What Are Wispy Lash Extensions?

What Are Wispy Lash Extensions?

Inspired by icon Kim Kardashian, wispy lash extensions make your eyes look wider and brighter without a hint of mascara.

Perfect for that clean girl aesthetic or just to enhance your everyday look. 

Save time on your morning routine with a set of wispy volume lash extensions!

This guide covers what wispy lash extensions are, how to map them and of course how to take off them as well as your own natural lashes. 

What Are Wispy Lash Extensions?

Wispy Lash Extensions are a specific type of lash extension formed by placing a handcrafted lash fan with 2–6 lashes in alternate lengths to the lash line.

You’ll have the look of a strip lash without the time and effort of false strip lashes.

How Much Do Wispy Lash Extensions Cost?

In the US a set of wispy lash extensions may set you back from $150 to $400 depending on the area, the salon and the professional lash artist. 

This may seem expensive, but with less money spent on false lash strips, eyelash glue and mascara, the costs can begin to even out. 

Who Are Wispy Lashes Good For?

For those who prefer really prominent, dramatic lashes, a wispy lash set is fantastic.

They are created by blending lash extensions of various lengths, and they have a fluffy, feathery appearance.

So, if you aren’t afraid of a little drama, wispy lashes are the perfect extensions for you.

They also work well for those new to the eyelash extension world as they aren’t too heavy or uncomfortable to wear. Just give you longer lashes! 

How To Care For Wispy Lash Extensions?

When you first get your lash extensions applied the most important thing is to make sure to keep them dry for at least 24 hours.

Try not to touch them as the natural oils on your fingers could ruin them. 

Avoid very hot, humid and damp areas such as hot showers, saunas etc.

Be careful when showering to avoid getting them directly wet and only wash the lashes a few times a week with a foaming lash cleanser. 

How Long Do Wispy Lash Extensions Last?

Wispy lash extensions tend to last between 2-3 weeks. They will begin to fall off and be completely gone by 6 weeks after installation.

The strength and structure of your natural eyelashes will also affect how long your extensions stay.

The length of time that the extensions remain on your lashes depends on where they are in their natural development cycle when they are applied.

So take care of your extensions to get the most out of them!

What Are Wispy Lash Extensions?

Do Wispy Lashes Ruin Your Natural Lashes? 

Like any cosmetic procedure there is a risk  to having wispy lashes.

With wispy lash extensions if they are not applied correctly or if you neglect to take care of them they could cause damage to your natural lashes

For example, if the extensions are too heavy for your natural lashes, they may break off as they can’t hold them.

Make an appointment with an eyelash extension specialist to determine the best course of action for you. 

How Can I Create Wispy Lash Extensions?

To create a wispy lash extension effect it’s important to have a combination of spikes and fans.

This creates a fullness in the lashes without making them too heavy for the natural lash line. 

You can also use pre-made wispy lash fans with the spike already in place for ease. Alternating lengths of individual lashes and spikes will create a classic wispy look.

How Do You Make Wispy Lash Extensions?

To make extensions look wispy, extra time and detail goes into the application of the lashes, such as making sure the spikes hit their peak at the centre of the eye and keeping the base full. 

Fanning out some of your spikes in between each set of spikes will give more feathery lashes. 

How Do You Map Wispy Lash Extensions?

Start with lashes ranging from 6 mm to 15 mm. Divide the lash line into 5 sections from inner to outer corner.

Use the smallest lash length on the inner, going up a size until you reach the outer corner.

Apply 11 mm lashes between each section in order to create fullness and the desired wispy effect. 

This can be altered to customize the desired wispiness and length of your client. 

How To Create A Wispy Lash Map?

To create your own wispy lash map it is best to have selected your preferred lash strip style. Begin by finding where your lash spikes will be placed.

This is generally your highest point of your lashes and will then shape the rest of your extensions. 

Lash extensions tend to be the highest in the centre of the eye then become shorter towards the outer corner.

Here you can customize your lashes for a fuller, voluminous look or a more natural lash

What Is The Best Way To Maintain Wispy Lash Extensions? 

To keep your wispy lash extensions looking their best, it’s important to give them extra attention. 

The main points of maintaining your extensions are to touch them as little as possible, keep them dry for 24 hours after application and keep oil-based products away from the lash and eye area.

Introducing an eyelash cleansing routine into your skin-care routine a few times a week will keep your extensions looking fresh and fluffy!