classic micellar water doesn’t contain oil. Most micellar water is water-based. This being said, some makeup removers are infused with oils to remove strong facial makeup.


However, it would be best to use only oil-free micellar water and makeup remover to thoroughly clean your eyelash extensions.

How Often Do You Clean Lash Extensions With Micellar Water?


How often you clean eyelash extensions depends on how oily your eyelids get. If you have oily eyelids, then it is best to clean your lash extensions with eyelash extension cleanser daily.


Saying this, most people who wear lash extensions are fine with cleaning their lashes three times a week.


Cleaning them two to three times per week is safe if you use micellar water suitable for your lash extensions.

Which Micellar Water Is Best To Clean Lash Extensions: Our Top 6 Recommendations


When you are looking for lash extension cleansers, you will quickly notice that there are a lot of choices available.


Here are our top micellar water products that clean eyelash extensions properly.


1. Garnier Micellar Water


This micellar water from Garnier is a budget-friendly option. It removes makeup and cleanses eyelash extensions easily.


Just add a little bit of the water onto a cotton bud and wipe each eyelash extension. It’s suitable for anyone with sensitive skin.


Plus, you don’t need to rub on your skin. The makeup and eyeliner come off with ease.

2. CeraVe Micellar Water


Labeled as an “ultra-gentle cleanser,” a few drops of this micellar water cleanser from CeraVe removes any makeup. You can also use it as a gentle lash cleaner.


But this soothing cleanser gel isn’t just suitable for removing eyeliner; it also contains substances that nourish the skin.


This makes it an ideal cleansing gel for anyone who wants to clean their lashes regularly.


You can use it safely around different parts of your face, including your skin, around the eyes, and on false lashes.

3. Simple Micellar Water


This sensitive skin micellar water is perfect for cleaning eyelash extensions and removing any makeup residue.


When you are wearing eyeliner, you can use only a few drops of this lightweight gel to clean your natural eyelashes and false lashes.


The Simple Micellar water contains no strong chemicals that could dry out your skin or damage your lash adhesive.

4. Bioderma Micellar Water


Just soak some of the Bioderma micellar water into a small cotton pad and wipe over your skin and lash extensions.


This all-in-one lash cleanser stops drying and helps the skin retain water.


You can use this micellar water formula for sensitive and oily skin.

5. Lancôme Eau Micellaire


This micellar water from the famous perfume brand Lancome lifts any eye makeup from natural lashes and extensions.


Unlike most makeup removers, it contains stronger chemicals that can remove waterproof makeup.

6. La Roche-Posay Micellar Water


This foaming micellar water feels soothing on sensitive and dry skin. It’s ideal for removing makeup and mascara from natural lashes and false eyelashes.


Apply the foam to your whole face, and gently cleanse it with water.


Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Micellar Water And Lash Extensions


Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Micellar Water And Lash Extensions

Does Oil-Based Micellar Water Remove Eyelash Extensions?


Yes, oil-based micellar water can remove eyelash extensions. Just like other makeup removers, some micellar water brands contain oil.


This oil is ideal for removing any dirt and makeup. However, it can also dissolve lash adhesive, which means that your eyelash extensions will fall out.


If you don’t want to remove your eyelash extensions when you clean your lashes, it is best to use water-based micellar water.

Can You Use Micellar Water To Clean Magnetic Lashes?


Yes, you can use water-based micellar water to clean your magnetic eyelashes. Just soak a small cotton pad in the micellar water and gently rub the cotton pad against your false lashes.


This will remove any dirt, oil, eyeliner, and other makeup residue.


However, ensure not to use oil cleansing removers as this could dissolve the lash bond, and your extensions may fall off.

Does Micellar Water Ruin Lash Extensions?


No, good-quality micellar water doesn’t ruin lash extensions. Just make sure it is oil-free


Most micellar water containing only water and simple cleaning agents are gentle enough not to ruin lash extensions.


