When Should You Get A Fill For Eyelash Extensions?

When should you get a fill for eyelash extensions

The best time to get a fill for eyelash extensions is around two to three weeks after the lashes were first applied. The optimal time depends on the growth of your own lashes. 

If your lashes grow quickly, then you could need a fill after two weeks. For slow growing lashes, you may not find it necessary until four weeks after the initial application. When the extensions are applied, often the salon will book you a lash fill.

Eyelash extensions are designed to last for the length of your natural lash cycle – that means how long it takes for your lashes to grow and fall out. Because extensions are attached to the lash itself, they fall off alongside this growth.

However, all lashes don’t fall out at the same time. Because of this, some extensions will fall out earlier, leaving bare patches. This is when you need a lash fill.

Exactly when to get a fill for your eyelash extensions varies from person to person. A couple of weeks after your eyelash extensions have been applied, you will start to see noticeable gaps.

Two weeks is considered to be roughly the minimum time period before a lash fill is necessary. Longer than four weeks, and many salons will recommend a new set of extensions.

By this point, too many extensions will have fallen out. 

How many eyelash fills can you get?

Only one or two eyelash fills are recommended for each new set of eyelash extensions. This is to keep the lashes healthy, and maintain a full and voluminous look.

After a second set of eyelash refills, it’s better to remove the extensions, and have a new set applied.

During a refill, 25 to 45 new lash extensions are added to the eye, to make up for those lost in the natural growth cycle. The same would be applied during a second refill. But remember, by this point, some of the first infills will have already started to fall out.

Lash fills act as maintenance for a set of eyelash extensions. They fill in the gaps, and help an expensive set last for longer.

As lash fills are cheaper, you might assume that the best thing to do is to simply keep getting refills, rather than paying for a whole new set. However, this would be bad for the health of your eyelashes, and it just wouldn’t look as good. 

Lash extensions are strongest when the adhesive is applied to clean lashes. When you get a lash fill, the glue can be added on top of residue from the old set.

This means the lashes won’t bond as well, and will fall off quicker. The build up is also bad for the health of the lashes. They can become brittle, and clump together.

How often should I get a new set of lashes?

When treated with care, a set of eyelash extensions should typically last for around 6 weeks, with refills happening after 2 weeks. Without refills, a set of lashes will last for roughly 3 to 4 weeks. You can get a new set of eyelash extensions immediately after the old eyelash extension have been removed.

Eyelash extensions give every day lashes volume and length, so you can roll out of bed looking fantastic. It’s easy to get addicted to the look of them, and to always replace an old set with the new.

Properly applied eyelash extensions shouldn’t damage the health of the natural lashes. However, allowing the natural lashes to grow through occasionally does give an opportunity to assess their condition. 

Even correctly maintained eyelash extensions will eventually fall out. This is because they’re attached to the natural lash, and the natural lash goes through a growth cycle.

If you rub at your eyes, pick the lashes, or continue to wear mascara, the extension will fall out quicker.

How often a new set of lashes are required will depend on the natural speed at which your eyelashes fall out, and how well you care for the extensions.

You can make extensions last longer by getting refill lashes after 2 to 3 weeks, combing the lashes with a spoolie, and using the right products around your eyes.

How long do lash fills take?

Eyelash fills typically take around 1 hour, although it is variable. As lashes are only being applied in certain areas, and not along the total lash line, it isn’t as long a process as a full set of extensions.

If you need more lashes filled in, the application will take longer. Don’t expect a quick appointment, because the technician needs to assess the lashes before they can start.

A full set of eyelash extensions might take from 90 minutes to 3 hours to apply.

We’re losing eyelashes all the time, but most of us don’t notice because new ones are growing in. However, when you have eyelash extensions, those gaps can become noticeable. The refill process is done to retain volume, and fill in the bare spaces.

It’s not quite as simple as just sticking the new lashes on. The technician will need to find the gaps, remove existing extensions that are falling off, and clean up the lashes as they go.

How long the process takes will depend on how many lashes need to be reapplied. If the lash fill is occurring 2 weeks after the original set, then there might not be much to fill in.

However, if 3 weeks have passed, and multiple extensions have fallen off, the refill will naturally take longer. Expect the appointment to last for over an hour.

What happens during a lash fill?

During an eyelash fill, the technician will; assess the quality of the extensions, remove any that are falling off, gently clean lashes, and apply new extensions to fill the gaps. This process will take roughly 1 hour, although it may be longer depending on the quality of the remaining extensions.

The first thing the technician has to do is assess. A white pad is applied to the under eye, to help the lashes stand out. The technician will need to check for where the extensions have fallen off, and which ones won’t last much longer.

A refill is also a good opportunity to discuss the care and maintenance of the lashes. It may then be necessary to remove some extensions.

This is done by dissolving the glue, and gently lifting the extension away. A good technician does this to prevent gaps occurring in the days after the refill.

The next step is clearing away as much leftover adhesive as possible. An extension is attached to the natural lash using glue. When this isn’t cleared, the refill will be applied to the remaining glue, rather than the lash itself. This weakens the bond.

Finally, the technician will apply the refills. Using a set of tweezers, a single lash extension is delicately glued to the natural lash. The process is repeated until the set has volume again.

What is a lash fill?

A lash fill is a cosmetic procedure during which individual false lashes are applied to the natural lash to refresh a set of eyelash extensions.

A lash fill doesn’t cover the entire lash line, but it does fill in the gaps where lash extensions may have fallen out. The process takes roughly 1 hour, and upwards of 25 new lashes may be applied.

A lash fill is necessary because, in time, the eyelash extensions will fall out with the growth cycle of the natural lashes. This leaves behind gaps, and the lashes won’t appear full.

A lash fill extends the life of the original set of extensions. Many salons will recommend booking a lash refill 2 to 3 weeks after the extensions have been applied.

A lash fill is also a great chance to discuss the care and style of the extensions. If you’ve been having issues with your false lashes, the technician can give you advice, and assess your routine.

It’s also an opportunity to change the style. The original lash extensions may not have been quite right, and these problems can be sorted during the lash fill.

A lash fill isn’t necessary, but it is the best way to improve the life of the extensions. A good lash fill can give new life to a tired set of extensions, and keep your lashes looking fabulous.