What Are Semi-Permanent Eyelashes?

What Are Semi-Permanent Eyelashes?

Semi-permanent eyelashes are a dream come true for so many women around the world. Instead of wearing fake eyelashes that need to be taken off at the end of the day, the semi-permanent kind means you can go to bed and wake up every morning with beautiful and long eyelashes.

These lashes mean you can rock a super stylish look for up to a month. Unlike permanent eyelash extensions, the semi-permanent type does not require grafting or a transplant. These also do not last a lifetime as transplanted lashes do.

Nonetheless, both types of lash extensions require minimal upkeep as they stay in place and look beautiful and elegant, only for a shorter period if they are semi-permanent. 

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are synthetic fibers that attach to your real eyelashes one by one. This makes them look as if they are one strip of natural eyelashes.

These types of lashes can stay attached to your lash hair for 2 to 5 weeks depending on the adhesive and quality of the lashes. 

These lashes can have different curls, thicknesses, and lengths so you can choose what suits you and your style best. You can also get them through varying techniques.

The most classical way is for a technician to glue one false eyelash onto one natural lash. This happens for each lash.

Another method is to use a volume technique (2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, and so on). This method sees one false eyelash glued to a natural eyelash but instead of just one lash, two or more false hairs come out of each one. 

Just like our natural lashes, false ones will also fall out. Not all lashes hold on to our natural lashes as well so you may find a few false lashes around your home or after you have washed your face. 

It is recommended that you get a refill every two to five weeks. However, this depends on your natural eyelash’s strength, growing speed, and how well you maintain and take care of your fake semi-permanent eyelashes. 

The procedure of attaching semi-permanent lashes usually begins when the esthetician tapes down your upper and lower lashes.

Next is the tedious part where each synthetic lash is placed to your existing lashes, one by one. This process usually ends with the esthetician curling your lashes to give them a more finished, elegant look. 

As you can guess, this procedure is painstaking work and typically takes around two hours to complete. The good news is if the eyelash extensions are applied correctly, then your natural eyelashes should remain safe and healthy.

However, inexperienced technicians could mess up the application by creating clumps that could damage your natural lashes. This is why you should always go to a salon that has a reputable reputation. 

The application of semi-permanent lashes should always be pain-free. To avoid damaging your natural lashes, as well as your false ones, you should not tug on them or rub your eyes. This could lead to the lashes falling out very quickly. 

How long do semi-permanent lashes last? 

The clue is in the name. Because semi-permanent lashes are glued to your natural eyelashes, they are usually stuck in place for a certain period of time.

They are more popular than lash implants as the procedure is not as serious and it means you can change up your eyelash style and length every now and again. 

In general, semi-permanent eyelashes need to be applied by a professional technician every two to three weeks. Some lash extensions can last up to five weeks or even longer.

However, applying the lashes every few weeks can be pretty costly which is why many women prefer to stick to other lash selections.

Semi-permanent lashes can be made from a range of materials with mink being the most common extension. Silk and synthetic fibers are also utilized on regular occasions. As a client, you will usually have a preference on what type of lash extension you want.

However, some technicians are more comfortable working with one type of material and will therefore pick a style and type for you. It is possible to choose the style of your eyelashes, however.

Natural eyelash extensions and classic extensions are usually the most common but you can also opt for a more dramatic look with larger, more curled bushy eyelashes that will stand out in the crowd. 

Permanent eyelashes are exactly as you would guess. Once grafted or transplanted, these lashes are promised to last a lifetime.

This is because the hair is actually transplanted directly onto the eyelids. Semi-permanent lashes, on the other hand, are a non-invasive procedure where no surgery is required. 

The cost of semi-permanent eyelashes 

The cost of semi-permanent lashes varies depending on where you have them done, the skill level of the technician, and the lashes style you choose.

In general, the more dramatic and intense the look, the more expensive it will usually be. We recommend clarifying a price with a technician before a visit so you are not left with any nasty surprises. 

You should choose a piece that is affordable for you but we don’t suggest going for the cheapest option you come across. The cheaper it is, the lesser quality the lashes usually will be.

Look for positive reviews of eyelash technicians in your area and make sure they have photos of their work for you to inspect. Some specialize in certain types of lashes that may not be your preference so make sure they can do what you want before you agree to an appointment. 

If the quality of a technician’s work seems worth it, you should be willing to pay a little extra and travel a little further. This will not only mean your false eyelashes will look better but there is also less of a risk of your natural lashes getting damaged. 

In Summary 

Semi-permanent eyelashes are a great way of enjoying thick, beautiful, well-kept lashes without needing to do the constant upkeep every day. You can wake up every morning looking like you’re ready to party or go to a glamorous ball.