However, you will need to ensure that you use only the right makeup remover that doesn’t contain any oils.


Oil-infused lash cleansers will remove the lash glue, which means that your eyelash extensions will come off.

Does Micellar Water Make Lash Extensions Fall Out?


Yes, if it is oil-based, it can dissolve the glue of your eyelash extensions and cause them to fall out.

Micellar Water Alternative For Removing Make-Up With Eyelash Extensions


There are a great variety of micellar water alternatives that you can use as eye makeup removers while wearing eyelash extensions.


We recommend using baby shampoo or foaming cleanser as a great alternative to micellar water. If you are looking to make your own check

out our article on DIY Eyelash Extensions Shampoo as a great alternative to using micellar water.

Which Micellar Water Is Oil Free?


Garnier and Simple claim that all their micellar water products do not contain any oils.


However, it is best to check the label of your chosen micellar water for any oil ingredients.

Is Waterproof Micellar Water Oil Free?


No, most micellar water products used to remove waterproof makeup and mascara are not oil-free.


For many waterproof makeups, micellar water contains oil that helps remove stubborn makeup residue, including waterproof eye makeup.


The oil in this type of micellar water helps to dissolve any oil-based makeup, while the water is used to wipe off eyeshadow and eyeliner.


micellar water getting put on pad to clean eyelash extensions

Who Should Not Use Micellar Water?


You should not use micellar water if you have acne-prone skin or skin that tends to have breakouts of congested spots and blackheads.


The substances in this type of makeup cleanser leave a thin film on the skin that is said to disrupt the natural oil production of the skin. It can also block skin pores.


In addition, everyone who has a skin issue, such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, and other skin problems, should be very careful with applying makeup and using makeup cleansers.

Why Don’t You Wash Off Micellar Water In Some Cases?


Some people believe that very gentle micellar water products also nourish the skin. However, this depends on the skin type.


For anyone with sensitive skin, it is advisable to rinse the micellar water off again as soon as possible. Otherwise, the cleaning agents in the product could irritate the skin.


That said, micellar water contains substances that attract dirt and oil to your skin. It would help if you allowed the product to work for a few minutes before you wash it off again.

Should Micellar Water Be Rinsed Off?


Yes, it is safer to rinse micellar water from your skin and eyelash extensions after cleaning everything thoroughly.


While most micellar water is fine to leave on for a short period, sensitive or cracked skin may get irritated quickly.


It would be best if you washed any makeup remover off as soon as possible.

What Can I Use Instead Of Micellar Water To Clean My Lash Extensions?


Various micellar water substitutes are suitable for cleaning lash extensions, including facial soap, face cleanser, baby shampoo, and a foaming lash cleaner.


Some of these products are easier to apply when you remove your lash extensions and clean them.


Remember that you should only use water-soluble micellar water to clean your eyelash extensions while still wearing them.

Is Micellar Water Just Soapy Water?


Yes, micellar water is soapy water with tiny surfactant molecules suspended in soft water. However, these makeup removal products use extremely soft water with tiny cleansing agents.


There are very few cleaning agents in micellar water, so it is extremely gentle. This also means it is much more gentle on your skin and false lashes.


This makes micellar water also less likely to irritate dry and sensitive skin.

Is Micellar Water Safe Around Eyes?


While micellar water is extremely mild, it can irritate sensitive skin and the eyes.


If you get micellar water into your eyes, then it’s important to wash it out immediately to avoid eye irritation.


Make sure to use as much water as possible to remove the micellar water. If you notice any issues, then it is best to check in with your doctor.

What Is The Most Natural Micellar Water for Lash Extensions?


As micellar water still contains some mild chemicals, it is best to use very mild micellar water that has only very few ingredients.


Check the ingredients list for perfumes, fragrances, or essential oils that might make micellar water more aggressive on the skin or irritants for your eyes.


We recommend Simple micellar water since it doesn’t contain any strong chemicals that could dry out your skin or damage your lash adhesive.