7 Ways To Remove Lash Glue From Your Eyes, Eyelid and Skin!

How To Remove Eyelash Glue

Whether you have found a little bit of glue residue on your eyelid or around your eye, it’s important to know how you can do this yourself at home.

While it is recommended that you have your eyelash extensions worked on by a professional, you may have a few stragglers of glue holding on that you just want to get rid of.

This article will be listing a few ways you can remove eyelash glue yourself at home from your eyes, skin and eyelids! Below is a summary of 7 ways to remove the eyelash glue.

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In this article you will learn:


1. Try A Hot Shower



When you first have your eyelash extensions put in, your technician will advise you to avoid getting them wet.

If you’d like to remove any remaining lashes, try doing the opposite! The hot steam from the shower will help break down the glue and will loosen any remaining lashes you may have.

However, it is important not to use your hands while doing this, as trying to pull them out can cause damage to your natural lashes. Simply let the steam do the work here!

You should also carefully remove residual makeup before getting into the shower.

You can also fill a small bowl or pot with hot water, and hover your face over the steam for a good few minutes. This works as a great shortcut to the above method.

lash glue being dipped into by individual lash extension

2. Oil-Based Cleanser



When your lash technician finishes applying your beautiful lash extensions, they will tell you to stay away from oil-based cleansers, when it comes to makeup remover.

However, when you want to remove the lashes or any remaining glue, oil-based cleansers are your friend!  Just make sure to not remove the glue that is adhering your lashes.

Try combining it with the above method of a steaming hot shower to loosen the lashes and glue as much as possible. Then, with a cotton pad, gently apply the cleanser in circular motions to the desired area.

This will slowly begin to dissolve the lash glue. It may not happen instantly, and you may need to repeat the process for a few nights, but eventually, you will get there!



3. Coconut Oil



Coconut oil is useful for many things, and one of these is the removal of lash extensions and lash glue.

Simply melt a little bit of coconut oil and add some to a soft cotton pad. Massage it gently onto the area with the glue.

Another alternative is to apply it directly onto your lashes, and let it sit for around 30 seconds before washing it off with warm water.



4. Olive Oil/Mineral Oil


Olive Oil/Mineral Oil

Olive and mineral oil is very unlikely to cause any irritation or allergies to the skin, so they are also good options for removing glue or lash extensions.

Simply follow the instructions as you would for coconut oil.



5. Castor Oil


Castor oil is known for having anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties, which makes it a useful, and safe product for the eye area.

However, if you are pregnant, you should not use this oil to remove your eyelash extensions.



6. Use A Professional Lash Glue Dissolver



The glue that is used to stick the extension to your lashes hardens over time. That means it has hardened over your natural eyelash as well.

While the above methods may work to loosen the lash extension, there is the chance that the glue may break off your lash, taking the natural one with it, which can lead to unwanted bald patches.

Lash glue dissolver contains specific ingredients that will dissolve the glue accordingly. Once you’ve purchased one, simply soak a soft, cotton pad with the dissolver and gently apply it to your eyelashes, avoiding the inside of your eyes at all costs.

It is important to be gentle with your movements, so as not to cause any damage to your eyes, or to your natural lashes.



7. Visit A Professional Lash Technician



While it may be tempting (and cheaper!) to remove your eyelash extensions, remaining glue yourself, it is always best to visit your technician.

They are equipped with the right tools, products, and experience, in order to safely remove any remaining lashes or glue.

They’ll be able to do this safely, without causing any damage to your eyes, or natural eyelashes.

When doing it yourself, it is also very easy to spread unwanted bacteria to your eye. A professional is aware of all the risks and knows how to perform this procedure safely, and appropriately.



Final Thoughts



Whether you’ve got some residual glue hanging onto your eye, eyelid or skin, there are several ways you can remove this at home.

These methods involve heating up the area with steam from a shower or using oil-based cleansers, and oils in general.

However, if you are able to visit your salon, you should do so, as eyelash glue should be removed by a licensed and experienced professionals, in order to guarantee your safety and satisfaction.

We hope this article has been helpful in guiding you through the process.