What’s Better: Classic Or Volume Lashes?

What’s better: classic or volume lashes

We don’t know about you, but we love getting our lashes done! Having a fresh set of falsies can give you a real confidence boost, and make you feel like a beautiful goddess! Getting false eyelash extensions is a great way to make your eyes pop, make you feel pretty and make you stand out from the crowd.

But, there are so many different options available, from classic lashes, cat eye eyelash extensions, to Russian lashes, hybrid lashes and volume lashes …how do you know which ones are for you?

That’s where our area of expertise comes in handy. We are here to give you a guide of what classic lashes and volume lashes are, what’s the difference, and whether you need to get some!

So, what are classic lash extensions?

Classic eyelash extensions are when one extension is applied to one individual lash using a ratio of one to one with your own natural lashes. This can give you a more realistic look, as you have the same amount of classic lashes as your own natural lashes.

For instance, if you have 70 natural eyelashes, then you will have 70 classic eyelash extensions applied. This is why classic lashes are often referred to as individual lashes, and are great for a simple, classy and natural look.

On the other hand, you have volume lashes, also known as Russian lashes, which are a little more complex than classic lashes. These can be applied as 3D lashes, 4D lashes or even 5D and 6D.

What this means is that with 3D Russian lashes, you would have 3 lash extensions per natural lash, in a ratio of three to one, and so on and so forth with 4D and 5D.

In order for these lash extensions to be applied, the 3 extensions would be bonded together with adhesive, and then applied to the natural lash. This then looks like little fans that have been stuck onto the lashes for a very voluminous look!

Can you go from classic to volume lashes?

After you have false eyelashes applied, you may notice that a few fall out in the first week or two, and this is completely normal. After a few weeks, you may have a few gaps that you want to fill. This is when your lash artist will invite you back for an infill appointment.

The good news for those of us who cannot decide on anything, is that you can mix up classic and volume lashes.

As classic lashes are applied to individual lashes, whereas volume lashes are more than one lash bonded together to create fans, you can have a mixture of these applied to the eyes to make a combination of both. There is actually a term for this look, and it is called hybrid lashes.

Hybrid eyelash extensions is the technical term for when classic and volume eyelash extensions are mixed together in the same lash set and application. As a result, it is very popular as you get the best of both worlds!

In addition to this, most eyelash technicians are able to infill classic lashes with volume lashes if you request it, as this can give your eyelashes a whole new lease of life.

All they need to do is replace any grown out or lost extensions with eyelash fans to increase the volume of the overall lashes. This will create a more dramatic and less natural look, but you will love it.

Just make sure that you tell the eyelash technician that you want to infill your classics into volume lashes as this will take longer, and they need to allocate more time to your appointment.

What is a volume full set of lashes?

Volume set of lashes are simply eyelash extensions made to increase the volume, fan out the eyelashes and provide a dramatic, eye-catching and beautiful look.

With a full set of volume lashes, you will have multiple lash extensions glued together and fanned out to apply to one single natural lash. This will result in a fuller and fluffier lash line that is more striking and dazzling than classic lashes or natural lashes.

Volume sets of lashes are made up of bonded eyelash fans that can be composed of 3-10 individual lashes, depending on the look the client wants.

As a result, these lash extensions are typically thinner and more lightweight than others, as they will be combined with more lashes and glued to one single natural lash. This is so they do not weigh down or damage the natural lash too much.

For example, regular classic lashes are usually 15mm, whereas 05mm, 07mm and 10mm thicknesses are used to create volume lashes and volume eyelash extension fans.

This is why classic eyelash extension appointments take around 1.5 to 2 hours for a full set, whereas volume lashes take around 2 to 2.5 hours to create a full set.

The intricate act of bonding together multiple lashes and applying them to the natural lash is very time consuming, but the results are divine.

What’s better: Classic or Russian lashes?

As mentioned previously, Russian lashes are the same as volume lashes, just in case you were confused by the many eyelash options. For many people wanting eyelash extensions, deciding which ones you want from the many options can be a struggle.

So, what should you get: classic or volume lashes? Well the answer depends on the overall look you want. The great thing about false eyelash extensions is that you can get whatever suits your style and your face.

Classic eyelashes are very popular, as they offer clients a natural, realistic look with a few individual, wispy eyelashes attached to their own for a beautiful, classy and a simple yet stunning look.

On the other hand, Russian or volume lashes offer a dramatic, fan-like and clustered look with lots of eyelashes crammed onto one natural lash. This offers clients a thick, full and striking look that is flirty, textured and flawless.

Which type of eyelash extensions are better depends on your personal preference, and the style you want to go for. If you want false eyelashes for an event, then you may prefer the look of full volume lashes, whereas classic lashes are better for everyday wear as a confidence boost and a natural, pretty look.

What’s the difference between classic and volume lashes?

The main difference between classic and volume lashes is the way in which they are applied. Classic lash sets will be created by applying one single false eyelash to one natural lash on a one-to-one ratio for a natural, realistic and wispy effect.

Volume lashes are applied differently, as they can be a combination of 3,4,5,7 or even 10 false eyelashes, bonded together into a fan shape, and applied to one single natural lash. This gives a much fuller effect, that looks more eye-catching and striking rather than natural.