What is a Lash Lift?

What is a lash lift

A lash lift is basically a perm for your eyelashes. In the same way that hairdressers use perming solutions to curl hair, eyelash technicians use perming solutions to lift up and curl the natural lashes. However, it is not all that simple. 

A professional lash lift will typically involve boosting, lifting and separating each individual lash for a more natural look, before tinting them darker to make them seem thicker, longer and more defined. 

The result is a naturally lifted look, as if you are wearing mascara, but without the risk of smudging, running, or your eyelashes looking crusty.

However, as the lash lift is done by brushing up the natural lashes, and coating them in perming solutions, you should not get them wet for the first 48 hours, as this could reverse the results 

If you are ready to ditch the mascara, then a lash lift may be the best next appointment for you!

Do you tint or lift lashes first?

The lash lift process involves the application of a serum to break down the proteins in the lashes, before they are brushed up and molded onto little silicone shields.

Then, your eyelash technician or beauty therapist will use a lifting and perming solution once they have properly separated and positioned the eyelashes. 

You will have to leave it to set for a few minutes, and then finally, you will have your eyelashes tinted last. The lash lift will therefore involve positioning, perming and setting first, and then the treatment will end with an eyelash tint to really make them pop.

However, some people choose to go without the eyelash tint at the end for a more natural look. 

How long does an eyelash lift take?

Typically, the whole process will take about 45 to 60 minutes. In my personal experience of getting my eyelashes lifted, the longest part is getting the silicone pads on the eyelids, and the technician positioning, brushing and pushing up each eyelash, before even applying any of the perming solutions. 

This is the trickiest part, where each eyelash is carefully moved and lifted upwards, which can cause your eyes to water a little bit, but you will be in no actual discomfort.

Once everything is in place, it is just about applying the serum to break down the proteins in your eyelashes, making them more susceptible to the perm, and then actually applying the perming solution.

The perm itself will stay on for about 6-10 minutes, which can feel like a long wait seeing as your eyes have to remain completely closed for the whole treatment (and you cannot go on your phone to pass the time)!

However, once this has passed it will not be long until your lashes are finished, tinted and ready to go. 

How is a lash lift done?

So, how is a lash lift actually done. First of all, when you enter for your appointment, you will have to lie down on the bench. Your eyelash technician or beauty therapist will then put small cotton pads underneath the eyes, keeping your lower lashes tucked away and out of reach.

Then, you will have your eyelashes cleansed to ensure that there is no build up of makeup or mascara that may tamper with the results of the treatment. 

After this, the eyelash technician will place small silicone pads like these on your eyelids that will act as a base for your lash lift. Then, they will coat your natural lashes in a serum that works to break down the proteins in your lashes safely, so that they are easy to maneuver and curl up in the next step. 

Then, your eyelash technician will use a small lifting tool to brush up the lashes, and adhere them to the silicone pad. This is the intricate part of the process, where each lash is positioned perfectly for that effortless lift and curl.

Once all lashes are in place, they will then apply the perming solution which will need to sit on the lashes for about 10 minutes. 

This will then be removed, and a setting solution will be coated onto the lashes, and left to settle.

Finally, you will have an eyelash tint to finish off the look, which is usually black, so that the lashes look naturally dark and made up with mascara, for that effortless ‘I woke up like this’ appearance.

You should keep in mind that you have to have natural lashes at least 4mm long to get a lash lift, as the process may not work as well for you. 

How long do lash lifts really last?

Most lash lift treatments will last for about four to six weeks, but they can last longer depending on how you care for your lashes yourself. Is Lash Lift Better Than Extensions?.

In addition, you must not wear any mascara on the lashes, or get them wet for at least the first 48 hours as this could interfere with the lift, and with the perm itself. 

Once your lashes are settled, you can also use an eyelash oil or castor oil to keep them nourished, conditioned and looking as good as they did on the first day of your treatment. 

Some eyelash lifts and lash tints can last for up to eight weeks or longer if you care for them well. For instance, you also do not have to wear any makeup at all after having a lash lift, which will in turn make the results last longer.

All you need to do is brush them out with an eyelash brush a few times and they are sure to look absolutely fabu-lash!  

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