Spray Tans and Lash Extensions: The Dos & Dont’s of Combining

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When you’re looking to enhance your appearance, combining a Spray Tan with Eyelash Extensions can be an excellent option.

Spray tans should be done at least 48 hours after getting lash extensions. The under-eye patches used to do lashes can take off a newly sprayed tan and you will want to wait until your lash glue has fully set.

By doing so, you can ensure that the spray tan and eyelash extensions adhere properly and give you the desired results you are looking for.

♥ Key Takeaways ♥

  • Wear protective goggles during the spray tan session to protect your eyes and eyelash extensions.
  • Improper protection of eyelash extensions during spray tanning can cause lash adhesive to weaken or break down, discoloration, staining, and potential irritation.
  • Always get lash extensions 48 hours before getting a spray tan

Can You Get a Spray Tan With Eyelash Extensions?


Yes, you can get a spray tan while having eyelash extensions.

You should take certain precautions to ensure a seamless and lasting application.

It is recommended to get your eyelash extensions applied at your lash appointment before your spray tan session. This allows for the lash adhesive to properly bond to your natural lashes.

Make sure to wait at least 48 hours after having your eyelash extensions applied before getting a spray tan. This will give your extensions enough time to settle and reduce the risk of damaging them.


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How To Protect Eyelash Extensions During a Spray Tan


Before your spray tan appointment, it’s essential to prepare properly to ensure your eyelash extensions are protected.

Start by discussing your concerns with the technician beforehand. They will be able to provide advice and reassure you that they have experience working with clients who have eyelash extensions and can recommend spray tan solutions.

When you arrive at the salon, consider wearing a pair of protective goggles. These can be found at most drugstores or online and are specifically designed to protect your eyes and eyelash extensions during spray tanning.

You can also ask the technician to provide you with disposable eye protection.

During the spray tan session, make sure to keep your eyes closed to minimize the risk of the spray tan solution coming in contact with your extensions.

This helps prevent the solution from reacting with the lash glue, potentially causing the extensions to weaken or fall off the lash line.

Try to avoid any direct spray on your face; request a lighter mist to help protect your eyelash extensions.

After the spray tan, follow these steps to keep your eyelash extensions in excellent condition:

  1. Wait at least 8 hours before getting your eyelash extensions wet. This allows the spray tan to develop fully without any disturbances from moisture.
  2. Gently cleanse the area around your eyes with a mild, oil-free makeup remover. This will help remove any residual spray tan solution without damaging the extensions.
  3. Avoid rubbing or pulling on your eyelash extensions. Instead, gently pat your eyes dry after cleansing, being extra cautious around your lashes.
  4. Keep the use of heavy creams, oils, or makeup around your eyes to a minimum. These products can interfere with the adhesive and cause your eyelash extensions to loosen.

What Happens When You Don’t Protect Your Lashes When Spray Tanning?


When wearing eyelash extensions and deciding to get a spray tan, it’s essential to protect your lashes during the process. If you don’t, you might encounter some issues that could affect your extensions’ appearance and longevity.

The chemicals in the spray tan solution can cause the lash adhesive used for extensions to weaken or break down. This may result in your eyelash extensions falling out prematurely, leaving you with uneven or sparse-looking lashes.

The spray tan solution can cause your eyelash extensions to discolor. This is particularly noticeable if your extensions, such as blonde or light brown, are lighter in color.

The solution can cause your lashes or lash sealant to become stained, creating an unnatural appearance that detracts from the beauty of the extensions.

Another issue you might face is the potential irritation caused by the spray tan solution.

Some people have sensitive eyes or skin, and the chemicals in the solution can cause itching, redness, or other forms of discomfort.

By not properly protecting your eyes and lashes during the spray tanning process, you may experience discomfort around your eye area.


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Incorporating spray tans and eyelash extensions into your beauty routine can elevate your overall appearance and boost your confidence.

When done correctly, spray tans can give you a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow.

Pairing this with eyelash extensions can make your eyes pop and enhance your facial features.

Choosing reputable professionals for both services is vital to ensure quality results and avoid any problems.

As you embark on your spray tan and eyelash extension journey, follow proper care instructions and research beforehand.

This will help you achieve the desired results and maintain the health and beauty of your skin and lashes in the long run.

Integrating spray tans with eyelash extensions can be a game-changer for your beauty routine.

With the right care, planning, and professionals involved, you can enjoy stunning, long-lasting results that make you feel your best.


Frequently Asked Questions About Spray Tan With Eyelash Extensions


Should You Get Lash Extensions Before Or After a Spray Tan?


Determining whether you should get lash extensions before or after a spray tan depends on your personal preference and the recommendations of the professionals where you are getting these services done.

Here, we will explore the pros and cons of getting lash extensions before or after a spray tan.

If you decide to get your lash extensions before your spray tan, it is essential to keep in mind that:

  • Having your lashes already applied may help to frame your face and give you a better idea of the final result when you get your spray tan.
  • Some technicians may advise against getting a spray tan immediately after lash extensions, as the adhesive used for the extensions can take up to 48 hours to fully cure, and you should avoid exposing them to water, steam, or humidity during this time.

If you choose to get your spray tan first and then get your lash extensions, there are a few things to consider:

  • You may need to wait at least 24 hours before getting your lash extensions, as the spray tan needs time to fully develop and set into your skin.
  • Make sure to remove any makeup or residue from your spray tan around your eyes before applying eyelash extensions to ensure proper adhesion.