How Much Does Microblading Cost In 2024 (Find Prices Near You)

How Much Is Microblading In 2022 (Find Prices Near You)

How much does microblading cost? Is it really worth it?

These are the questions that we’ll be answering in this article all about microblading.

We all know how much eyebrows can make or break your look.

They’re a key feature that you’ll see right away when you look at a person, so making sure yours are always looking fantastic is easily done by microblading.

So without any further delay, let’s get started.

The Average Cost Of Microblading

On average, microblading in the US costs around $600.

Though, the price range for microblading is absolutely enormous, and will range all the way from $200 to $2,200.

So there’s a huge amount of space in between that you can expect to find yourself between.

But what makes this process have such a variety in price range, let’s take a look.

Why Do Microblading Prices Differ So Much?

There’s clearly many different factors that affect the overall price of microblading, and costs can vary due to the experience of the artist, their schedule, the academy that they graduated from, where their salon is even located and if there’s any competition in the surrounding area.

All of these different factors total up to create the massive price fluctuations that you’ll see when looking at microblading.

In your local area prices might be sky high, but an hour away they could be completely different.

Why Is Microblading So Expensive?

Microblading can seem incredibly expensive, but when you look at what actually makes up the process of microblading, the price tag can actually be very fair.

Microblading actually consists of two separate visits, the first involving the microblading treatment itself, with you talking to your artist to decide exactly what you’d like done.

This process takes roughly 2-3 hours overall.

The next treatment takes place roughly 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment and its purpose is to correct any imperfections after the initial healing period is finished.

If your skin didn’t take the pigment in some spots, or you want some small corrections done, that’s what the touch-up is for.

Touch Ups As A Part Of The Price

Overall, the first touch up will usually be a part of the price, but not always.

Usually it is included in the original price is because it’s an incredibly important part of the process to get a touch up. This will be a perfect opportunity for you to make any corrections that are necessary.

If you are made to pay the price of the touch up treatment then it’ll usually cost somewhere around $100.

Follow up treatments after the first one will usually not be paid for beforehand, as they’re usually meetings that consist of minor corrections or changes that you’d want to make.

What Affects The Cost Of Microblading?

The cost of microblading can differ widely depending on location and expertise as stated above, but it can also differ depending on the period of time between the first, initial treatment, and the latest touch-up that you’ve had between then.

This is because eyebrows fade as time goes by, so more additional microblading needs to be done.

The oilier your skin is the quicker this progress will fade away too, so it’s different for everyone.

How Much Is Microblading In 2022 (Find Prices Near You)

Is Microblading Worth The Cost?

Overall, microblading will be worth it for some, and not worth it for others.

But judging by the amount of time and effort that artists have to put into microblading sessions, the steep price tag for sessions is actually worth it when you look at all of the different factors put together.

Microblading isn’t a simple procedure, and so the extra cost comes from the expertise needed to perform the procedure.

What Changes The Price Of Microblading?

As we stated above, an artist’s experience, certification, the tools and equipment used, the location, and the competition in the local area all play important roles in making up the price of the microblading procedure.

So let’s take a look at each one of these individual features that make the price tag of microblading what it is.


The first and one of the most important factors in making up the price tag of microblading sessions, an artists experience will always affect their ability, and if an artist has done many sessions before, the chances of them making a mistake or doing a bad job is fairly low.

The more skillful an artist is, the more clients they’ll have, and so the price of their services will go up.

The most experienced artists will always have prices that are higher than artists that aren’t as experienced.


Certification is also going to be an important factor in determining the price.

In certain states you don’t actually require certification in order to be a microblading artist, which can mean that some artists go for non-certified budget styled microblade sessions instead of the much more prestigious artists that have genuine certifications.

But for the artists with credentials, having a well known academy backing standing behind them to guarantee quality will always demand a higher price from customers.


It really doesn’t matter what you’re talking about, location will always play a role in the pricing of everything, and for microblading this is still the case.

In bigger cities, where the rent for a salon is higher, the microblading cost is higher as well.

Bigger cities will naturally have more salons, so the microblading price range is wider, so you can expect to see all sorts of prices.

Tools And Equipment

Some equipment and pigments are higher quality and therefore will be more expensive than others.

This also means that your eyebrows will turn out better and last longer, so you’ll see better results.

In saying that, the more the artist invests in the materials that they use, the higher the cost of microblading will always be for their clients.

How Much Is Microblading In 2022 (Find Prices Near You)

Local Competition

Research has shown that, if there are only a couple of salons in a town, their prices are likely to be similar, this is in a bid to compete for clients that are in the local area.

But there are many salons that provide microblading in an area, there can be significant deviations from the average microblading price, with treatments from more experienced artists being double or even triple the price of the treatment done by a less renowned artist.


Depending on what sort of insurance your microblading artist has can affect how expensive the procedure is as well.


Microblading Cost Summary

In the USA, microblading can be a relatively cost effective procedure that will end up saving you the time that it takes to do your eyebrows every single day.

While it might be more expensive than buying a pencil, for some of us, the time saved is worth the price it costs to have your eyebrows microbladed, and for others it’s not worth it at all.

But the features don’t just end there, after a swim or a workout your brows will continue to look natural and stunningly perfect, and for quite some time you will have that natural enhancement that you’ll pick up from microblading.

Will Skin Type Affect The Cost Of Microblading?

If you’ve got oily skin, then you might be concerned about microblading costing extra than someone that has drier skin, and while it is true that people with drier skin see greater benefits from microblading, the upfront cost of the procedure will typically always be the same, dry skin or not.

Issues can arise with oilier skin types though, because the effects of microblading will wear off quicker than on drier skin, so if you want that freshly microbladed look, it will end up costing you more due to more appointments being required.

Microblading In The USA

Microblading prices can dramatically change from state to state too, let’s take a quick look at a list we’ve compiled of the first treatments for microblading in different states of the USA

  • New York- $250-$550
  • Chicago- $250-$350
  • Los Angeles- $300-$600
  • Miami- $250-$500
  • Austin- $200-$500

Microblading Around The World

Microblading prices differ all around the world, so let’s take a quick look at a short list we’ve compiled at the different prices you can expect around the world for a first treatment:

  • Canada- $550-$700
  • Mexico- $150-$350
  • United Kingdom- $250-$950
  • Japan- $250-$550
  • Colombia- $125- $300

As we can see, prices can massively fluctuate depending on where you live in the world, or even from state to state.

This is why choosing the right salon for you is extremely important.

How Do I Choose A Microblading Salon Based On Price?

Choosing a microblading salon for you is always going to come down to personal preference.

Some might prefer to go down the budget pathway, where you might see a finished treatment that could be performed better, but you’ve saved money.

Or some might prefer to go down the extremely expensive options, where you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with the final treatment of your brows. However, remember paying more doesn’t necessarily mean the microblading will be better.

Either way, you’ve got to find the balance that works best for you, so try things out, and give yourself a go.