What Eyelash Extensions To Choose For The Most Natural Look?

Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions: How To Achieve

A lot of people can be surprisingly split when it comes to eyelash extensions.

Many praise them for their ease of use and durability when compared to other cosmetic products like mascara, while others say that some eyelash extensions can look completely fake or are uncomfortable to wear.

However, not all eyelash extensions are super dense, long, and heavy to wear.

There are ways to achieve a dense yet natural look for your eyelashes through the power of lash extensions – but how?

That’s where we come in! Turns out, you don’t need to apply mascara every day to get a natural yet fuller lashes look – you can still use eyelash extensions, but which ones are best for that natural look?

Find all the answers you need to know to get natural looking eyelash extensions below!

Are There Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions?

Natural looking eyelash extensions are basically eyelash extensions that blend in with the rest of your lashes.

They can match your eyelashes’ natural color while still adding some density. This can help you give a fuller lash look without the aid of mascara.

However, some eyelash extensions can look synthetic or fake either because they are too long or made from abrasive materials.

So, there are different types of ‘natural’ looking eyelash extensions that share similar characteristics.

How Do You Get Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions?

Most people want longer or fuller eyelashes but it can be difficult to achieve that naturally.

Most hacks for growing thicker eyelashes don’t work and constantly applying mascara can smudge.

As a result, most people turn to lash extensions to get natural looking lashes that still help give them a sophisticated look without being too dramatic.

You can buy and apply your own every day, or head to a lash technician and have the perfect lashes after a few extra hours.

Can You Get Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions? 

There are a lot of different types of lash extensions out there, ranging in materials, lengths and curls.

As a result, you can definitely find the right natural looking eyelash extension for you – whether they are magnetic lashes you apply yourself or lashes professionally applied by a lash technician.

Most people head over to a lash artist to get their eyelashes done,  you can either request a certain kind of lash from your technician or often times they will recommend the best lash extensions for your eye shape.

What Are The Most Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions?

There are several different factors to consider when looking for the most natural looking kind of eyelash extension for you – including materials, length, and curl.

Most agree that the most ‘natural’ material for eyelash extensions is mink fur or silk because they are so light, soft and shiny.

Synthetic lashes can look very faux and plastic-y so they’re the material to avoid.

While the ideal length of the lashes depends on your natural length, the most common curl for the natural look is B or C.

Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions: How To Achieve

What Are The Best Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions? 

We think that the best natural looking eyelash extensions are those made from silk or faux mink.

These materials are not only light and shiny (perfect for a natural lash look) but also cruelty free, unlike real mink fur lashes.

They are also softer than synthetic lashes and so fine that they look like real lashes.

How Do I Ask For Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions?

If you are set on having your natural looking lash extensions applied by a professional lash technician, then all you have to do when you book your appointment is ask for natural looking lashes.

You should also tell them the kind of look you are going for – sparse lashes, dense lashes, fluffy, long, etc.

Your eyelash technician will go through the options with you and help you find the right natural eyelash extensions for your eye shape.

Then, you just have to sit back and relax while the last technician does all the hard work for you.

What Size Lashes For Natural Look?

The best size lashes for a natural look really depends on the natural length of your real eyelashes.

Some people can get away with a longer eyelash if they have naturally long eyelashes, but post people will either opt for sizes 12 or 13.

If you have particularly short natural eyelashes then perhaps a 9 or 10 will be best for you – just ask your lash tech when you visit!

How Do I Achieve The Most Natural Looking Lash Extensions Possible?

Faux lashes are a great way to up your lash game without forcing yourself to apply mascara every single day.

However, if you don’t understand how your lashes look naturally, then you won’t be able to find the right kind of lashes that fits you.

Think about what style you want for your eyelashes to look like and what length and curl you already have.

Choose a natural looking material like faux mink lashes or silk lashes and then all you have to do is visit your local lash tech and try them out!

If you don’t know what style, length or curl you want your lash technician will be able to tell you what will work best for you based on eye shape, lash length etc.  Good luck!