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Why I love my eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions make us stand out. When we have thicker and bolder eyelashes, we look gorgeous and stunning creating some lash love. Eyelash Extensions are great if you want to make a lasting impression. The dramatic look will help you make a remarkable entrance into any event or place. Having them will make you have that "love me some lashes" feeling. If you don’t believe it yet, here are some of the reasons why I love my eyelash extensions along with why lots of other women do as well, lash love is a real thing :

You can have fun with your eyelashes by using the perfect mascaras but having eyelash extensions will help you stand out. Pairing your eyelashes with thick and bold mascara isn’t necessary when you have eyelash extensions and they will make you feel beautiful because of the enhancement you will experience.


    1. You can choose from plenty of designs for eyelashes. There are varieties of designs you can choose from. The designs vary from several lengths, boldness, thicknesses, and curls of eyelashes. You can also choose different eyelash colors to add to the edginess of your look. The more you experiment, the bolder you will look and the more you will love lash extensions on your beautiful face.


    1. Eyelash extensions can be very addictive because it makes you look ravishing. Every girl is obsessed with beauty. It is no shock to know that some girls become addicted to having eyelash extensions. The natural lashes will be boring when you get used to eyelash extensions. The process is safe and affordable. One of the many reasons I love my eyelash extensions is because they make you more confident even without makeup.


    1.    You can make your eyelash extension customizable. Why are my eyelash extensions drooping?. You will get the chance to choose whatever style, length, and type you want. You can choose Silk, Mink or Synthetic. For the length, it ranges from 6mm to 17mm. The customer will always choose for every parlor.


    1. Eyelash Extensions last longer than you can imagine. There are parlors that claim that eyelash extension will last up to two (2) months. While this may be true, a lot of experts still believe that the duration of eyelash extensions will depend on each individual. Since we have our own unique lashes, the eyelash extensions will last until it falls out.


    1. You no longer need to put on that expensive mascara to have a stunning look. You will save time every morning. What would you do with your extra time every morning? Getting to save that extra time every morning will definitely make you love eyelash extensions and the time they will help you save. You will wake up every day with that lash love "love me some lashes" feeling.


  1. Eyelash Extension is safe for your eyelashes and eyes.. The glue is formulated and semi-permanent to help you. Any glue with formaldehyde can be harmful, so check if your eyelash artist is using this kind of glue.

Now you can see why I love lash extensions. Are you looking for more information about how to love eyelash extensions to the fullest and experience true lash love? Book an eyelash appointment with a trusted Lash Technician? Click here now