How Much To Tip Eyelash Artist?

How much to tip eyelash artist

Getting your eyelashes done with an eyelash artist is a great way to provide you with gorgeous-looking lashes without the need to apply or remove eye makeup every day and you won’t have to worry about your mascara smudging underneath your eyes. 

If you’re someone who gets eyelash extensions or refills every 2-3 weeks, then you’ll know how long the service can take and how much effort your stylist puts in when they carry out the treatment. With all this time and effort by your lash technician you may be wondering “Do I tip my lash technician” and if so “how much to tip your eyelash lady”?

This effort and time should be rewarded, especially if you’re in love with your new luscious lashes. However, there are so many different salon and beauty treatments out there nowadays, it’s hard to know what is the right

amount to tip for each one. We’ll be delving deeper into how much you should tip your eyelash artist and also why it’s important to tip them. 


Tipping Beauty Services


Whether you’re at the hair salon, nail salon, getting laser hair removal or you have a service for lash tints or lash lifts, you’ll need to give a tip as a very nice gesture to say thank you for the service provided. 

People who provide these treatments and services in a salon are experts in hair, lashes, or just the beauty industry in general and a tip is deserved for helping you feel your best.

Getting a cut color treatment at a hair salon can easily cost a few hundred dollars and can take over 3 hours from start to finish. For this length of beauty service you should tip at least 20% and even more sometimes. 

Regardless of if the person providing the treatment is the owner or not, or whether you’re a regular client, you should tip every time.


How Much Should You Tip Your Lash Stylist?


Not every eyelash stylist expects gratuity, but every eyelash artist will happily accept gratuity from you and it would certainly be highly appreciated.  

Some eyelash techs don’t make as much money as you think once you take into account the overheads of their business and also the day to day costs of the materials used. 

This is why tipping is important, not only to show you appreciate the service but also to support a business that you love. Tips show the stylist’s clients are extremely happy with the job that they are doing. 

You may be asking so how much to tip for eyelash extension?


The 20% Rule


A good rule to follow for beauty services that take longer than 1 hour (such as eyelash extensions, hair treatments, or nails) is that you should be tipping 20% of the total cost of the treatment each time. 

20% is often the tip rule that applies to dining out in a restaurant and should be used for all other services provided by others. 


Excellent Service


If you’ve received excellent service and you’re completely in love with your new lashes then consider leaving a more generous tip to show your eyelash tech some love. 


Arriving Late To Your Appointment


If you arrive late to your appointment, then it would be polite to tip your eyelash artist more than what you usually do to apologize for running them behind on schedule and possibly having to miss their lunch break or even stay later to get through to their customers for the day.

A tip for when you’ve arrived late to your appointment should be 25-30% of the overall price of the treatment. At this point


Customary Extensions


If you’re someone who doesn’t like a full set of generic lash extensions but prefer to have some customary lash extensions that are catered to the shape of your eye and accentuate the shape of your face then this will require more work and require more time for you lash artist. 

Time equals money and the more time your eyelash stylist is taking carrying out a service on you, the less time they’ll have for other people throughout the day. So you should try to compensate them for taking more time just so you can get the exact look that you want.

If this is the case, you should consider tipping around 30% of the total cost of the treatment in most cases.




So how many lash fills before new set is needed? Instead of a full set of extensions, you can get eyelash infills every couple of weeks to fill in the gaps where your natural lashes have fallen out. This will require less time for the lash etc and they won’t be using as many materials. how many lash fills before new set

Therefore, a shorter job and service may call for a smaller tip, so you should be tipping anything from 10-15% of the overall price of your infills. 


How Much To Tip For Eyelash Extensions?


On average, a full set of eyelash extensions cost around $85-$400 depending on where you go and what fiber and types of lashes you’re having.

So based on our recommendations above, how much to tip eyelash lady should be around $20 up to $100 for a full set of eyelash extensions depending on the total cost and also how much you rate the service.

For infills, you could be paying $10 to $20 tip for the service.


Why Are Eyelash Extensions So Expensive?


Lash stylists undergo extensive training to be able to excel at their profession, some of which can cost a lot of money to attain their lash extension licensing and certifications. There are multiple courses that lash artists may enroll in to improve their skills and be the best that they can be, even one course can be pricey and cost hundreds of dollars. 

Lash extensions  made from mink fur look the most natural and are also the most comfortable for clients to wear, however, they are also the most expensive and will easily boost the price of the treatment to cover the overall price of materials. 

Eyelash extensions can take anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes for a full set to be applied, which means that your stylist will have less time in the day for other customers and may make less money because of it, therefore they’ll need to charge higher prices to make sure they make enough money every day. You are probably still thinking why are lash extensions so expensive? But if you factor the time, materials, training for the lash tech etc. You can start to see why they cost what they do.


Final Thoughts


Tipping is a nice gesture and will show your lash stylist how much you rate the overall experience and love their service. 

Eyelash artists provide a service, just like a waitress in a restaurant and they spend a lot of time training to do their job and spend a great deal of time on their feet every day providing quality service.

Sometimes, most of their income may even come from tips due to the overheads of their own salon or if they work for the owner of the salon. 

You never know, tipping may make your eyelash tech more inclined to accommodate you in their busy schedule when you try to book a last-minute appointment, especially if you’re a loyal and returning client. 

Beauty services are not cheap, but this doesn’t mean you have to skimp on your tipping, especially when it comes to lash services.  Wanting to learn more about the history of eyelash extensions go to our history of lash extensions page to learn more about the incredible history that created this amazing beauty industry.